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  1. 9/10 They're more diverse than Motorhead at least.
  2. 5/10 Why does he act like that? Is he supposed to be brain damaged or something? Being obnoxiously goofy for no discernible reason is not funny. I loved it as a kid. Now I'd much rather watch Truman Show or Dumb & Dumber or even the Mask.
  3. This looks like a great deal given the high price of PC components.
  4. Games back then were so unrealistic that the violence couldn't be taken seriously and I doubt had any effect. That people were concerned about the content seems silly today. Now we have games that are basically graphic first person murder sims and I don't think that children should be playing them but I'm sure most do.
  5. Hey did you ever make any more progress in Cobra Triangle?
  6. Here are the scores from last time. But this included adding extra points for lives remaining after beating the game. https://connect.gocollect.com/discussion/186467/nintendoage-2019-weekly-contests-presents-p-o-w
  7. 6/10 They're okay, but they're also kind of annoying with songs that drag on and don't know when to shut up.
  8. I'm hoping to gain a lot of ground with POW. Love that game.
  9. I actually had around 145k at one point but disregarded it because I wanted to do better. Needless to say I never did any better.
  10. So three people beat the game and nobody else even made it past level 4.
  11. I did find out about that. Too bad you can't skip all of the bubbles.
  12. Now is there a trick to consistently getting past the bubbles? It seems so luck based. At least you can skip part of it because there's a hidden area there.
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