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  1. Orange is the New Black. It started so strong, but man did it get dumb so fast.
  2. I'm always on the hunt for a deal. I buy almost all my nice things from ebay, craigslist, or marketplace. Video games, musical instruments, furniture, etc.
  3. Playing Sonic and Sega All stars Racing for Wii. I'm not super impressed with it, though I wasn't sure what to expect from the beginning. It seems the only way to win is to hold on to a drift for as long as possible. I'm trying not to to just compare it to mario kart, buts it's impossible not to. The stages are nice bright and colorful, but it's hard to tell where the boundaries are and I haven't figured how to pull up a map like in MK to gague where the next turn I can start a drift will be. The game punishes you for crashing. Unless you have a nice and smooth run, prepare to find yourse
  4. It's not technically rice, but I'm all about quinoa all day every day. It provides excellent energy being a complete protein as well as adds a nice caviar like texture. Not sure how common it is in taiwan, though.
  5. This changes my opinion of the video in question. Thank you.
  6. So wait, onlyfans isn't a porn site then? I thought it was. Or is it a place where some people post porn and others don't? But porn is allowed? Can someone enlighten me then? I thought it was pornhub meets instagram more or less?
  7. Not at all. I would take any or all of a loan forgiveness in a minute. My student loans are all private though. It's highly unlikely I would receive any from any government bill. Plus, it would be super unfair to the lending company that refinanced me at an excellent rate(VSAC 2.7% back in 2007). I agree with the point where it would suck and feel unfair to have entered a trade for the purpose of avoiding student debt just to watch your peers get their debt forgiven with the stroke of a pen. I like @arch_8ngels idea of easing the debt burden without making it seem like you are doing peopl
  8. You took my quotes completely out of context and deleted my actual viewpoints on the subject that covers this. "This young lady should not be allowed to do this" clearly refers to her linking to her porn site and not how she dresses. Yes, I will dictate that she should not be linking her porn to a place where a child can see it. If you find that disgusting and cringeworthy, so be it.
  9. Here I am having paid a large portion of my federal loans and refinanced at a low rate through a private lending company. No bailout for me.
  10. This young lady is sexualizing herself. She is being very overt about it. Like I alluded to initially, there isn't anything *wrong* with that. I just don't like it. She won't be getting any of my clicks of my money. That being said, if she wasn't being overtly sexual about it, her outfit wouldn't bother me. If a youtuber wanted to start being a porn model, go for it. Same with if a porn model wants to start an unrelated youtube channel, go for it. Porn is legally age restricted content, however. The fact that this specific content is potentially marketed to children via YouTube is r
  11. You are correct that I did not watch the whole video. I was just hoping that this was just a nerdy girl with unusually large breasts that that got some hot topic lingerie to wear for her gaming videos. I find it disturbing that YouTube allows links to actual porn sites in the descriptions of their videos.
  12. I don't have any issue with running a youtube channel. Hypersexuality and female objectivity in society is my problem. This young lady has chosen to promote her channel by being outright sexual, which buys right into that. "I put this outfit on just for you guys," or whatever nonsense she said at the beginning of the video. Hey, it's obviously working for her, and it's a free country. If people want to give her money to continue displaying herself before the items she is promoting, that's on them. I will not be among them.
  13. I fixed it for you! My kids have fully conquered ownership of the switch, so there has been no gaming on that for me. Still want to play it, though!
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