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  1. Excited to see how it'll turn out! Gonna give Beam Software some love by suggesting one of their well known games, Nightshade. Sprites of the protagonist himself along the main villain, Sutekh if it's not too much to ask. (Sheets from The Spriters Resource)
  2. Like what the others said, great interview! I did get a bit of chuckle with the shameless image of me posting your blog to SD's server, haha. It's worth mentioning that since writing the answers for the interview, I have indeed completed the mentioned NES Sound Engine (Harrison), released a demo ROM out of it and now messing around developing stuff on the FDS.
  3. As a guy with some speech problems and grew up with a disability, A lot of my accent is picked up from watching cartoons that come from the US or Canada. I never really picked up an Aussie accent as everyone else within my area or lost it over the years because of it, only it's slangs is what I have left of it. When I had this discussion with one of my friends who also picked up an accent from cartoons, she described my accent as New York-ish at best.
  4. Our family had like around three or four CRT's when I was growing up. I got this "Tevion" tube from a friend a few years ago when she stopped using it. The nicest image of that tube I have was when I was testing my song on my sound engine a while back. I've been playing Donkey Kong 64 with that tube more recently.
  5. Bump, added even more items to the list, one of them listed as an offer price.
  6. Hello! It's been some time since I've posted something homebrew related here, well now I'm here to show off a sound engine I've been working on and written by scratch for months called "Harrison". Some of you may know that I've used a sound engine for the 2020 Holiday Chiptune Contest as a bonus ROM file, It was made with an earlier revision of that engine, which I've actually discovered a bug while converting that song to the engine, that's now since been fixed in this new revision. I've since then made three, original sample tracks and sound effects for the engine and made a demo ROM out of it. I'm now looking for the engine to be used in projects from mine, or other NES homebrew programmers, I've done sound on NES with other sound engines and worked with developers like FG Software and Second Dimension for games such as Family Picross, Eyra the Crow Maiden and others. If you liked what you've heard in the demo, and is interested in hiring a musician for your game, whether with Harrison or other sound engines, feel free to get in touch. You can check out the demo ROM here: https://famicuber.itch.io/harrison-nes-sound-engine
  7. Cheers mates, I hope you all have a good rest of your day as well. While I'm here, Happy Birthday to you as well, @Vaosu
  8. Getting rid of some of the items I have that I don't need which I placed in a moving box, mostly containing games and accessories. I will be listing each items from that box overtime. All of the items priced are in AU (Australian) currency and will include shipping fees. Most games listed have been play tested and is confirmed working, if not otherwise, or it has problems, an asterisk (*) will be in place of item in the listing along with a reason below. NTSC NES: Mario 1/Duck Hunt: $5 Snake Rattle n Roll: $10 Paperboy: $15 Metal Gear: $8 Maniac Mansion: $20 Kickle Cubicle: $20 Bubble Bobble: $15 Boy and Blob: $7 Famicom: Konamic Sports in Seoul: $1 Soccer: $3 Baseball: $2 Others: PAL version of N64 Goldeneye: $15 (2 copies) *NTSC Gamecube Pac-Man Vs./Pac-Man World 2: $14 each (2 copies) **Namco Plug and Plays: For Offer Madcatz Third Party Gamecube Controller: $20 *Unable to play-test and confirm working due to not owning an NTSC console. **One of them have a faulty video connection with the AV cables. For any questions, feel free to PM me.
  9. I like it, It reminds me of the SNES version of Mario's Picross after completing a puzzle with the mosaic look of the scenery, very satisfying to look at. I made something sort-of similar years ago when I randomly drew a detailed 16x16 pixel jar of Vegemite to my graphics editor, I sourced it from my own jar I had in the kitchen cupboard. It's probably one of the very few times I drew something that's not 1/2BPP.
  10. High worthy bump as he has managed to successfully resurfaced some PAL games for the first time! I've sent him a PAL copy of Wii Fit and Super Mario Sunshine which refused to work properly previously, after they came back, I was amazed by how the discs looked and playing the games now work without any problems. Highly recommend using his service and will be using it again for next time!
  11. I'm one of those type of people that wouldn't count bootlegs when it comes with released 60-pin Famicom cartridges, but I thought I'd contribute to the list regardless, who knows, maybe It'll be helpful to you. Anyway, IIRC, any NES game developed by Beam Software were never officially released on Famicom. Including games that may have unofficial bootleg releases (feel free to not add if so), the following games missing from the list are: 720° Aussie Rules Footy Back to the Future Back to the Future II & III Bad Street Brawler Battle Chess Bigfoot Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum George Foreman's KO Boxing International Cricket Last Action Hero Mickey's Safari in Letterland Mickey's Adventure in Numberland Power Punch II Road Runner Smash T.V. Star Wars (JVC) The Hunt for Red October The Last Ninja The Punisher With that being said, If there are any bootleg releases of these games listed, I certainly like to see images of it, just to see what wacky art on the cartridges look like.
  12. Haha, sorry man, pronunciations is my biggest weakness apparently. I had fun playing a couple of races though. Cheers.
  13. From the Itch page: CONTROLS Left and Right - Moves the Red Juggler left and right. A and B Buttons - Moves the Blue Juggler left and right. Start Button - Pauses the game.
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