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  1. I have doubles of BaseBall Stars Nes because I've had several seasons with different friends on the go. Same thing with Genghis Khan on the Nes. It's my favorite Koei game and I have a few different games on the go solo or against friends. Both are fairly cheap so no point in selling them. I see the reasoning if you acquired a double of a game that's become rare and using it as good trade bait.
  2. 9/10 for me. I remember as far back as 1990 when I lived with my aunt and uncle my uncle would fire up Die Hard in the VCR on Christmas day. I asked him why and he said "cause Die Hard is a Christmas movie!" He watches the first 3 movies every year.
  3. The Running Man. So many classic lines. Loved Richard Dawson in it too!
  4. I pre ordered and paid for the limited edition back in Feb 2017. I thought my money was gone forever. Be a pleasant surprise for it to arrive.
  5. I have a Advanced Busterhawk Gley Lancer CB copy I picked up 15+ years ago. Numbers 852 on the spine and cart. If you PM me your email address I can take some pics and send them to you.
  6. I've sold off some rares that didn't have any nostalgic value to me. I started Snes collecting late(around 2003) and a few years ago I sold off stuff that I enjoyed(CIB's WildGuns, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, EVO) but didn't plan on playing again. I love my Sega CD stuff(Snatcher, Space Adventure Cobra) but at what point do these old CD games stop working(disk rot) and you should consider dumping them?
  7. I never got one at launch due to the insane price tag. I did buy one around 2001 and had a small collection of about 10 games at the time. Wing Commander 3 Heart of the Tiger and Return Fire were a lot better than the PSX versions. I loved Super Wing Commander(system exclusive) AD&D DeathKeep and Slayer I had high hopes for but they were utter crap. Wolfenstein 3D was the best version at the time. The 3DO version of DOOM was unplayable IMO. Strahl I enjoyed but I'm a sucker for those old interactive movie games. I couldn't justify the shelf space and sold it off around 10 years ago. Do I m
  8. I think they made 20 copies of Feda. I have #2. I don't remember who made it(traded for mine from another user) but I'm thinking user @galvatryne did?
  9. Hmmmmm....no Sega love here? My choice would be Starflight for the Sega Genesis. A very cool Sci-Fi space exploration RPG. I remember getting this a beating it back in 94. Back then there weren't a lot of reviews. I made my choice based on the front and back cover art/explanation. The manual was a small book in itself. What's this? A star map? Looks nice but do I need it? Trust me you needed this map to help you with the game. It was a huge time sink for me. Just flying around and discovering a new solar system. What planet was I going to land on? Oh wait that planet is loaded with valuable
  10. Got this one coming from Ebay on your recommendation!
  11. 1. Metal Marines 2. Operation Logic Bomb 3. Wing Commander 2:The secret missions 4. Ogre Battle 5. Wizardry 5 : Heart of the Maelstrom
  12. I remember back in around October 2001 an Ebay seller from Dallas flooded Ebay with a ton of brand new copies of Shining Force CD. I recall a used complete copy at the time went for around $80. I ended up buying 3 sealed copies for around $15 each. I think today if a game for an older system is found with multiple copies on a pallet the seller will research it first and only sell one copy at a time to not cause a price crash.
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