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  1. I got Two Point Hospital from the estore for $19.99 (half off). Pretty good sim game considering the price. Pretty funny to play as well it had a lot of character.
  2. Got something delivered from FedEx not along ago - it was sent smartpost or whatever the service is that hands off to USPS for last mile delivery. It came like a week late so they didn’t even bother with the USPS handoff, delivered it themselves lol
  3. I wish he had done more upbeat songs I found it funny in the movie when someone mentioned don’t you play any upbeat music? If you haven’t seen Rocket Man, you should.
  4. Fairly certain Nintendo has made a living of reselling you games and limited run and those type of business make 99% of their money reselling you digital games in a physical state
  5. Saturday Nights Alright can always get me pumped at the gym
  6. 8/10. That queen/Elton John/Axl Rose rendition of bohemian rhapsody was awesome
  7. I voted for MarioKart 8 but have Smash too so I should be able to play depending on the time
  8. Received today...very nicely done!
  9. Non Nintendo but Dr. Robotnik as Santa would be pretty funny
  10. It’s got more functionality these days parallel to an iPad but without the support the Apple App Store has its fairly limited. Web browsing/email/streaming video/some games. The question is oddly worded though, there is nothing it can’t do that a laptop couldn’t except maybe some fire specific games
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