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  1. Cheers mates, I hope you all have a good rest of your day as well. While I'm here, Happy Birthday to you as well, @Vaosu
  2. Getting rid of some of the items I have that I don't need which I placed in a moving box, mostly containing games and accessories. I will be listing each items from that box overtime. All of the items priced are in AU (Australian) currency and will include shipping fees. Most games listed have been play tested and is confirmed working, if not otherwise, or it has problems, an asterisk (*) will be in place of item in the listing along with a reason below. NTSC NES: Mario 1/Duck Hunt: $5 Snake Rattle n Roll: $10 Paperboy: $15 Metal Gear: $8 Mania
  3. I like it, It reminds me of the SNES version of Mario's Picross after completing a puzzle with the mosaic look of the scenery, very satisfying to look at. I made something sort-of similar years ago when I randomly drew a detailed 16x16 pixel jar of Vegemite to my graphics editor, I sourced it from my own jar I had in the kitchen cupboard. It's probably one of the very few times I drew something that's not 1/2BPP.
  4. High worthy bump as he has managed to successfully resurfaced some PAL games for the first time! I've sent him a PAL copy of Wii Fit and Super Mario Sunshine which refused to work properly previously, after they came back, I was amazed by how the discs looked and playing the games now work without any problems. Highly recommend using his service and will be using it again for next time!
  5. I'm one of those type of people that wouldn't count bootlegs when it comes with released 60-pin Famicom cartridges, but I thought I'd contribute to the list regardless, who knows, maybe It'll be helpful to you. Anyway, IIRC, any NES game developed by Beam Software were never officially released on Famicom. Including games that may have unofficial bootleg releases (feel free to not add if so), the following games missing from the list are: 720° Aussie Rules Footy Back to the Future Back to the Future II & III Bad Street Brawler Battle Chess
  6. Haha, sorry man, pronunciations is my biggest weakness apparently. I had fun playing a couple of races though. Cheers.
  7. From the Itch page: CONTROLS Left and Right - Moves the Red Juggler left and right. A and B Buttons - Moves the Blue Juggler left and right. Start Button - Pauses the game.
  8. Best part? No fancy expansion sound chips required. Just the good ol' 2a03 w/out PCM.
  9. I love this so much, The simple tune is very catchy, I love the detail with additional lyrics to the song and Man! You've got some serious art skill with animating Rudolph: the R-Type Reindeer who I also love. It really gets to show that you don't need to have a complex European sounding tune like mine to make it charming. Also It's christmas!
  10. Here it is folks! Below the post is a mp3 file of the chiptune holiday classic along with an NES ROM! A rendition of "12 Days of Christmas" in not just it's European sounding glory but filled with style references as well, maybe you might recognize a couple. The NES Demo ROM didn't go exactly as planned and ended up being rushed, hence the meh-ish graphic, but that's not important anyways. The sound engine I developed plays the tune exactly as planned and it works on hardware. Here's an image of the ROM playing on my PowerPak via. an AV Famicom. The MP3 itself was recorded from MESE
  11. Started the manual process of converting the song to my sound engine, here's a shot of the sound engine Dev ROM, playing the track, running in MESEN. Note that the timer shown in the shot is how much I've converted so far today so I have alot more to convert in the upcoming days.
  12. Song writing has been finished! Let's check out how long it is and OH?!! Wow, well! VGS, looks like you're in for a massive Christmas feast! I knew that it'll be long but this is a first I've composed something this long. Now, I would just send the .wav here, but instead, I will now go into Step 2 of the process: Converting the song to the sound engine. I will start doing that the next day here, stay tuned.
  13. Started composing earlier today, I'd thought I share some creation process while I work on the track, consider it a sneak peek as you will. This is step 1 of the process: Writing the song in 0cc-Famitracker (First time with the fork actually!) So far, the track is already a minute and a half long and it's only half complete, so expect a lengthy, arpy-licious NES song when it's done.
  14. Sounds like a fun idea and a good opportunity to use my sound engine too! I'll whip something up for the holiday cheer, If life is generous to me, I might even be able to whip up a demoscene NES ROM.
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