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Have a deep burning desire for all things Paper?!? Come join us to discuss, share, and revel in the lesser known world of paper collecting.
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  2. My longtime is finally coming in the mail after a long time of quietly looking for a relatively cheap copy. It's called 電子遊戯大全 (denshi yuugi taizen), or "Computer Game Encyclopedia", a Japanese book from 1988 which sought to catalog every single video game release up to that point. It is an in-depth and unique writing project that explores games across the world, and I look forward to finally having a copy of my own. The other one is what appears to be an extremely obscure Game Boy magazine from Japan, 必勝ゲームボーイプレイヤー. I say it's obscure because I can't find any info about it anywhere, aside from some sites that compile game magazine info. They just say that it was published for a year before it closed up shop. I can't find anything else besides what is written in the Japanese book "Game Boy Complete Works". I want to read more about it, or even find the magazines themselves, but it seems no one has anything uploaded about it. So, that's my next search target.
  3. Those guides are pretty dang cool! The issues with the cards are May 1993 and June 1993. A coworker sold me all his childhood Nintendo Powers and these were mixed in with them. Pretty awesome to get stuff like this from the original owner. Coolest thing I ever got were Lego magazines; I wish I still had those!
  4. Nice finds! What issues are those Gamepro cards found in? Gamepro really did love some supplemental guides. That’s for sure!
  5. Founds some cool paper things in with my nintendo powers.
  6. There were others before. They did a full run of four books for NES as well.
  7. Another one from Hayden books. From Video Games & Computer Entertainment #21, October 1990.
  8. Were these the absolute first books Prima published? Or were there other video game or non-video game books before this?
  9. Very cool! Thank you for sharing this. The Sega Genesis volumes are a little interesting as the Volume 5 dipped out of the traditional Sega Genesis secrets to capture some Sega CD action too. They also published a Prima Sega CD (secrets of the game) which only made it one volume I believe. Kind of random
  10. Just thought I'd post this here! An early advertisement for the NES/SNES/Genesis era Prima Guides. Found in Game Players issue 56 from February 1994. Thanks to @acidjaguar for the invite to the club!
  11. This is my favorite guide - full color glossy pages and everything you need to know about the game. ev This is IMHO the best guide for Link to the Past - few pictures but everything is pretty much covered. I love the game but this guide is the pits. I think the author played through once or twice and wrote the guide - no depth to it at all.
  12. Good to know! When we were building this lists, the caveat was that the guide had to say the console system it pertained to on the cover or back. Maybe an exception here and there *cough*cough* Immortal Cluebook *cough*cough*
  13. Battletech on the Genesis is the same game as Mechwarrior 3050 for the Snes so it is a useful guide.
  14. The Battletech guide is fairly uncommon, they come up every once and a while. I believe the Amazon and eBay ones are overpriced given they are flying solo currently. But I don't consider it part of the SNES set as it only covers the Genesis version and there never was a Battletech for Super Nintendo.
  15. Aw I never knew it was that rare. I will probably stick to trying to get the PC version instead. I have this Battletech guide that covers the Genesis and Snes game. I've never seen it for sale. How rare is it? https://www.estarland.com/product-description/SegaGenesis/BattleTech-Official-Strategy-Guide/39397
  16. The AD&D guide for the SNES is probably the hardest to find in the whole set. It is essentially the same as the PC version that you have, but in black and white throughout (probably a photocopy with adjusted cover text). I know of less than five to exist (confirmed and seen). There may be a few more out there, but it certainly is extremely low on the numbers count.
  17. Going through my strategy guides tonight and it seems I don't have the AD&D Eye of the Beholder guide for the Snes. I'm looking for that one but I'd be happy just having the PC version(I assume it's the same?)
  18. Two Might and Magic Secret of the Inner Sanctum Cluebooks up for SNES. One at $100, the other at $90 /obo. Don't see them too often and probably can whittle down the OBO one a little more. $100 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/264675187187 $90 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/264384039518 ETA: $90 seller offered $75 by just watching it... that's nice of them.
  19. I low balled him further. Let's see if he just wants some cash. I've been interested in these, but I want to get them as cheap as possible, plus that letter isn't in the best of shape.
  20. Ogopogo Examiner - Premiere Issue - Just dropped $100 to $100 shipped. Great deal for anyone looking: https://www.ebay.com/itm/293492352950
  21. Slowly finishing the NES specific-game guide set (also thanks to you!), and trying to find every variant/print run of NES books globally. Discovering more and more language variants, which is cool, but finding all print runs is tough, as this is info that is generally not known / shared by sellers. I also loosely try to complete sets of magazines and fanzines from the NES era.
  22. What's up paper peoplez! Thought I'd see what people are actively pursuing these days (if anything!) .... Lately, I've been working on getting through the Versus guide book set. It has been pretty interesting to start constructing the list off any internet resources I've found and see how far off I am versus what's available. Hopefully over the course of this year I will be able to track them all down. Seems like a few are over priced already, but that just makes it more fun to find it at a reasonable price. I've also been working on early Dimension publishing guides. I really have been enjoying the look of the early guides and haven't been trying to get into their later publishings -> ie: anything after PS1. Seems like they certainly were only publishing for PS1 titles in the early stages. Pretty fun subset to work towards and there aren't any lists out there so it's like finding a new treasure when I stumble upon a new listing. Good times! What's everyone diving into or looking for personally?
  23. Looks to be in pretty good shape and the price ain't bad with a BO option: Killer Instinct - Nintendo Player's Guide @ $17 OBO shipped https://www.ebay.com/itm/Killer-Instinct-Official-Super-Nintendo-Power-Players-Strategy-Guide-Book-SNES/164056308839?hash=item2632849c67:g:krwAAOSwmWxeMuNC
  24. I’ll see but don’t think there are those two. Do you have the AD&D Eye of the Beholder guide for SNES?

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