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  1. I was excited to see that update! They’d been dormant for so long I had downgraded Malasombra to in limbo awhile back.
  2. I had an idea I'd love to bounce off you all. If this ends up being popular, maybe we suggest expanding it to the larger marketplace. Would anyone be interested in participating in a homebrew-specific virtual swap meet? We could create a new sub here in the site's homebrew section for people to make a post showing what they are willing to part with and listing what they're looking for, and people could facilitate trades and add some amount of cash to even things out. Maybe even organize multi-person trades (like A has something for B who has something for C who has something for A). Love to hear anyone's thoughts. I figured it's worth trying since homebrew is a small enough subset of retro gaming that it might be manageable to keep it in a thread like this.
  3. Added Afterworld Deluxe for NES.
  4. Added Plummet Challenge Game for NES.
  5. Also it’s a hack of Zombie Nation, not Zombies Ate My Neighbors. I’m a student of Gloves in the pedantic dept.
  6. I had a lot of fun at the beginning of lockdown listening to my chiptune carts while reading. I have a few friends who also compose some fun stuff and their work really pushes chiptune past it being video game music. I get really excited when my friend Hedonismbit has a virtual show so I can hear some of her new music.
  7. I was watching the WNUF Halloween Special the other night which was funny but reminded me why watching the kind of TV it was imitating as a kid was frustrating. I plan to play through RE2 as well as my fave Halloween homebrews Haunted Halloween ‘85 & ‘86 as well as Spook-o’-tron. I have a bunch of spooky movies saved in my DVR from past years of Halloween marathons, lots of Vincent Price especially. Probably Hocus Pocus at some point. Then after Halloween, I’m planning on driving out to this place called Field of Screams which does a Zombie Fun Run.
  8. Nice! You have a pretty good chiptune collection as well if I remember your NA posts.
  9. Added Busty Bunny: The Bounty Babe for Gameboy, from the maker of Flashin' which was available on Indiegogo. The dev has said this game will be "more SFW" than Flashin', which makes alarms in my word-parsing lawyer brain go off noting that more SFW than X does not necessarily mean SFW in any objective sense; and his Twitter is very NSFW, so browse carefully.
  10. Added Digital Monster for Gameboy, pre-orders open for this cart-based virtual pet. Take note, the dev posted recently that he has received more pre-orders than anticipated and may briefly close orders so he can catch up to demand, so act now.
  11. A quick and dirty definition would be new games produced and released for a console after the conclusion of its licensed era, thus not including unreleased games from a licensed era, reissues, bootlegs, repros, or hacks. I personally do not exclude games as homebrew just because of the size or skill of the publisher. While the term began as something relating to individuals or small groups of hobbyists, the sophistication of homebrew games has grown that such that it’s potential as a lucrative market has attracted the eyes of devs who used to be part of AAA teams and even some larger companies, but that doesn’t detract from the core principal that these are games for obsolete consoles. Which sometimes makes me bristle at folks who complain they aren’t homebrewers but indie game devs, because they think they’re better than the people who initially built this corner of gaming but still want to make money off its fans. Our own DefaultGen made a pretty good video that offers a definition that helps explain, though he places some games in a gray area I wouldn’t. So to answer your question, I would place both types of games you mentioned within the definition of homebrew.
  12. I found this O’Fallon Salted Caramel Pumpkin Beer, and honestly I don’t hate it. Shipyard Pumpkinhead used to be the only pumpkin beer I liked but this is good too! Yes, I am a basic bitch.
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