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  1. 3 Angel was the only song of theirs I ever really liked. That puts them just above The Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin whom I've never liked.
  2. My argument stands. If they want me to buy what they are selling, they have to make it available some way. As for digital sales leading to piracy, I would argue the opposite. I think the lack of a digital option, especially for games no longer physically available, leads to more piracy. People are going to pirate games, but having a digital version available ensures that honest people can still support you. Personally, I've purchased a lot of digital releases and will continue to do so when I can.
  3. My 2 cents. I'm honestly about done with crowd funding for all the reasons mentioned above and more. If people have a product they want to sell me, then they need to make it available for me to buy. I understand people's reasons for using crowdfunding, but this rat race it has created has honestly made it tiresome to me. You would think devs would use it as a spring board to put some carts on Amazon or something, but then the kickstarter ends and you never see their game available anywhere ever again. I don't really understand this. I just know I'm not going to be chasing after them anymore. I also don't understand the lack of digital releases for games. I wish more Dreamcast devs would put their games on itch.io
  4. I think Doc Louis was betting against Little Mac. I have no proof of this. I just get that vibe from him.
  5. It just goes to show how big of a deal Capcom was back then.
  6. I don't think we really missed out on much. There were some really good games we didn't get, but that could have more to do with a lack of confidence in the market rather than limitations imposed by Nintendo. Does anybody have any examples, not just speculation, of a company not being able to bring a game to the US market because of Nintendo's policies?
  7. I have some theories about BOTW's map too. It does kind of mess up my previous theory though. Anyway, I think the hyrule of the original Zelda, ALTTP, and possibly wind waker were all contained in the Gerudo Desert area of BOTW's map. I also think BOTW's map was based off Zelda 2's map. Edit: never played Silent Hill Origins
  8. You know those pillars you see scattered around Zelda Breath Of The Wild, the tall ones you can sometimes find treasure chests on top of? I have a theory about those too. I think they originally held up the surface of Hyrule. If you think about it, there has been a lot of dungeons created beneath Hyrule across all the games. Eventually, over the span of multiple games, they could become a vast underground network. After thousands of years I think those dungeons began to collapse causing the surface of Hyrule to sink also. You can see more evidence of this "collapse" In the Hebra mountain region near the Rok Uwog shrine and the Hateno region near the Kam Urog shrine. If you go to the ege of Hyrule and look at the surrounding lands they are also much higher than Hyrule, suggesting that all of Hyrule has sunk over time.
  9. I've owned a lot of games before that I didn't think would ever be worth anything. Frankenstein and Sword Master were two of them. If only I had know back then what I know now.
  10. Rick from Splatterhouse is an escaped patient from an insane asylum. That's why he's barefoot and it looks like he's wearing hospital scrubs. The monsters he fights are really haluccinations.
  11. Maybe he's the Captain Kirk of the StarFox universe.
  12. If you've ever seen the youtube channel Game Theory, you know what this is about, although that show has kind of gotten phoned in lately. The MegaMan thread also kind of inspired me to put this up, though I've had this thread idea for a while. So does anybody have any of their own "Game Theories" that nobody ever talks about? I'll start with mine. In Final Fantasy 7 you go to the temple of the ancients to get the black materia that can cast meteor. Inside you see a mural that seems to depict people using the materia on another group of people. It's interesting to note that the materia in the mural is green. Materia is crystalized mako, and from what i've understood contain the memories of the planet. So, in short, the meteor summoning materia is a memory of a meteor hitting the planet, or at least the knowledge of the event. The reason it became black was because it was used to kill countless people in the past. I'm guessing it was the ancients that used it since it's called the temple of the ancients, and maybe this is also when the Cetra split into two groups, but I'm really just guessing at this. Anyway, this isn't even my theory. My real theory is that the meteor that was summoned in this event was also the one that created the northern crater. If it was then it's also the meteor that Jenova happened to be flying around the universe on. So, in short, if it was the ancients who used meteor to kill their enemies, then it's kind of ironic that they also inadvertently brought the alien Jenova to the planet as well. I've got another one, but I'll wait till some other people post before I put it up.
  13. Devil May Cry, these games are just more tiresome than fun to me.
  14. It's all because MM was slow on the trigger at the end of MM7.
  15. I think there is a time when you can play a game, not necessarily the launch day, when it will mean more to you than it ever would at any other time. I remember picking up a copy of Dragon Warrior when I was about 19. I had a blast playing it. I had tried it years before when it came out and didn't get anything out of it. It would probably be a little boring to me today, but at that time, being burnt out on Playstation and N64 games, DW just hit the right spot. I've had several other similar experiences throughout the years, and they all seemed to happen at random.
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