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  1. It's deck building Monopoly. You buy land but instead of putting hotels, you place monsters and such. If you land on an enemy square, pay the toll or usurp it. I bought the LE on release. Thankfully the worst thing about the game is the cover art. That guys abs always weirded me out.
  2. 1300% increase in one day... I think he already made his money.
  3. I've just been getting them off eBay. Most are listed pretty high ($20+ each) so usually have to throw out best offers, which makes it slow work. This was the EGM version of NPA. The first issue was Summer/Fall '99 and billed as the unofficial GBC magazine. It made it to the DS/PSP era, but I'm not sure exactly when it ended. There are some archived here: https://archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A"pocket+games"
  4. This week I picked up another Pocket Games magazine, and another pair of 3DS games from GameStop. Tomodachi Life was $19.
  5. Recorded live 20 years later and it still sounds exactly like the album version. WARNING: EXTREME LEVELS OF SAX.
  6. GameStop comes through for me again. The past two weeks they'd been running a trade in bonus on everything so I was hoping they might get some more older and uncommon games. The Lunar 2 was sitting in the back for a couple days and the employee only brought it out when I asked about "retro" games. It is complete with all the extras and was $40. The Yo-kai Watch 3 was found a couple days later for $50, still a decent deal. The NP Advance was from eBay and I'm happy to get such a nice copy as this was the magazine walkthrough I used 20 years ago playing Golden Sun for the first time.
  7. Any insight on Stanley Black & Decker? I've been watching it for the past month, waiting for it to hit $175. It's been sliding for the past 5 months, from $220 in May, but now I'm thinking it hasn't bottomed out yet.
  8. I had never seen or read this story until now and only had the typically pop culture knowledge of it. I finished the book yesterday and watched the movie today. Both were good but I didn't think they were anything particularly great. I do appreciate the movie did follow the book so closely but it did take a lot of the suspense out.
  9. I just finished Red Rising, which turned out to be more of a Hunger Games Ripoff than I expected but still enjoyable. Next up is Silence of the Lambs for VGS Book Club, then Fall of Hyperion on deck.
  10. I just picked it up yesterday, I'm going to start it after our October book.
  11. @CasualCart That is dope! Amazing Job.
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