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  1. LRG's Twitter page is the same way. It's funny to me that Twitter seems to have more people following and commenting that don't understand the hobby very well. It's like Twitter has a larger percentage of newer and uninformed collectors. Facebook on the other hand has a larger percentage of seasoned collectors who understand the hobby, but end up being just as toxic for other reasons. The Twitter users are toxic towards the manufacturers and publishers, and the Facebook users are toxic towards each other. Either way, it's a mess.
  2. Like @B.A. said, most projects like these don't usually survive very long, but this one seems to be as strong as ever. I'm glad to be here and I'm glad this community exists.
  3. Super Mario Bros. One of my earliest memories was being the first in my family to discover that the mushroom made you bigger. That was an awesome discovery. Also, my Dad was the first to beat 1-4 and our minds were blown away to discover that the game wasn't over yet. It would be amazing to relive that again for the first time. Tomb Raider (PS1) I got it for Christmas but I had never heard of it. I was completely blown away by the amazing level design and 3D world, which for me was still a new thing.
  4. Probably an 8 for me. Really funny movie, and I think it still holds up well today.
  5. Correct. In order to match the Analogue Duo, you have to buy a Super Grafx with region mod, CD attachment, Arcade Card and Everdrive. You aren't doing that for less than $400 (probably $500).
  6. LD ROM and PC FX. One of which would be impossible and the other extremely impractical (although maybe possible in future update, but that's stretch).
  7. Based on things he's posted, I would say money.....
  8. Yeah, you see some crazy shit on Facebook. There are lots of people that have bought every single thing from them. There is one guy in particular that has bought several full shipping boxes of LRG Switch titles.
  9. I just got notification that my rewards items should be on their way. I mentioned this a while back, but if you still have any coupons from the old reward system, the expire in November, so if you plan to turn them in, do it now.
  10. While I agree, I would argue that the "1 step" between this and a Pi with emulation is still a pretty large step. One other thing worth mentioning is that from the looks of the pictures, the jailbreak will be pretty important because it doesn't look like an Everdrive will fit into the console, unless there are newer versions of the Turbo ED that are a lot thinner. To me it looks like it's just big enough to fit the Street Fighter II card and my Turbo ED is thicker than my SFII card even with the protective cover removed.
  11. I just noticed one thing. I know this won't be an issue in the long run based on previous Analogue systems, but it looks like a Turbo Everdrive will not fit in the cart slot. However, it looks like the Turbo Everdrive will fit in the adapter for the Pocket, so that's good.
  12. At first glance that looks pretty awesome. And $199 seems pretty reasonable all things considered. I honestly expected the CD part to be an add-on for additional cost. I would say there is a good chance I buy that.
  13. Right. I should be free during that time, but I will be a little annoyed if I need to be ready to make a decision on buying something. I'm just expecting an announcement on something that will be ready to order sometime in the near future.
  14. Yeah, I'll probably pass on this one, but I would be willing to bet that I will own several PS5 games from LRG before I actually own a PS5. I owned probably close to 30 PS4 games before I got around to getting the actual system.
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