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  1. The OP to this thread is itself a menu of links to each episode
  2. I’ll update the main lists later since I’m away from my computer, but Nekotako for the SNES is available on Amazon: Taco : PRINCESS FROM THE MOON ( NEKOTAKO US SNES Cartridge Version ) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09129KPGM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_QY6B1BHQDM49QSWVKG2K?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Added Fight for Vengeance for Genesis.
  4. Moved Bone Marrow for Genesis to Pre-Order category.
  5. The thread of mine that Deadeye quoted earlier is exclusively cartridge releases, check it out and you’ll see the many options available
  6. You might also like to read this thread, though it eventually went off the rails a bit...
  7. Added Yeah Yeah Beebiss II for NES.
  8. Latest episode is up, featuring an early look into Yeah Yeah Beebiss II by @John Riggs!
  9. A Homebrew Draws Near! A blog series by @Scrobins Episode 12: Yeah Yeah Beebiss II aka “Riggs Project” Introduction: Homebrew has always been a fairly niche community, with word of mouth serving a critical role in spreading news and building hype for the latest games. But part of what makes homebrew games such a fascinating phenomenon is the juxtaposition of cartridges developed to play on hardware from the 80s with a world in which people can talk about these games in a video that will be viewed by thousands online. One of homebrew’s most prominent champions on
  10. Limited Run Games has opened pre-orders for the interactive chiptune carts 8bit Music Power & 8bit Music Power Final, as well as the game Kira Kira Star Night DX for NES. These items were previously only available on Famicom.
  11. That doesn’t answer the question. If you’re drinking and driving, any amount for any distance, then you should be ashamed of yourself for doing it or even thinking it’s worth making light of in this community.
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