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  1. Absolutely, I wanted to push back on the notion that the carts hadn’t been tested.
  2. Hang on, toma himself said in a post just yesterday they did test on an AVS, and so did he. See his quote below: “I know that they had tested production samples on the AVS without any issues and they're looking into things to see what's going on. I have an AVS myself but don't have my production carts yet to test. During development I used an INL SKROM board for testing and never ran into this. I tested on an AVS, a top loader, two front loaders (one with BLW), as well as a Retrobit system.”
  3. Added Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl
  4. Moved Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl to the Almanac.
  5. It really baffles me how the people who use them think it’s ok to leave them in the middle of the sidewalk. Is it really that hard to put it off to the side so you’re not blocking the path?
  6. Bump with Finnish and Taiwanese homebrews added to wishlist
  7. Scrobins

    NWC #103

    As Gloves has already told all of you, this is a sale thread, not a discussion. If you aren’t interested in working on a deal with the seller, post your opinions elsewhere.
  8. I’m convinced this is a conspiracy and anybody claims to see anything is trolling us.
  9. Aw shucks Depending on whether you're looking at this on your phone or computer, there should be an option to follow this thread at either the top or bottom of the page.
  10. Added GB flash cartridge from the BOOTH store of Cubic Style, which comes pre-programmed with an illustration.
  11. Added Heroes Against Demons for SMS.
  12. Added Alien Cat 2 for the Genesis from PSCD Games.
  13. Moved SMS game Heroes Against Demons to Almanac.
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