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  1. I got extremely distracted from the backlog by the Castlevania Advance Collection. If only all game’s motivated me like Castlevania does. I think I am going to buckle down on Metroid Return of Samus and get that done so I can start Metroid Dread.
  2. Got my 8BitDo Black controller from the recent restock on Amazon, it's my second of these controllers, but now I have one that matches the color of my Super NT. Got the LRG's releases of Curse of the Moon 2, these feel like they took forever to finally ship out. Grabbed Sonic Colors on PS4 because the early word on the Switch version was that it was running sub-par to the other versions, then it turns out they all have issues. Anyways, this one is getting held back for the kids' Christmas so maybe it will be all patched up by then. Grabbed Hades after seeing some VGSers gushing about it. I'm going to play it soon, but the backlog challenge is coming due and I have a ways to go on my backlog, so maybe I will play it for 2022's backlog. Strange Brigade and GI Joe were less than $10 each so I grabbed those a while back. Only played GI Joe for an few hours and I guess it's $10 good, if you need some mindless shooting tinged with childhood nostalgia. And Vader Immortal came on physical so I had to get that, maybe I will hook the PSVR back up soon and give it a go.
  3. I’ve been grinding through the dlc in Pokémon shield. I’m almost done with the Isle of Armor, only need to beat Mustard now, but he stomped my whole team with one hit each so I’m grinding them into the 90s. I’m on the third dungeon in Oracle of Ages and have a ways to go still in Metroid Samus Returns. As for those other rpgs, I don’t know if I will get to all those.
  4. Yeah I was going to get a black one to match my Super NT, and by the time I retrieved a gift card from my wallet it was gone.
  5. One of three. You beat a third of it.
  6. Finally found a Loftwing Amiibo. Grabbed the two volumes of NES Works off fangamer, been meaning to get them for a while.
  7. Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu is finished. I resorted to playing on the emulator and using rewind, but for this list I'm considering it done. I ain't got the time or patience to memorize those blasted auto scrolling levels.
  8. Thanks @Jeevan! And happy birthday to my August 12 birthday bros!
  9. Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Huey Lewis & The News , and Cyndi Lauper.
  10. Here's my latest stuff. Well actually, I've had Ys on PS4 since release, I just didn't think to post it until I got the Switch version. Looks like I still have a double dipping addiction. I got Skyward Sword, the Joy Cons, and the poster. Now I just need to track down the Loftwing Amiibo. And finally, I grabbed those Mario figures for $2 each.
  11. Finished Resident Evil 3 Remake tonight. I was told that it wasn't as good as 2, and that it was much shorter. It wasn't as good as 2, but it was awesome, so almost as good I think. The one playthrough took me almost six hours, which was about one and a half hours more than my first playthrough of RE2. Now granted RE2 has the multiple scenarios so maybe that's the claim to it being longer... maybe. I did find RE3 much harder than RE2. The guns didn't stagger the enemies as much so you had to depend on the dodge, which I never got good at. And multiple enemies can kill you in one hit; Nemesis, the Hunters, and the Frog looking Hunters. I died a lot more in RE3. The graphics on both games are great, I was really impressed at how much RE3 improved over RE2 in just the extra year between them. The character's specifically looked better, and had improved facial animations.
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