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  1. Having fun buying and playing SNES right now. Knocked out a lot of the higher end games off my list.
  2. 9/10, not in my top ten but definitely a movie everyone should see
  3. E.V.O. Search for Eden, wtf is happening in this game lol
  4. Ran by a gas station today that had regular for $2.07 down from $2.17 maybe a day or two ago. MD
  5. Just got an email about Panzer Dragoon coming out tomorrow. The classic edition looks dope
  6. 7/10 made me laugh a few times and I may have rewatched at some point
  7. MD schools so far only closed till 4/24. Hello southern neighbor!
  8. Local watering hole/decent food place just closed down until this is over, I was kind of shocked to see it, they were doing take out only but decided it wasn’t enough I guess.
  9. If you need stuff for your kid let me know I haven’t had any issues finding diapers or baby food in MD.
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