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  1. I have gotten back into Hot Wheels, but nothing I have is worth much more than you pay at the store for it.
  2. I respect your comment here, but what if they remade a game like Color a Dinosaur, which has no real fun value to it. Also, I think I came up with an answer, even though I havent played the remake. Shaq Fu.
  3. I agree with your statement. With the way they are remaking RE games in order tho, if they keep going, and RE 6 then we will have a candidate.
  4. That cab is super rad! I will be following...
  5. Lets go off of the Wikipedia definitions of a Video Game Remake. Here are a couple of notes pulled from the page: A video game remake is a video game closely adapted from an earlier title, usually for the purpose of modernizing a game with updated graphics for newer hardware and gameplay for contemporary audiences. Typically, a remake of such game software shares essentially the same title, fundamental gameplay concepts, and core story elements of the original game, although some aspects of the original game may have been changed for the remake A remake typically maintains the same story, genre, and fundamental gameplay ideas of the original work. The intent of a remake is usually to take an older game that has become outdated and update it for a new platform and audience. A remake will not necessarily preserve the original gameplay especially if it is dated, instead remaking the gameplay to conform to the conventions of contemporary games or later titles in the same series in order to make a game marketable to a new audience. Ok now sound of Sagers!
  6. We should have some sort of notification that a new club has formed under the clubs menu. I think it would get more users interested in joining different clubs, and in turn cause more contribution to topics overall on the site.
  7. Whatever is decided upon, I think it would be cooler to have a personal touch to each one like having our username etched into it somehow.
  8. As far as the original Deception case goes, what is the sku on the back? Same as the regular retail release or what?
  9. I gave it a 9. I have played thru it way too many times to want to play it again any time soon, but every one should play thru it atleast once.
  10. https://www.pricecharting.com/game/nintendo-ds/metallic-rose-nintendo-ds-lite#completed-auctions-new Heres a lil info to go off of. The packaging condition will definitely effect the price.
  11. I have a love hate relationship with sports these days. I played everything up until high school, then I played football, basketball, and ran track in high school, and played football until I was 23. I can actually say that I received a small paycheck for playing football once before I was cut from a minor league arena team. I stayed away from participating in any sports until I coached football at the feeder level from like 2020-2022 which I did for 3 seasons. I proved to myself that I could do it, and had some fun, but adding that into my schedule which is taken up by two businesses, young kids, and other life stuff was extremely tiring and Im glad that Im done with it even though I talk to a few of my players regularly still as a coach because they ask me for advice from time to time. I tend to get super excited when NFL preseason starts, then I start watching games every time theyre on, and lose interested before halftime and move on to something else. As far as sports gaming, sports games are my rpgs. Im very passionate about playing franchise mode on Madden, 2k, and The Show, and soon to be NCAA Football again every season, and I play them all year long.
  12. This one really was ahead of its time. I completely forgot about this.
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