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  1. Infamous: Second Son This game had tons of hype before the launch of the console then it kinda fell flat after release. I have played thru it 2 or 3 times and loved every second. The story is great, the gameplay is amazing! I recommend everyone play thru this game, then the Dying Light DLC which I have yet to play.
  2. Im surprised the Gameboy only has one vote up to this point considering the Sages age demographic.
  3. This is an extremely close poll! Lets get some others to weigh in and see if Mario 64 catches up or falls back.
  4. I have seen Top Secret. Excellent movie! Im a huge Val Kilmer fan also, and thats why I streamed it a few years ago.
  5. Here are a couple off of the top of my head that I watched based on the main characters being played by some of my favorite actors.
  6. What is that unknown movie that you gave a chance on a friday night rental or in the depths of the streaming world that you actually enjoyed, but youre pretty sure nobody else here has ever seen it? If you have seen a movie mentioned please quote it and give us your opinion on it and I will keep a tally in this post of what hasnt been seen by any others so that we can maybe give them a watch. Only one member has seen these movies: The Breaks The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover The Libertine The Story of the Kelly Gang
  7. I have tried Blade Runner a couple of times and about an hour in I shut it off because its so slow n dull. I really wanna like it but I cant.
  8. For me, I should love Gremlins, but the couple of times that I have started it, it didnt grab me. I love 80s movies, I love old school Feldman, and its one of the great 80s movies, but for some reason I havent liked what Ive seen of it.
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