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  1. Totally agree that MULE on Atari 800 is best version. My computer only has two controller ports, so never played it with four humans. Still, even the solo or 2P experience is awesome. NES version tried some new things that didn't work and ruined the awesome theme song in the process.
  2. 8/10 - Another top heavy library, but it gets a pass when the best games rank among the best of all time! The two Zelda games alone were system sellers for me. That and pretty much every RareWare game. I love more than just the "classics" as well. For example, I'm part of the camp that considers Castlevania 64 a great game. And there isn't another puzzle game in existence quite like Tetrisphere! The Mario games were hit and miss for me, as I made the mistake of playing Mario 64 after first completing other games that improved upon the formula. He made up for it with the three Ma
  3. As a former drummer, I like a good drum solo. For this reason, the simple loop for Knuckles' theme (and even Act 1 Boss) from Sonic 3 just stood out for me. Then I played S3&K for the first time and immediately went "huh?". The S&K music is great too though. Almost every stage is memorable (except Mushroom Hill). I especially like the Death Egg and the Lava Reef stages. One other thing: That video forgot to compare end credits themes. Sonic 3 has an entire song, while S&K mostly just remixes the stage music. This is well done, but I wish they would have come up with
  4. Did that. To be fair, it wasn't an accident. It was a video rental. Honestly, I like the locked on S3&K, but prefer some of the music from Sonic 3 that gets swapped out (ex: title screen, Knuckles' theme). Not sure why the first half of the combined game couldn't use the Sonic 3 music. Great game(s) though!
  5. Yup, mostly the key collection and decision making process. Ex: You have one yellow key and two yellow doors. Which one should you open first? Then multiply that by a few hundred keys and even more doors. There's usually more than one right answer, though there are times that a wrong choice or two will end your game (unless you know where to find the Undo option). If you're into this sort of thing, it can be a lot of fun to map out a good route through Castlequest, both for speed running and max score. It's actually possible to collect all the little trinkets throughout the g
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone! Remixing this game with Solomon's Key would be awesome. There's hardly anything out there like that either. I've played through Montezuma's Return but wasn't that impressed. The door colors (or symbols) were too similar despite this being a "color" Gameboy game. The overall presentation was lacking as well. Really enjoyed Milon's Secret Castle. That game is way better than people give it credit for. Legacy of the Wizard is on my todo list. It's a tough game to get into, but the similarities to Castlequest are definitely there.
  7. Seeing someone do Castlequest on the NES completions thread got me thinking about how great this game could have been. It's really rough around the edges but is a lot of fun if you sit down and map out a strategy. Only problem is that the strategy part is more fun than actually playing through the game. It would have been a lot better if the castle was broken down into smaller pieces, at least at first. Instead the game plays more like one giant "final" stage. Was also thinking that I have never seen any other games attempt to improve upon the whole "maze of color-coded locked doors"
  8. I don't have that many walkthroughs, so fun coincidence. Which one next year lol?
  9. Show of hands: How many people on their first time playing Q*Bert jumped off the top of the pyramid?
  10. Agreed! While I still really love the original, this remake was extremely well done.
  11. Has anyone ever tried to get their Xbox 360 gamerscore (or similar) to a certain exact number? I just finished having some fun with this, landing on 20,000. Nothing fancy I know, but points come slower when you play mostly cheap XBLA games. I decided to do it in style, by going for a hard achievement that I had been putting off: Beating all of the challenge rooms in Bionic Commando Rearmed (achievement aptly named "A Real Challenge") The game features 56 optional rooms full of spikes and traps to swing through with your bionic arm. Most of these were fun, but I think some of them we
  12. Not voting. I love all of these games for different reasons and am calling it a tie.
  13. Never tried B mode, but I've gone pretty far through A. It think the difficulty completely maxes out in loop 6. I remember a big spike when you reach loop 4 and then things get a little faster from there, especially the moths.
  14. Sorry, you're right. I should have included the card in the photo. It was rather awesome, all 2.5-d and everything.
  15. Little late to the party, but wanted to thank @Megamanfan for this awesome set of NES games! I've barely played any of these before and can't wait to try them. They will provide some nice breaks during the busy holidays. Merry Christmas!!!
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