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  1. I gave up long ago looking for box upgrades for Road Avenger, Time Gal and Cobra Command for the Sega CD
  2. Willing to take a B.O. on Obscure
  3. Here is a link to my trade list if anyone is interested in anything PM me https://gametz.com/user/Bighab.html
  4. I'm a big Genesis fan and it was just a 5 for me. Don't even have it in my collection. I prefer Contra Hard Corps personally. I used to see this game used all the time in the early to mid 2000's and I'd buy it. It was great trade bait. Fun fact as I look back at my Gametz trades I see that I had traded/sold it 6 times.
  5. I'm looking to sell or trade a complete copy of Obscure for the PS2. I'm asking $235 shipped(tracking and insurance) or best offer. I might consider trades too. Shoot me a PM if interested
  6. Excellent movie. I remember seeing it in the theater when it came out.
  7. I just finished Bosch season 7. Great series. I'm on season 2 of The Man in the High Castle. Liking it but it seems a little slow.
  8. A man after my own heart. That's why we've remained friends for over 15 years starting on the Shining Force Central forums
  9. I went Sega CD, Saturn then Dreamcast. I got a Sega CD near the end of it's lifecycle and have some good memories playing Star Wars Rebel Assault. The Sega CD has several of my favorites like Shining Force CD and Popful Mail that I enjoy playing today. Saturn is a close 2nd. It could almost be interchangeable with the Sega CD with gems like Dragon Force and Shining Force CD. I no longer own a Dreamcast. No strategy/rpg's or strategy games I liked on it. Loved Quake 3 Arena and Bass Fishing but not enough to keep it around.
  10. Love the Ronco Weiner Skinner
  11. Online I'm pretty quiet and polite. I rarely say much. Been posting on forums for over 20 years so I'm more of a lurker now. In real life I'm the "funny guy" Kinda a cross between John Candy and Fred Flintstone. I'm passionate. I enjoy going for beers with buddies watching sports and busting balls
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