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  1. Same, I ordered right when they went up. No email yet either. I mean I wasn't even expecting it to ship until next month anyway... I saw someone reply on Analogue's Twitter about this update on their support page and even then I had to hunt for it on their site. By the way, I don't recommend reading Twitter replies for Analogue, it's 95% complaints about not restocking stuff, which I get, but come on.
  2. https://support.analogue.co/hc/en-us/articles/115001555652-Nt-mini-2nd-Production-Shipping-in-Oct-updated-10-16 Anyone get a shipping e-mail already? Analogue sure likes to hide info like this.
  3. I don't care how little it is! Give me my physical cart!! The beginning of the announcement trailer is lol and cringy at the same time.
  4. Just in case there wasn't enough hard to get Nintendo products this year. I like how Nintendo got on the replica NES cart as an art piece train. But a code instead of an actual Switch cartridge?
  5. Jicsan

    VGS turns 1

    Happy 1st Birthday VGS! They grow up so fast. Thanks everyone for making this place so great!
  6. Retro Game Challenge 2? I didn't know about that!
  7. I like the look of it. Will have to try and get one. Hopefully it doesn't sell out in ten seconds.
  8. Here's the haul for September. I finally got Streets of Rage 4 in from LRG. I will open and play it at some point, but I'd already played it a bit on my son's Xbox via Game Pass. Of course I had to get Super Mario 3D All Stars, we've been playing it quite a bit. And after seeing the announcement for Hyrule Warriors 2 I decided to finally get the first one for Switch. I already have it on Wii U, but never bought the DLC. Well it seems that everyone had that same idea and it was kind of tough to find. Finally got it at an out of the way Wal-Mart.
  9. This has been most of my experiences. It's frustrating. I'm not even going to bother running around for a price anymore. Unless it's something super rare, just list the price in the thread. If it says FO in the thread title, I'm not even likely to click it anymore.
  10. Jicsan


    Sea of Thieves needs Xbox Live Gold because it is online multiplayer only. There is no offline play for that one. Sony says that the PS5 is 99% backwards compatible with the PS4, and I'm sure that's just a 'cover your butt' kind of statement. As for the XBox Series X, it's backwards compatible with all the software that works on the Xbox One... that means the only XBox 360 and original XBox games that work on the Series X are the same ones that are backwards compatible on the XBox One. So, many titles but not all.
  11. The three stages of CIB: Cereal in box Cereal in bowl Cereal in belly
  12. And now the quote button is where the edit button used to be. So instead of editing my post I quoted my self. No more posting before bed!
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