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  1. Been digging Motorhead a ton lately. They absolutely deserve their spot as a titan of NWOBHM next to the likes of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.
  2. 9/10. It is simply that good. I do with there was a high quality wireless controller for it though. Is there one?
  3. Smb 3 is a great way to kill 2 hours. Smb 64 is a great way to kill 2 days, which is what the OP asks. I do think 3 is a better game overall, though. For this topic, 64 gets the vote.
  4. I gave it an 8/10. Local multiplayer (yes, remember that?) Balloon battles are underrated.
  5. No interest. My backlog is so deep I have no interest in an new Xbox for probably the next 20 years.
  6. I increased my position on WISH today. The risk is pretty low for what I originally planned on a 3-4 year hold. Ill keep nibbling if it stays under 10 next week, but anything can happen with the reddit crowd.
  7. You got it. They have all been shelved and could use additional proofreading and editing, but hey! ... The line. A place where the hungriest and most ambitious of all aspiring chefs wish to find themselves on a Saturday night. And nowhere else in Hollywood would you find the most eager congregation of would-be chefs than The Silver Spire. One peek into the kitchen reveals the organized chaos of bleach white clad frantically grabbing all the items needed to stock their stations, looking like a flock of seagulls on a cloudy beach when a handful of popcorn is thrown in their directi
  8. 2112 Linkin Park isn't terrible to me. It just has the excitement of doctors office waiting room music.
  9. Well, I cook professionally. I'm well past the point in my career of engineering elaborate multi course dinners because l never was that great at leading teams of 20+ people doing the work of an executive chef. I can work any station in any restaurant as well as anyone, though. Ironically, I make significantly more as a line cook than I ever have as an Executive Chef. I also write the occasional short story. Ill post some if any are interested in reading them.
  10. Bride of Chucky is worth seeing. It has the spirit of the first ones with the random slapstick silly violence. Don't spend your time with Seed of Chucky. That was 30 minutes of my life I won't get back. No way is my time not valuable enough to sit through the whole thing!
  11. Ironically, one of the jokes from scrubs got me so hard was about Grey's Anatomy. JD said, "I love Grey's Anatomy, it's like watching my life on TV." Then he looked right at the camera and rolled his eyes. It's even funnier knowing both are ABC shows, kind of a throwback when The Simpsons would do the same with other Fox shows. It's given me some honest to God belly laughs!
  12. Watching Scrubs right now. Super funny sitcom. Also been watching the Chucky movies. Man are they such cornbally films!
  13. I agree on WISH. I'm just holding pat on it for now. If it runs like crazy to 150 or something like that, I'd be silly not to take the money and run. If for some reason it gets beaten down back under 10, I'll probably buy some more, but I got in it as a long term play, not just a meme pump and dump gamble. I just have to remind myself of that.
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