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  1. French Vanilla Slim Fast, I’ve been especially naughty nutritionally the past few weeks
  2. I had no idea, that’s so cool! I’m a fan of your greeting carts.
  3. @kcsimsPM'd to follow up on offer, let me know if you're interested.
  4. I'm in. Call me Baron Samedi. @OptOutshall we dance?
  5. I think it's his nickname from high school. Since according to the movie, his full name is Mario Mario, he really leaned into being "Jump Man" Mario until he became famous enough to just go by his first name like Cher and Madonna.
  6. Some people will just contort themselves into pretzels before admitting they behaved poorly. Sorry that happened to you.
  7. Added Quiet, the latest chiptune cart from @zi!
  8. I won’t disagree with you that there are other themes I like more, but Jack White???
  9. I love her voice and I think she knocked her Bond theme out of the park
  10. If you click the link, you’ll see the display carts read “Not for Sale” on their labels. Don’t be a jerk.
  11. Pre-orders haven’t opened yet, but from reading the developer’s posts I believe the games have been finished and a release is imminent. I need to talk with Justin to learn how he built his relationship with Impact Soft so I can maybe open a pipeline for our members.
  12. Too many to keep up with in this thread, but I'll start with saying I LOVE all 3 of those (pumpkin anything really). I also like Moxie and hate Root Beer. I love mushrooms on my pizza, and black and white pudding in an Irish breakfast is soooo good I usually save it for my birthday when I want to really treat myself. I dislike most cheeses (but have my exceptions like pizza and cheesecake), I HATE eggplant and raisins. I like brussels sprouts and beets.
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