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  1. 9/10 I like robots too...especially a certain blue one.
  2. i think the vast majority of people here are adults, and know what an attach rate is. No need to educate, sir. Also, as someone who's been gaming since 1990 and collects imports in addition to American releases, I obviously know when the GameCube came out (even in Japan) and when it's support (officially) ended.
  3. Not from what I've noticed in polls and discussions over the years. The SNES's entrees in whatever franchises are favored by many, and Super Metroid is no exception.
  4. Metroid Prime (the original GameCube version). Like several other SNES games, Super Metroid is a bit on the overrated side.
  5. Yeah I can play Zelda 1 & 2 on several consoles (including GameCube), but still wouldn't mind buying this and playing that Zelda version of Vermin.
  6. I can believe that. I got Mega Man 6 complete with box and manual for $5 at a video store in 1995. Still have it (as well as my rental card):
  7. Mario Golf: Super Rush, the Breath of the Wild sequel, the Zelda Game & Watch, and Cruis 'N Blast were my favorite games shown in the Direct. I'm probably going to buy Mario Party Superstars, but maybe that should've been DLC for Super Mario Party instead of a standalone game. I mean, it is basically a collection of Mini-Games and Boards from the first three Mario Party games right? Also, nice to see a Switch Metroid game coming soon finally.
  8. Yep, this is one of the things I thought stood out during the Nintendo Direct.
  9. As expected, Nintendo's presentation was the most enjoyable part of E3 (for me, anyway). Much like the Direct earlier this year, I wasn't extremely impressed by this Direct but there are definitely a few games I'm looking forward to. I'm glad Metroid Prime 4 was at least mentioned this time, a sequel to Breath of the Wild was easily the highlight, and of course I'm still looking forward to Mario Golf: Super Rush. Also, that Legend of Zelda Game & Watch looks cool.
  10. I've played both the NES and Game Boy versions of Double Dragon a lot over the years, but like the Game Boy version a little more. Billy starts with all of the special moves right from the beginning, some of the music sounds better (especially level 3's music, which sounds a little strange in the NES version), and Jimmy is not a boss (even though he's mentioned in the manual). Not being able to fight Jimmy in the main 1-player mode may seem disappointing, but it's a good thing in my opinion because Jimmy is not suppose to be a villain. By the way, this is my original copy of Double Dragon that
  11. I got Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt and Rad Racer around the same time, in 1990. I still have my original copy of Rad Racer 30+ years later:
  12. Haven't really cared much about E3 since 2006 or 2007. But I decided to watch the E3 2021 Streams yesterday and today, and uh...other than Mario + Rabbids 2 and the Ninja Turtles being in Brawlhalla, I can't really think of much else that I think is good or even decent so far. i might play Sea of Thieves someday, since it's from Rare. But watching that footage just made me wish Rare could develop games for Nintendo systems again, and I couldn't help but say in the chat that Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo should've been released for GameCube instead of Xbox 360. The inclusion of Jack Sparrow doesn
  13. Watched the whole thing. I've already watched several of the deleted scenes on YouTube, but seeing them included in the movie makes me hopeful for an American Blu-Ray release that includes both the Theatrical and Extended versions. I like that the Pipe sound effect from the games is included in that scene where Mario and the Brooklyn girls go down that pipe on a Mattress, and that there is an orchestra of both the SMB theme and level complete music after Mario and Luigi beat Koopa/Bowser. For over a decade now, I hoped that more music and some sound effects from the games would be include
  14. YOU are Bert? Dang, I didn't know all this time.
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