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  1. I need the cat reading the paper meme with this as the text: Maybe I should have bought some sealed games
  2. Was trying to play Cowboy Kid and it kept coming up all glitchy. I know it's not my system because I have an Analogue nt noir that's basically brand new and I was just playing Kid Klown fine. Tried IPA 99% a little better but not perfect. Decided to break out the ol pencil eraser trick which I've never done and it worked like a charm. I did clean the contacts again with IPA to get the eraser debris off but would recommend as a fix. Just putting out there it did work for me.
  3. I can't remember do you have a mailing list?
  4. Ayo when I can I buy a physical cart!
  5. I envy that. I did get alot of the heavies out of the way but the cheapest on the last 10 I needed was warriors of destiny and it just went downhill from there.
  6. I had luck rounding out my loose NES set by contacting ebay sellers that weren't accepting offers. I'd just contact them and say hey I noticed x game has been sitting would you accept x dollars instead? I never low balled or anything like that just offered what I thought was fair. I'm doing my part to correct the market lol
  7. Was mainly an iphone user since I got the first one that came out back in what 07 08? I have bounced back and forth between each but my Android experience is always short lived. I'm actually on a Note10+ right now. I don't know Android just never felt as polished and recently I've noticed that Android apps do not have the same quality as their counterparts on iOS. It's likely because most users are on iOS so more effort is put into those and then basic stuff is done just to have an app on the play store. I'll probably be back to iOS after this Note runs it's course. Oh, and iMessage, it's awesome.
  8. If the game is truly rare I'd probably just pony up, but since your instinct says you already overpaid I'd probably cancel the sale. Could always try and compromise on the additional shipping since it's not your fault maybe offer to cover half? Worst they can do is say no.
  9. PM me some pics and a price when you can if you don't mind. @Naked Warrior
  10. How bad is the pocky and rocky 2 that it's listed as a 1?
  11. I uninstalled pubg, again, a few days ago so I'm hoping to start playing some of my recent NES pickups this week. Dragon Fighter, Kid Klown, Power Blade 2, and some of the other of the 10 games I was missing from the loose set.
  12. Not to my knowledge but I suck at Sega. I'd post over in collectors questions with the board in question and maybe others have one to compare to.
  13. So HA gets the buyers premium and the 10% commission since its an online auction and has no auctioneers?
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