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  1. Neither of these variants are on the site, but both were purchased off of Ebay.
  2. I respect this game, and think its awesome, but the bulk of my experience with it was when they brought it to the PS store on PS3, and I could never play it for long because it always gave me motion sickness, so I never finished it.
  3. I really want to invest in Apple but I cant decide if now is a good time or not. I can only see them going up, but they were down to like $57/share last year.
  4. Im pretty sure they dont open them. Were talking VGA here, not WATA. I got my 3DS back recently and it def was not opened.
  5. I just sold my 1 Sony share because I dont see it going up any further since they arent getting enough PS5s out to the public, and I bought 33 shares of Corvus Pharm with that money at $3.80/share. This is my first investment in something other than a gaming or electronics company as I dont know much about it, but they are a supplier of the Covid vaccine, so Im taking a chance.
  6. Unfortunately for me it was Mach Rider. I had to play that garbage until I got TMNT and Blades of Steel later in the year.
  7. I have this GE 19" tv that I got in 1996 running in my Saturn kiosk. Its a powerhouse for its time!
  8. Technically Im listening much more than watching, but this Steve O episode is amazing!
  9. Anxiety is a big part of my PTSD. IT IS HELL! There is no quick fix other than a benzo like Ativan, but it just puts a temporary bandaid if it works at all. Long term fix is medication and therapy. I have been under treatment for about 11 years now, and until I found my current doctor in 2015, I was in pretty bad shape. Since then she found the right meds and I worked hard on therapy to get better.
  10. Arkham Asylum blew my mind when I first played thru it. At the time I said it was the best game I had ever played.
  11. I collect 4k's because I am able to enjoy them in my basement theater. I have always had to pay full price for them so I dont have too many, but if you want the ultimate viewing experience, they are the best way to go, even over standard blu-ray.
  12. Has anyone else played around on this trivia site yet? Its getting extremely popular...
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