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  1. Watch out for the sprinkled in sponsored listings they mess me up sometimes
  2. This doesn’t ring for Amazon or NewEgg (see the latest graphics card releases being sold out) but brick and mortars like Best Buy or GameStop could really help themselves by not taking preorders online and drive people to their stores. This helps really enforce limit one per customer, enables impulse buying while at the store, and repairs relationships with customers who feel scorned by scalpers or everyone in this thread. Obviously pandemic and masks and 6 feet and hand sanitizer. Even for Amazon and NewEgg, Nvidia put recapcha on their checkout (afterbeingsoldoutlol).
  3. Could literally just be a test disc. I don’t remember there being any ex Nintendo employees here but I wish you luck in finding an answer. The Truth is out there!
  4. Are you looking for OEM or aftermarket? I’d probably just hit up eBay.
  5. I mean I could have printed those at my house? If they were prototypes they would have some kind of legal on them and probably not even be branded with Nintendo them. What’s with the cityscape background? To me it just seems like they were printed with commercial off the shelf software. Maybe they were testing creating CD burner/label software?! Nintendo employee making burned DVDs on company time for fun?
  6. If something comes out I want that I know will be reseller fodder I try to get it, if not I just wait for it to come back in stock or wait till the hype dies down. I would ask people to not buy from resellers in hope for a better tomorrow but I wouldn’t hold it against them if they bought whatever, it’s their money to do as they wish. I do think companies could do better to combat this but they don’t care, they have made their acceptable profit margin and are onto the next “limited” item.
  7. To be fair that is when games were still just games. Triple A titles have become more movies than games.
  8. So I was at GameStop when I learned of the preorders selling out. Apparently the district manager was saying that there was a glitch in the system that allowed for more preorders than they had available. Not trying to be a dick because I’m glad that you got one, just might want to have a plan B. The store I was in was saying the preorders were sold out before the stores even opened.
  9. I want to camp out and wait in line overnight. Probably can’t even do that now with the pandemic.
  10. People should not pay over retail for things - it’s people who buy from resellers that power that market. eBay is in business to make money they aren’t going to police that.
  11. I wasn’t planning on getting one at launch anyways but was surprised to learn the preorder was up and already sold out before long. I’m sure the reseller market has to do with some of this but hopefully it was made up of people who are excited for the new console. Did you end up getting a preorder?
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