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  1. I don't care either way because I'm not interested in variants for my SNES games. With that said, to this day, I still hit the eject button on my SNES to take the games out regardless of the type of cartridge. Always have. Always will.
  2. When I hear "fog gaming," I think Nintendo 64, not Sega.
  3. I don't document nearly as much stuff as some of the other members here, but when I do, it's almost always in Excel. My entire collection is tracked in Excel, and I also use Excel for all of my PS1 data. As far as pictures go, it's all saved on my computer which I backup monthly. I use Mediafire to share pictures. I think it's one of the better free picture sharing sites.
  4. 9 Tonight, Tonight is probably my favorite music video of all time.
  5. Now it sounds like you can only get the magnifier if you pre-order all 4. $200 is a bit much for me, especially on something that I know I would never use once. Do you think Nintendo will follow suit and release a Game Boy Micro Micro? The only problem would be that you would have no way of knowing if you bought it unless you owned a microscope.
  6. TDIRunner


    I remember that. There was a short period of time where most people thought the PS3 might end up being a big flop. However, the problem wasn't the price. Technically, the asking price was justified. They just tried to cram way too much new tech into the thing. Just because the price is justified, doesn't mean people have the money to spend on it. The price drops, and later cheaper to produce models saved it and now it's one of the best selling consoles of all time.
  7. There is no universal definition for retro video game, so everyone can define it as they choose, but that's the first time I've ever seen someone suggest that only two generations old is "retro."
  8. That's probably my favorite Futurama episode.
  9. My thoughts as well. Mine don't take up too much space. I just have two of the 10 ream paper boxes full of baseball and basketball cards. I'm sort of hoping that my son might go through a card phase within the next few years, and I can just give them to him as a starter set. When little kids start collections, they don't really care what they get. They just like adding stuff to their collections. I mean, it's either that or throw them away.
  10. Good luck. I'll be following to see if you find a good answer. I'm not actively trying to get rid of mine, but during the times I looked into it, I found that I couldn't give them away.
  11. I prefer SMW. I think it has better replay value. I love the continuous overworld map. I love the graphics. I love Yoshi. I always thought the cape was one of the better looks for Mario. It's also the only Mario game I can 1 CC. I still love SMB3, just not as much as SMW. SMB2 > SMW > SMB3 > SMB (not a single bad game in that list)
  12. I love that picture, but it seems more fitting for the random picture thread than the meme thread.
  13. I always enjoyed their music. 7 for me. I think they get more hate then they deserve. They are kind of like Nickeback. Lots of people hate them, but no one really knows why. I can't help but wonder if Nickelback is next....
  14. The inconsistency of Amazon is driving me crazy right now. I've now seen the exact same item ordered directly from Amazon delivered in a box, a bubble mailer, and no packaging at all with a shipping label slapped right on the box. That shit drives me crazy. And it has nothing to do with whether or not the item will be collectible or worth anything in the future. This was a $100 item. It needs to be packed appropriately. Most recent update from Amazon just a few minutes ago. That's helpful.
  15. Sorry to hear about that. I'm glad it wasn't worse then it could have been. To your point, it's so important to know how and where to turn your water off to your house. Too many people don't know about that. I just replaced my main water shut off last year because it wouldn't completely shut the water off. I put the fix off for a long time because I could always go outside and turn the water off at the meter, but then the water company put a lock on it so I couldn't access it. Seems pretty dangerous to me, but it gave me the excuse to finally fix the valve in my basement. Good luck with getting everything back to "normal."
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