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  1. I suggested a tech support section! Now our members are all willy nilly on other forums!!
  2. Gotta talk to the Scrum master and get up in that next sprint!
  3. Were there any new updates on Rollie? I hadn’t seen anything from Kickstarter in awhile.
  4. Are you guys changing the controls from the default?
  5. If your friend decides to break up the set I need Jack Bros and Waterworld to complete mine. I’d rather not pay the eBay up charge to buy them there and I’m sure your friend won’t either. PM me if that happens!
  6. Just call up GoCollect Jimbo and sell him the <insert state here> Collection. Problem solved!
  7. Central air at 74. It’s been nasty humid so I added another dehumidifier. Have one on the first floor and one in the basement.
  8. I was just rethinking how nuts everything is right now that posting it with a high BIN might not be a bad idea on a 30 day listing. Local pickup only though.
  9. Sell off your rare games in groups or one at a time and find a game store to buy your commons at a discount. You can try to sell everything as one lot but people with that kind of money are going to be in the resale market and looking for a steep discount as @B.A. said. @jonebone idea about breaking up by system is good as well. There is what something is worth and what someone will pay. Post some stuff up in the for sale section yo!
  10. Did he really have a WATA graded Atari ET? Wtf?
  11. Give me the meats; pepperoni, meatball, sausage, and bacon. No ham though.
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