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  1. Montell Jordan - we can make it happen people!
  2. @Gloves super this for people on mobile clicking the sage is the only way I know how to get back to the forum homepage
  3. The banner ad with homer simpson is still the king. Join the discussion link goes back to the same landing page for me.
  4. I always cringed when I thought of NA being run on like a 10 year old desktop in Dains basement or some shit like that.
  5. I do cardio and weight lifting everytime I go to the gym, 3 days on and then one day off. I run a 5k and then lift weights but sometimes I'll run 2 miles and then lift and come back at the end for the last mile at a higher pace. Some days I hate the running and some days I hate the weights. Everyday I hate the elevated sit ups and Russian twists lol Edit: 25 min 5k if your curious. Not a super fast pace but hey I'm 36 and dad to a 22 month old who is speed incarnate
  6. I like have ammo to kill bosses and money to buy weapon upgrades and can actually progress in the story. Totally nuts
  7. I'm playing RE8 on casual and will play every single future RE game on casual as well. So much more fun when you aren't constantly out of ammo
  8. Sometimes I search for stuff that people mention around here to get a better idea of what what on but otherwise this is a much better site.
  9. The ~40 or so games I have left for NES. I wouldn't be sad though it would probably force me to actually play the games I own
  10. Your best bet is to consult an accountant and those who try and evade Uncle Sam almost never win.
  11. Resident Evil 8: Village on PS5. Early on so no judgement yet besides it is definitely a resident evil game. Fuckin save typewriters
  12. I took today off for no reason. Mowed the lawn, did the laundry, played some of the new Resident Evil and now I'm just laying in bed waiting for my wife and son to get home. You all should take a day off, it's nice.
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