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  1. There was that time you worked on no deathing Ninja Gaiden 3.
  2. I don't like top down racers, but Micro Machines is probably the best.
  3. Quarth surprised me. I didn't spend much time with other games this year, only going for participation. But Quarth kept me coming back.
  4. I'm surprised Sky Kid hasn't been played in the contests yet.
  5. But would average player not analyzing the code be able to figure out how the powerups work? They mostly seem random.
  6. What decides whether you get B or C? It's possible to get a bunch of C's in a row without a B in sight.
  7. So it's best to avoid getting +3 combos when possible in order to not spawn S and E instead of B. It's a puzzle game where you get the most points for not doing big combos, nice.
  8. I don't know. It's much tougher to get bonus points that late in the game. You pretty much need to get the bulk of your score earlier on while it's still slow enough to get huge B combos.
  9. This game really needed some other way to score big points other than depending on getting B's. There needed to be better rewards for clearing a lot of squares and getting big combos. It's kind of a lame score system for an otherwise extremely addictive puzzle game
  10. I reached level 7 a couple times, but my best score I only reached level 5. Earlier today I had a run that was going great for the first few levels but then I kept getting C's so not much more than 150k. Stupid rng. Deafcode says there's a trick to getting B's. I wish I'd known what it was.
  11. Also what is "worth playing" is so subjective. We all have those games that we love and that most people think are crap, and vice versa.
  12. Have you seen his blog where he's been ranking every US released SNES game? http://snesrankings.com/
  13. CD-i Tetris does look lame. How the heck do you mess that up? Part of the problem is that the CD-i is more of an expensive general purpose "multimedia" machine than a game console. At that price you were better off spending a few hundred more and just getting a multimedia PC that would do everything better and with way more good games. As a historical curiosity from the 90s it's interesting.
  14. CD-i has Tetris. That looks okay just because it's Tetris. Looks like there might be some other decent ports. Maybe there are no good exclusives.
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