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Spook-o'-tron Halloween Homebrew Contest


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Events Team · Posted

Looking for something spooky to play this Halloween season?  Well look no further.  Welcome to the VGS...

 Halloween Homebrew Contest featuring Spook-o'-tron on the Nintendo Entertainment System developed by our own @SoleGoose Productions!  All participants will earn a chance to win the grand prize!

We will be playing the Spook-o'-tron demo for this contest. 


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Spook-o'-tron is a Halloween themed spirtual successor to the twin stick shooter arcade hit Robotron: 2084.  Featuring 8-way directional shooting on the NES.  Can you make your way home from trick-or-treating with your candy intact while battling your way through a horde of enemies in a fast-paced race for survival?  Be sure to rescue any civilian trick-or-treaters for bonus points to pad your score.

And to coincide with the contest and the holiday season, Spook-o'-tron is now back in stock with a limited October 2023 printing!  Get it at the Sole Goose Productions site while supplies last!


The Grand Prize: Your very own physical copy of Spook-o'-tron for the NES!  Graciously donated for the contest by @SoleGoose.  If you happen to be the winner and already own a copy of this amazing homebrew, we (Sole Goose) will provide a prize related to the game that you for sure don't already have.  How exciting!!


The Game: Download the Spook-o'-tron demo here.  

Now you may be asking, "James!  How does a twin stick shooter work on the Nintendo with only one d-pad and no joysticks?"  Well I'll tell you.  The game works in a similar fashion to Smash TV for the NES.  You will need TWO controllers flipped sideways so you can manipulate both d-pads.  The first player controller will move your hero and the second player controller will shoot in any direction you choose.  



The Rules: This is a high score contest and we will use standard Weekly Contest rules.  Simply take a picture after Game Over of the scoreboard screen as you enter your initials.  Include your VGS handle written on a piece of paper visible in the shot.  PowerPaks, Everdrives, and emulation is all on the table but absolutely no savestates, slow motion, or turbo controllers are allowed.  Let's keep it clean!  (If you are having a hard time landing on the scoreboard, you may pause the game to take a picture of your score before you die.)

This contest will run from now to November 6th, 2023 at 12:00 AM VGST (VGS time, AKA Eastern Time).  


Winning: All VGS members are eligible to win the grand prize.  Participants will earn "tickets" for entry in the random drawing at the close of the game to win the grand prize.  Simply participating and posting a score greater than zero, will earn you one ticket for the prize drawing.  The players with the top five scores will earn additional tickets based on rank as follows:

1st Place: 5 additional tickets (6 tickets in total)
2nd place: 4 additional tickets
3rd place: 3 additional tickets
4th place: 2 additional tickets
5th place: 1 additional ticket

Bonus Tickets: Yours truly will be playing in this contest as well.  For anyone who can beat my score I will grant an additional 5 tickets for the drawing.

Standard Prizes:  As usual, prizes will be awarded for the top three scores.  The only caveat is, if you win the grand prize, you will not be elligible for a standard prize.  If you score in the top three and win the grand prize, the standard prizes will shift down to the next highest score in line. 

The prizes up for grabs as follows:

1st place:  $25 amazon gift card or cash equivalent
2nd place:  $20 amazon gift card or cash equivalent
3rd place:  $15 amazon gift card or cash equivalent


Now, don your astronaut costume and get out there!  Trick-or-treats await you!





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Events Team · Posted
10 minutes ago, koifish said:

@JamesRobot Any issue with me trying to emulate this on a wii instead? I haven't tried running it yet, but I assume it would run.

I've not had experience with the Wii but I assume it would work rather well with the wiimotes.  Not sure about the mapper though.  I think it runs on mapper 30.  No idea if there is support for that on the Wii NES emulators.

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Run! But in all seriousness it's just nice to see people playing the game (whether they like it or not!). It's even gotten me to replay it, and I haven't touched it in six years or so.

As you noticed, the game is initially harder than Robotron. Instead of the levels being randomly generated, however, they are all planned out, and every single one can be beaten on one life (both in the demo and the full game). That was the base stipulation for inclusion. Practice makes perfect, but no more pro-tips from me 🙂 !

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Holding post for posting scores. I have to get a little better before I post one.

edit: I'm giving up. I can't do much better than this no matter how much I practice. I can get to the random levels without dying, but I can't get any further. I did have one score higher than this, but I turned the game off before I took the picture by mistake. The difference was marginal, however, so I won't cry over it. This just wasn't my game, I think.


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