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  1. A boy can dream… Ask them if they like money
  2. Haha gotta love it’s bold gameplay choices! How big of a run is this getting/did it get? Like the other homebrews you find in Taiwan from ITG, I would definitely be interested in this.
  3. Added Museum on a Cart for the Gameboy. The first 100 copies already sold out, but they are taking pre-orders for another run.
  4. Added Windows 93 Adventure for Gameboy.
  5. Added Mega Marble World 2 and Space Flies Attack from tiberiyltim for the Sega Genesis.
  6. Added GBA albums from Oasis Ltd.: Be Careful's Liminal Cove, mingkurray's holographic, OasisLtd.'s Mixtape #1, and TUPPERWAVE's To you baby, with love.
  7. Ah no worries, I've been hunting for some of the NES chiptune carts.
  8. Woot & welcome! Still collecting homebrews?
  9. I have not, thank you for the tips! I’ll add them to the list when I have a chance.
  10. I recently found the Spanish site Emere, which has copies of Alter Ego, Jet Paco, Sgt. Helmet Training Day, Sir Abadol, and Super Uwol for the NES. Because the Mojon Twins' Twitter accounts have liked their posts featuring sales of these games, so unless told otherwise, I am interpreting that as an endorsement that these games should be considered legitimate releases and therefore worth including as available on this thread.
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