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  1. My dad had an emergency quad bypass at Brigham women's in Boston a couple years ago. I think a 10 day stay there was 140k, so for a 12, I'll go 180.
  2. It's clear that the worker shortage varies from field to field. There is absolutely a shortage in Health Care, for example. Staffing agency pay is bananas right now for nurses. You have facilities offering as high as 80hr on the seacoast and along the Maine border to staffing agencies. That leads me to believe they are unable to hire full time staff. Any of those people ever try applying for a restaurant position? Lakes region Applebee's is advertising 18-21hr. As an industry insider, I'm telling you this is how you get hired at restaurants. You just go in and ask a manager if you can work there. You'll do whatever and be flexible and willing to learn or be traIned and just work hard. Odds are you'll get hired on the spot. Around here, dishwashers are getting paid north of 15. Fast food has reached 15. With all the clamor for a $15 min wage, may as well make it official. Seriously. Walk in and get hired. It's almost that simple right now.
  3. I went ahead and bought the dip on Toast when it fell under 50 on Friday. I don't plan on buying more unless it dips under 50 before earnings. Restaurants are highly volatile businesses right now and can be very weather dependent, but Toast is just a great product. It glitches very little, the userface is very easy to use, it's super fast to turn tables as you can send orders to the kitchen remotely, online take out menus can be updated super quick, not enough good things to say about it, especially compared to other lesser POS systems I've used, like micros, POSitouch, aloha(which is actually okay, but the included hardware isn't nearly as revenue and user friendly). If it gets beaten down after earnings like every new IPO ever seems to lately, I'll buy a bunch more.
  4. A VTech Socrates. A very early form of Edutainment. In fact, I still have the beast in my basement! Just need a TV to hook it to. The Talking cartridge used to freak me out. Something about having a creepy robot voice telling you if it's the right answer or not was too much of a burden for for a small child like myself to bear.
  5. I mean Philipp Lenard was an OG Nazi, but also a brilliant physicist and one of the discoverers of subatomic particles. But still a raging Nazi. And Freud may be a creep, but it's well documented he does not like them Jung.
  6. This week's featured album: Diabolical Masquerade- Nightwork Anders Nystrom of Katatonia AKA Blackheim had a silly little Black Metal side project. Except he struck absolute gold with his third offering with one of the best Black Metal albums ever. Plus, you cannot go wrong with song titles like "The Eerie Obzidian Circuz" or "The Zkeleton Keyz to the Dead".
  7. Perhaps a hand written thank you card? A follow up email/message asking for feedback as a nice icebreaker? Worst case you get blown off and just enjoy the sale. Best case you can get a dialogue going to spread the word about your company. Outside of that, the topic is pretty vague, I don't even know if it's a product or a service or what it is. If you want to grow your business, you have to be at least somewhat aggressive or assertive.
  8. Here's my report from the ground: Staffing has leveled off on appearance, at least at my job, but the reality still stands that the quality of help has gone down with turnover near an all time low for new employees at about 1-2 months with the occasional 3-4 mostly due to performance or attendance issues. Wages have increased for quality help (the price paid to employees you want a shot at keeping long term) from a $18 average give or take two years ago to the low to mid 20s now, marking a huge increase in pay. Demand for benefits beyond paid time off still low though at many smaller chains or single larger stores (companies with total number of employees between 50-500) but also are beginning to be offered for the first time at many places. Well run small businesses are buying up all the good help from big box/major chains by offering as much as 25-50% more pay, taking advantage of the bureaucratic red tape it takes to get raises from places like that, and now are feasting with 25-50% increased sales year over year! My local Walmart never has more than one register open outside of self scans and struggles to restock basic commodities like milk, juice, baby wipes, etc. Local grocery chain Market Basket(I have been made aware that they pay well above industry average, and have a decades long reputation of investing in their employees.) always has a small army of employees hovering around and the shelves are always always full. Resident restaurant/hospitality worker reporting. We are witnessing the growth of a new "middle class of business" for lack of a better term that is achieving growth by syphoning off the employees of major retailers, which in turn leads to a truly better product or experience leading to sustainable growth via stronger business models.
  9. 6/10. I dig them a little. Fine little approachable non-threatening Indy rock/pop band.
  10. Way to step on some necks, boys! How about Erod showing some grit and giving us 6 tonight! If we can get to Greinke early again, I'm not sure Houston's bullpen will have anything left to give! Much taller task on paper, but he's hurt. Not sure which Grienke it will be.
  11. I'm a casual gamer. I so rarely pick up games day 1. In fact, the last one I got I think was Twilight Princess for GameCube.
  12. Doesn't seem worth it. I would rather get an ED64. I already have the Genesis Collection for switch.
  13. As a self admitted novice to retail investing, I welcome you, a person apparently much more knowledgeable than myself, to engage the community at large in a positive manner to help guide those of us with a genuine interest at improving. In other words, being a positive influence on those around us.
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