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  1. 133,200 Glad i got the chance to sneak a game in.. nice score Michael!
  2. How about like in golf you have the best ball tournaments.. we could have our teams and use like the best 3-5(depending on team sizes) scores to add. That way as long as the min number play,. It's all good.
  3. 130,800 Is this not one of the most annoying sound tracks for a game ever? ?
  4. Bye far the best ghostbusters game of the era, if not ever. Even the ps3 version. ... Meh.!! If my SMS hadn't been stolen many years back, I'd totally be all in on working on this challenge. Whole heatedly appreciate you doing these obscure challenges @Red. I watch with nostalgia glasses and loving seeing the old graphics again.. also had my vb stolen in same heist,. Wish I could've been in that challenge too.. tldr.. thanks bro
  5. I totally suck at shooters but they are so much fun in this contest bc they always bring out all the crazies.. and makes the crazy even crazier. Special shout out to @RH. Your always an interesting read and good to see you on the dark side.
  6. All I know,. You get the reverse k level 3 or later and you best just hit restart.
  7. @docile tapeworm Have you ever sucked d*#k for a high score? Boo this man. Lol
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