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  1. Just played this for the very first time and.... Feeling the madness. Yet I keep playing. 42,350
  2. Gonna have to go and pull a @Richardhead and ask. Is this a good score?
  3. Puggsy is done. Not a terrible little action puzzler.
  4. I am using two now, yet my score is with only one. Dealing with a bit of a learning curve, but the obvious advantages make it almost a no brainier to use two. We shall see.. also the wall in American gladiators sucks balls!. I like @mbd39's idea of using two analog sticks on a ps4/xbox controller, for those who emulate. Seems that would be ideal.
  5. What an addicting and fun game. Murder on the hands tho. I had always avoided this game thinking it was gonna be an American gladiators style mini game.. with 2 controllers!! Glad I was wrong .
  6. Now that's point-scumming !! Impressive! "Skinny laughing doing 350"
  7. Got my order from mortoff games a few days ago. Pleasantly pleased , the d pad ones feel identical. The buttons pads had a bit of "snap" feel to them but that settled out in a few hours. Like brand new controllers and Under $12 shipped for 3 sets.. wish I had ordered them sooner.!
  8. This. In my case the pad for the d pad ripped. I tried glueing, and heat fusion , neither worked. Sometimes replacement is the only option
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