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  1. The original Tomb Raider is one of my favorite games of all time. I've played it so many times (including another play through this year) that everything in the game feels super natural to me. It would be great to give it a modern 3rd person camera, but considering analogue sticks weren't available when it came out, such a thing would have been impossible, even if the idea existed at the time. The camera as it is still functions fine and allows you to see whatever you need to see. The tank controls don't negatively impact the game in any way. In fact, anyone who has played both the original and modern Tomb Raider games can tell you that the tank controls are WAY more precise.
  2. Saying SM64's camera is "awful" might be an exaggeration, but saying "it's great compared to other 1996 games" is also an exaggeration considering Tomb Raider's camera is arguable superior.
  3. I can't answer for the Switch version, but I can confirm that Doom Classic Complete for the PS3 included it and that was released much earlier.
  4. My understanding is that it hasn't been called official, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter much to me. There are so many custom made levels for Doom (just like SMB), but since these were made by John Romero, they are certainly notable. Considering the recent conversation was about first time players, it's probably worth mentioning that Sigil isn't meant for first timers (obviously).
  5. The original release of Doom included the following episodes. Knee-Deep in the Dead The Shores of Hell Inferno An expansion for Doom was released after Doom II called Ultimate Doom which included the original 3 episodes plus: Thy Flesh Consumed There is also another unofficial episode called Sigil which was created by John Romero and released fairly recently.
  6. When my wife and I bought our house in 2012 we had a dumpster delivered the same day as closing. We tore out everything on the main level that first week and spent the next several months replacing everything. Over the years we've done several other projects including a lot of outside landscaping and yard work since the outside was just about as bad as the inside when we bought it. The basement was completely unfinished when we bought it and I've left it that way since all of the other projects were a priority. Now that we are past all of those other projects, I've been slowly finishing the basement a section at a time. I'm hoping to have the half that will include the game room done by the end of this year. I'm looking forward to having my game room back since I had to pack most of it up when I started the basement project. We didn't have any asbestos in our house when we bought it, but I know what it's like to deal with those floor tiles. Luckily our house is just barley new enough to not have to worry about things like asbestos or lead paint.
  7. As @DoctorEncore mentioned, there is a Dual Shock version. If I were playing that version, I would stick with the D-pad, but that's just me. At least with that version, you have the option. Either way, I prefer the Director's Cut version over the original.
  8. I wish my Wii U kiosk was as nice as yours, but I certainly can't drive that far to upgrade mine. Good luck with sale.
  9. If you have never played an original style RE game before, I totally understand why the controls might seem odd. For those of use who have played them since day one, the controls feel completely natural. Many people often forget this, but when playing with the fixed camera angles that RE uses, tank controls make perfect sense. In fact, the game would be nearly unplayable without tank controls. I honestly feel bad for anyone who didn't play the games years ago and has to acclimate to the controls today. I completely understand if they can't get used to it, but they are missing an amazing game.
  10. TDIRunner


    Free. Just pay shipping. All that's left is the Nerf brand DS case. The charger is gone. It's just an empty case now. It will get tossed in the trash at the end of the week if there are no takers. Nerf brand Nintendo DS case with charger. Case has lots of wear and some smoke smell. The Sonic PC game is gone. Sonic & Knuckles Collection Windows '95 CD ROM Includes CD and case with inlay, but no manual.
  11. And here is a new photo for the PS1 Star Wars games. I posted this one earlier, but this is updated with all black label games.
  12. Here are a few other recently finished sets. Road Rash Pro-Pinball
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