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  1. @spacepup I hadn't fully vetted this list by any means. It did seem like a good list and I wanted to make sure we could preserve it here. You're right on Sega Swirl, although a little bit of digging says it was released with Web Browser 2.0, Sega Smash Pack volume 1, and official DC magazine in UK. I've not verified any of this yet. I plan to give this a hard look when I start collecting for the system. Thanks for your additions! I had no idea there were that many Web Browser Versions.
  2. I found this list a while back. It was originally on the Sega website. It looks like it is not there any longer. I had also found it on CyberiaPC but I can no longer access that either. I wanted to put it here in case anybody needed or wanted it. The list contains 248 Sega Dreamcast games, and unless I am mistaken is a list released by Sega themselves. DC checklist.pdf
  3. Great work. I have been looking for a PS2 list. Your efforts are much appreciated.
  4. How do you differentiate between a map and a poster?
  5. As someone that has virtually zero knowledge of the cd-I, is this a set of all releases? Or is it like the PlayStation where they switched to regular cd cases after a while.
  6. Wow. Out of curiosity, are you going to get the Limited Run Games?
  7. Would you be willing to share some pictures?
  8. I’ve been looking at the monstrous prepac shelf. $200 but it’ll hold so much.
  9. Thanks! I did a search but didn’t see anything.
  10. I’m in the process of relocating. When I finally get into my, yet to be determined, house/game room I want to have a solid idea for the shelving I want to use. And I figure I’m not the only one who has tackled this problem on VGS. What do you all recommend? I collect primarily boxed games from NES - PS3. I had been used the adjustable shelves from Home Depot foundHere. I want to try something else as this shelving gets surprisingly expensive. Look forward to hearing from the community!
  11. Thanks for posting this. It’s good to hear some about the 360 as well. After some consideration I think I am going to collect for the 360/PS3. It’ll probably be the last generation I go all in on, except for maybe the Switch. Do you happen to have any leads on a list for the 360 and/or PS3?
  12. I thought about this. It really comes down to space for me. But when I do I usually go after the fmv games. This is a guilty pleasure for me. I can’t even explain why really, but I find I enjoy those games.
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