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  1. Basically where I'm at. Good chance I'll still get bumped out but I'm just like ehhh. I want this time right now hahaha
  2. Hmm yeah I dunno im not really havin too good a go here, I thought this was in my wheelhouse but a few in game limiting factors are seemingly working against me here (namely, one-hit deaths but maybe more importantly the strength of the enemies without powerups). Just not doin too good. That's a plus for you though
  3. Hmm it appears I can still tie @NESfiend for beat em up runner-up, I just have to beat him. Technically i can take sole runner up if I beat him and so does someone else. Anyway not doing too great so far
  4. Hahaha yeah I've done that but it's the case at this time in the season where I'm moreso picking up and playing on last day, not really hitting my own standards. Even Thunder & Lightning was a fail for me cause I had prior experience, think I coulda been a contender for 1st. It's still been a good shot and I think I'll get a tourney spot right? I didnt really check on how many slots there were. Next year I'm going uber serious though. Gonna spend this winter perfecting several gaming stations, I've gained lots of space in the past year. Startin in POW as we speak
  5. Congrats man. I haven't started yet - if you're that high up you've 99.9% locked the genre. (I have to leave that 0.01% to make you a little nervous). I have essentially no familiarity with POW, i played it once in a contest for the minimum.
  6. I definitely think I'd step up to the plate more if it happened to be a team week. also scoring individual points simultaneously, those would be truly competitive weeks even moreso than what we've seen. In all the best games where the extra drive matters (yes I agree for some random filler game it wouldnt live up to the hype)
  7. I never even realized this was more suggested as a side thing with all I wrote. I still stand by it. But really if you run normal + teams both at once I still think it retains a good social dynamic. Could be measured with the sum of a team's in-game points, to differentiate it from the normal leaderboard of contest points. That's fun for shit like Gradius, Gradius 2 and other great shooters. And pinball games like Pinball.
  8. Thanks. But I think Skinny's tapewom's sixth sense can tell I wasn't fully engaged this year. I mostly am just coming in late on the Sunday, which to my credit used to be always a complete no-go, but still isn't really the way I like to approach. My sub-optimal hardware situation has had a hampering effect. I'm the type where if I start underperforming mid-season I basically knuckledrag for the rest and then give it the college try in the tournament. I'm going to essentially sell off my Powerpak (CF cards are basically obsolete and annoyingly difficult to find locally) and fund an Everdrive with it. @docile tapeworm Teams idea is kinda interesting to try, it'd be a radical switch-up but it might be a nice change for a season. It would maybe take the pressure off a little bit moreso I mean the real-life pressure for people, not so much the challenge, the challenge is still there. But what's a more interesting prospect, 2 teams, or many teams? 2 teams affords people less individual pressure and is easier to build rules for. It's epic in the sense that even having a genre beast on your team in a given week doesn't guarantee it when it doesn't do much for the average. 3 teams technically can do all this too while dispersing the "credit" more prosperously. Teams made of 4 or 5, maybe would feel like a deeper social dynamic, I personally would enjoy being on a team like this, you have to rise to the challenge a little more and there's a tighter-knit working together. You can specialize your team a bit still - for example if we were to do small teams don't pick Krunch if you want your team to win Shooter Genre. There's a glaring problem which is that you would need commitment with multiple teams and so then what happens with people who just want to play every once in a while, or just happen to play in a random contest for a game they dig? Only thing I could think of so far is having a Neutral team where you put points from non-team contestants. I think it'd be a big upset if that goddamn Neutral team won it
  9. Edited in my last score. Second week in a row I got edged out of a contest point!
  10. This is a cool game, when I did my first paring down of collection it made the cut and all subsequent ones so I still got it. Like other Romstar releases I like the chunkiness of the sprites and the sound. Anyway I always found it pretty damn hard I'm not surprised people are struggling so far, YOU especially who is reading this seem to be really really struggling.
  11. This is a crazy good game. I'm definitely gonna be tracking down a Famicom cart to get some 4 player AVS action on
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