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  1. Latest dollar tree find. I'll start it after finishing up Neuromancer this weekend.
  2. We have been hunting for the past month. My wife and I are getting priced out of the area we grew up in so we'll be moving inland from the California coast. The market we've been looking at has been increasing $10k a month for the past year, way faster than we can save. We've seen 15 houses, seeing 5 more tomorrow and have only made one offer. It's hard to justify spending half a million dollars on some of the piles we've seen.
  3. Aguy

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Kind of like how they are paying me $5 to unwrap Gears Tactics for them.
  4. Aguy

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Gamestop had it for $10 the other day.
  5. I've had to do this a couple times when turning a single page.
  6. I say potato, you say Cthulhu.
  7. https://store.nintendo.com/nintendo-2ds-scarlet-red-refurbished.html $50 2ds refurbs back in stock.
  8. I agree. I played it after coming off DQ Joker, and I loved both DWM on Gameboy, but Joker was not great. It didn't translate well to 3d and I didn't appreciate the "updated" mechanics. And is saw a lot of the same things I didn't like about Joker in IX. I never finished it but I'd like to go back and give it another shot now that some time has passed.
  9. If you want to go all the way back, I still think the first game is a great place to start. It's short, simple, and available everywhere. If you want to start in the more modern 3D era, than start with VIII or XI.
  10. Thank you for mentioning this. I just read through the second chapter, hit that and said "skip". I think it's to portray the sexual freedom of the future, where primal urges are one of the last human experiences. And I understand it's Molly's job to keep him contained/entertained, so I understand it's purpose. But there are certainly more tactful ways of "say it without saying it". Someone should have told him to stick to techno babble.
  11. I miss Dragon Quest Heroes II. After selling my PS4, it's the only game I miss playing. There were rumors it was coming state side on the switch, but it seems unlikely now.
  12. I think we can all understand. That desert section is right after the end of the demo, so I'm guessing you're about 10% into the main story, not including post games (another 10-15 hours). You could easily pick up from where you left off without missing much since it's so early, plus the game has a recap feature wherever you load a save to gets you back up to speed. But at this point, there's no rush.
  13. The DQ XII reveal makes me think that we aren't getting it till fall '23. How far did you get? I'm getting the itch to play it again, this time on Xbox. The DQ XII reveal makes me think that we aren't getting it till fall '23.
  14. https://offerup.com/item/detail/1212964886?cid=video-games Complete DMG-01 in NY for $100 plus $8 shipping. Not many pictures of the box but it looks good.
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