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  1. I've got an RGB mod on my N64, HD Retrovision component cables, and a CRT and to me it looks fantastic. I've said this before, but most N64 graphics weren't that much worse than PS1 or Saturn aside from the stretched textures. The problem is that the worst looking games on the system also just happen to be some of the most popular. OOT and Majora's Mask both look terrible. Nintendo, Iguana and Konami all liked to set the dithering filter to maximum for their games. Mario 64 was an exception because the graphics were kept fairly simple. Midway games also always looked pretty clean because
  2. Can you really compare the two? NES has a huge and diverse library compared to the N64. How about has Mario 64 aged better than Super Mario Bros.?
  3. I use a couple of these for Gameboy games and N64 memory cards. It would probably work fine for HuCards as well. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-Set-of-3-Flexible-Drawer-Storage-Organizers-10-4-x-3-2-x-2-9-Green/509555735
  4. We can make this a "safe space" for video game OCD.
  5. It's a good quality mod, but I wish we could just have a good 72pin replacement made. The aftermarket ones today are just completely wrong even in the angle of the plastic.
  6. You shouldn't have tried playing it in 2020.
  7. Let me know hoe Keypad fix works if you try it. I've never used any of those products. It's weird that there aren't any kits on ebay. I bought a bunch of them off there years ago. I just checked and I still have a lot left. Let me know if you need one.
  8. You can buy a solution to kind of paint over the old pads. That price on the replacement pads is retarded. I would give Retro Repairs method at go first, though. I've also heard Voultar mention in one of his vids that you can bring back the snappiness to the silicone membranes by immersing them in boiling water for a few seconds. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CAIG-CaiKote-44-Remote-Keyboard-Membrane-Repair-Kit/222757405995?epid=1300170521&hash=item33dd60452b:g:urMAAOSwYxBaNCWP https://www.ebay.com/itm/KEYPAD-FIX-Permanently-Repairs-Al
  9. I always liked the art for the first Uncharted Waters. That chick looks like she is so over it.
  10. I've kind of got a soft spot for older pre-3D FPSs like Wolf 3D, Doom, and Hexen. I didn't like Heretic though, I thought it was kind of a mess.
  11. Zelda BOTW. Best walking simulator ever.
  12. It was a good idea, and had some nice hardware. It was way too expensive and didn't have enough good games though.
  13. I just RGB modded my N64. It looks great with the retrovision hd cables.
  14. I love both Nintendo and Sega's systems, but Sega fanboys are far worse than Nintendo fanboys IMO. Just look through some of the comments in the comparison videos on youtube. Some of those guys are delusional, especially when it comes to the sound chip on the Genesis. Only the C64 kids and their SID chip obsession are worse.
  15. People still only choosing to play one of the consoles in 2020 are the real losers. I did think the Double Dragon port was a disappointment though. It was also ported by technos and published by sega. I think a lot of SMS and Genesis ports were done like this to get around Nintendo's exclusivity agreement. I would also suggest that anyone new to the system should go over to www.smspower.org and check out the hombrew section.
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