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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog was one of my favorites as a kid. Not the cartoony campy one, the really dark one with the big ensemble cast. I was sad when they stopped showing it.
  2. I just hope these populations get their shit together and just acknowledge how real covid is. On a side note, I'm personally torn about school in the fall. My older two would survive with an online curriculum, but my youngest is on the spectrum and really needs the one on one instruction along with speech therapy. She is to start kindergarten this year. When she was in pre k last year, she greatly benefited from the routine of getting ready and attending school along with all one on one instruction and socialization. While obviously, my wife being an RN in an assisted living facility, the last thing we need is for my youngest to bring home covid, especially considering the facility she works at is concurrently covid free. Still, I worry about my kid's development. It's a lose lose.
  3. I love to hate on China as much as the next guy, but this is bad none the best hemorrhoid cream I have ever used. https://www.amazon.com/Mayinglong-Musk-Hemorrhoids-Ointment-Cream/dp/B000F34TCC/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=chinese+herbal+hemorrhoids+cream&qid=1596413442&sprefix=chinese+he&sr=8-4 Cleared up a raging hemorrhoid on the verge of rupture in like 2 days. Preparation H has nothing on this shit! As far as what's in it? I have no idea! I can't read it! But who cares? Throbbing hemorrhoids about to rupture are super painful and I'm terrified when I need to poo that I won't pop it and risk infection.
  4. Anyone remember Mcdonalds Mighty Wings? They were surprisingly really good. Probably the best breaded chicken wing I have ever had. They weren't all that cheap, I think $6 for a 5 piece, but well worth the money. I thought McDonalds was stepping their games up with those for a minute. Shame they didn't sell.
  5. 8/10. I really enjoy sunshine, especially the island atmosphere. I love FLUDD so much, from the hover move, and all kinds of stuff from the mechanics of it.
  6. On some strong recommendations from some members here, I had a Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich. It was okay, nothing special. It wouldn't be worth the price if it wasn't on sale.
  7. Never seen it. I tend to shy away from cerebral epics like this. I'm sure it's great, just not my cup of tea.
  8. Covid is a virus, I don't know of any viral illness cured by medicine. Bacterial, sure. You take an antibiotic. Viral? @Doctornick, do you have insight?
  9. Spoilers to follow I should note that I hold the newest trilogy in about as high regard as I do the MCU movies. They are lots of fun if you don't take them too seriously. They have some great plot points and compelling characters, but at times can be outright silly, like the warp jump skipping early in the movie, or the random zooming in on Dominic Monaghan(I was important in Lost! Remember me?!) One other point is that JJ also had to finish the movie without Carrie Fisher, which I though he treated her character's passing with honor and respect. The reintroduction of Lando was nicely done and gave a nice mixture of nostalgia and fresh ideas. As far as the final showdown between Rey and Palpatine, it was a nice way give closure, although it was just the rehashing of the main plot of Lost(Light and Dark are always at odds, and everyone is a tool in the war between them, yeah yeah. I remember...) All in all, good movie! Not great by any means. I used the action scenes as opportunities to use the toilet, get snacks, or put my kids to bed. Let's face it, they were pretty boring and predictable as a whole anyway.
  10. I miss machine gun Joe Kelly! He was the quintessential Red Sox attitude of a championship run. He's a streaky reliever, but he's a beast when he gets mad. This bodes well for LAD.
  11. Finally got around to watching it. I think JJ Abrams had no idea where to go after Tlj, so he recycled the plot to Lost to get it done. Fortunately I rather like Lost, but I've seen it before, so 7/10.
  12. Game between Miami and Baltimore was cancelled due to a covid outbreak. How long until the season gets cancelled?
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