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  1. Absolutely. Honestly. I think the only reason I ended up picking it up was because it was chance in a "top NES gems" or whatever type video, and one of those ones where they are TRYING to name different games that no one really talks about. It looked neat. And a pre pokemon game freak game so I knabbed it. Never got too far in until I played on this weekend, and glad I did, but wish I committed a little earlier.
  2. Finished off Mendel Palace. Quite enjoyed actually, although some levels were a pain in the butt. Some bosses were really tricky. Definately could see some early Game Freak inspiration from this game that was implemented into the pokemon games; most notably the sprite work for some of the trainers you battle. Pretty cool. Would play again!
  3. I'm working on Mendel Palace throughout the day as I can, keeping it paused. Fun game so far. Some tricky as heck bosses. Lol
  4. Tetris 2 is done. And so is my brain. Good night for now.
  5. Working on Tetris 2.... We'll see how this goes. So level 80 is the finish? I started after reading the link on here for the win conditions. Started at level 1 and now have it paused at 42 while I take care of some other stuff.
  6. Haha! That is a funny coincidence. Last time I played this, I found it to be hard as heck. That happened to be when I was getting into NES and wasn't very good at/used to the NES as a platform. Metroid was very hard for a young me so many years ago. This time around I enjoyed it more. I must say I tried initially to go through the last section (Tourian?) Without the icebeam, and that was a total disaster. Had to back track through the purple region (Meridia?) To get the ice beam again. But once I did it was smooth sailing. . I think I'll revisit again sooner than later.
  7. Guardian legend? Although I think about it, it doesn't quite match the aesthetic that I recall from the guardian legend.
  8. Went and revisited Metroid for NES. Haven't played through for years and years and had a good time. I have to say. The addition of the maps since this one was definately welcome as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Gonna add the genesis 50+ collection badge this weekend. Photo attached.
  10. WhyLet's add in the arcade badge too; so long as your cool with a converted cab with the Pandora 4S....
  11. Thanks man! I appreciate it. I had wanted a tattoo for years and years and finally pulled the trigger in Oct 2023. Finished my last session in late January for it. Very pleased with how it turned out.
  12. Got my gamer tattoo and it's now pretty well fulle healed!
  13. Got through bugs bunny's crazy castle this morning. A fun little romp. This was one of my first NES experiences in grade 2. Always fun to revisit.
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