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  1. Sigh….I had so much money before I found this site lol
  2. Can we get enough orders on the sage to get the 88x MD/SG CIBs!! $100 per person!
  3. I got all excited when I got your email that it was witch n wiz time! Pulled a sneaky on me! If you don’t have from below it’s a fun game and I’m sure it’ll be sold out quick. edit: oh wow I just noticed my total site feedback is my birth year! Cool!
  4. Don’t bend the rules for me! I never make it anyways!
  5. Sometimes it’s not the most expensive games that become your gems. I’ve got way more expensive things than what is in my Zelda display case yet Zelda is the only series with a display case while the Samson, Dino Peak, and Power Blade 2 stare in jealousy from the shelf lol
  6. I think this is a better link to your collection. Your link only shows me Tecmo soccer https://www.pricecharting.com/offers?seller=ex757licki6zgzkekxf7td4lx4&status=collection
  7. a3quit4s


    Bump and price drop
  8. On my NES loose set I purposely bought ones that I could find that had rental store stickers. They are cheaper and I think it’s kind of neat to track where they came from. All the ones I looked up are closed unfortunately. It’s sad to think my son won’t have the same experience of spending many hours in the game rental section picking the perfect game only for it to suck when you get home hahaha
  9. You may want to PM them they haven’t been on here since November 2020
  10. a3quit4s


    How dumb am I, the receipt was still in the V2 box. Look at the games I traded and what I got for them lol they were all CIB
  11. a3quit4s


    Back shot because file upload limits even though I’m a subscriber
  12. I know I said I wasn’t gonna but it was the last one at Best Buy; in my preferred color scheme to boot. I’ll have a for sale up soon for my v2 Switch.
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