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  1. @fcgamer do you have any of the famicom games for sale?
  2. My first post to gloves was a joke anyways I’m just continuing the conversation because it’s my wife’s night to put bubba to bed and I’m to lazy to get up and go to the Switch. I do think there is a case to made about the no duplicates rule and Stadium Events and World Class Track Meet being the same game.
  3. $5,000 for little Samson is about 5x the cost now so Stadium events would be what $80k-$100k? Plus it’s not even about the money how many real opportunities do you get to buy a Samson vs a Stadium Events? Even if you had the money for it the ability to buy it at will sets it apart
  4. What’s the white wale there out of curiosity?
  5. I will sacrifice myself for the good of the site!
  6. Executive decision: NES full set does not have to include Stadium Events. @Gloves write that down!
  7. So I’ve been looking for the best way to remove stickers from labels. I’ve tried everything on the Mega Turrican attached and got the best results from Bestine. I eventually stopped working on it because I got to aggressive with the spudger and tore the label a bit. But you can see the progress that was made.
  8. I remember when PC and GVN was where you started with price as a seller and worked your way down to meet in the middle with a buyer. Now it’s become where you start and add 20% and don’t bother negotiating. If you’ve got a store and employees sure I get you have overhead but a lot of people are just getting greedy; which is fine because it is your property. It’s really the buyers pushing the market up anyways, apparently people who buy video games have all hit the lottery recently and are paying $50 for River City Ransom.
  9. I used to rely on pricecharting and gamevaluenow but I’ve seen a lot of games I am looking for not be based on auctions. It’s all BIN and Best Offer now. eBay sold is better for me for loose stuff. I can’t even imagine what the graded market is like right now; fair market seems to be limited by the imagination of the seller. <Insert SMB least I’ll take $1 million meme>
  10. Still over here looking for my Mega Man 5 screw after many months of checking lol edit: or the G6
  11. I don’t see a 5 screw version on bootgod, price charting does track sales for it though but it doesn’t actually have the listings. Did you search on eBay for one? I can’t speak to if the board is different but the label being glued on is really suspicious
  12. As I buyer I just leave people feedback when I get my stuff and it’s to my satisfaction regardless if they left me feedback. As a seller as soon as i get my money I leave feedback regardless
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