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  1. For me, Grandma's Boy is one of those movies that if I see it on TV, I will always end up watching it. In fact, I watched it two nights ago. As stupid as that movie is, I just really enjoy it. It's probably my favorite "stoner/stupid/juvenile" movie ever.
  2. I actually watched Flight of the Navigator last year. It was the first time watching it since grade school and I still enjoyed it. Not as good as I remembered, but still good. I need to watch it again with my kids sometime because I think they will enjoy it.
  3. Probably my favorite Sega console after the Genesis. There aren't a ton of games that I enjoy for it, but the ones I enjoy I absolutely love. Typing of the Dead is my favorite. I love doing a play through at least once a year. The rally games are fun too. Perfect for pickup and play when you have some free time to kill. Never got into the Sonic Adventures game though. Sonic needs to be in 2D for me.
  4. Obviously, but I hope my point still went across. At the end of the day, I truly don't care what everyone here decides. It's not important enough to me to spend much time arguing about it. I will simply state that making exceptions is a bad idea because it opens up a big can of worms.
  5. All of the games that I don't' currently own.
  6. If we are doing this, then I propose we do something similar for the PS1 set.
  7. It's a great game, but it gets old quickly when compared to Doom. I respect it for its place in history, but I don't have much desire to play it these days outside of an occasional short 10 minute play.
  8. You can talk about fixing original hardware and CRTs all you want, but the older this stuff gets, the less economical that becomes. No one is forcing you to use Analogue hardware and you are certainly entitled to stick with original hardware all you want, but your rational for it is pretty thin when you argue that 99% accuracy isn't 100%. That's stubbornness more than it is anything else. I love original hardware and CRTs as much as anyone (and still use them today), but I've still bought all of Analogue's hardware because it's (currently) the best investment for playing and enjoying these
  9. Odyssey is the only 3D Mario game I've played through completely (998/999 moons). I enjoyed the game a lot, although I still prefer 2D Mario titles. I've played a little bit of several other Mario 3D games, but not enough of any of them to properly rate them. I've played enough of Mario 64 to know that I will never be able to get into that game enough to enjoy it. I've also helped my son play a little bit of Sunshine on the 3D All Stars game enough to know that I might actually enjoy that one. I was hoping that 3D All Stars would give me a reason to try out Galaxy, but I haven't had t
  10. I voted for this back in January before actually finishing the game. Now that I've actually completed the game, and most of the extras, I'm confident that I voted for it properly. It was a great game and definitely worth my time.
  11. Impromptu negative feedback is always possible for whoever leaves feedback second. Outside of feedback, the buyer's responsibility is complete once he pays. Again, I fully understand that it isn't how the majority of transactions work, but that is how they SHOULD work.
  12. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but at the end of the day, eBay focuses on making the buyer happy over the seller. The reason for the change was to prevent scam sellers from holding feedback hostage. It's difficult to fight scam sellers and scam buyers at the same time, so eBay focuses on scam sellers. As a person who buys way more then they sell, this is good for me. If you are a big time seller, you can offset the loses from scam buyers with your profits from legit buyers. However, this methodology sucks for the small time sellers, because a single scam buyer can set you way back.
  13. Since we started doing this, number 3 was the first one where I didn't recognize either song.
  14. In my opinion, the seller should leave feedback first, because once the buyer has paid, their part of the transaction is complete. HOWEVER, after eBay changed the rules to prevent sellers from leaving negative feedback, I'm ok with the sellers waiting until the buyers leaves feedback before they post their own. And with that said, with the buyer protections that are available today, I don't really even think about feedback that much anymore. I only leave feedback on eBay as a habit (because I always have), but I never got into the habit of leaving feedback on other sites like Amazon.
  15. You say that like this entire thread hasn't been beaten to death already.
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