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  1. I still had it bookmarked until seeing this thread. Problem fixed...
  2. What is your all-time favorite Nintendo console? You can only choose 1... I have to go with the SNES. I feel like theres more quality games than the NES, and it holds up much better than the N64. Beyond that, I didnt play much Gamecube or Wii. Im a sucker for the 16-bit era anyways.
  3. One huge one that I forgot about until watching yesterday is The Little Rascals 1994. That movie is funny as hell, but I honestly never watched the original show, so I dont have an honest opinion on it.
  4. Id rather have a gamecube controller in hand over the odd feeling DS gamepad. I never have gotten used to it.
  5. Here is a couple of their ebay listings that I came across today. https://www.ebay.com/itm/194086440534?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11021.m43.l1120&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=da07f43fc3b047808e280553e63ca3a5&bu=43614264272&ut=RU&exe=98458&ext=232176&logid=nqt%3DAAAAAAAAAAAAigAAAAAAAACAAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAgAABAAAAAAAAAAAACQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQAAAAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQA**%26nqc%3DAAAAAAAAAAAAigAAAAAAAACAAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAgAABAAAAAAAAAAAACQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQAAAAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQA**%26mdbreftime%3D1619954822788
  6. For me Ridge Racer 4 comes to mind. I was always floored when reading the reviews of it, and Ill never forget that my go to magazine, PSM, gave it 5 stars. I had the first game at launch, and at the time I was blown away by the graphics, but could never win because of the physics which stop your car anytime you hit another or a wall. I played it a little last night, and I just ordered RR Revolution and Rage Racer to play all of the console releases in order, then Ill play my copy of R4 for the first time. Another would be the Wing Commander games for me. I know nothing about the
  7. There it is folks, in 1995 this game called the PS1 a PSX. Can you see it?
  8. Just more stress to pile on top of you. Stay strong, and dont rely on Soc Security.
  9. Multiple answers allowed here. Where do you guys go for gaming news? There are a ton of blogs out there, but I really dont check anything outside of the Metacritic release charts and scores, and a few YT channels.
  10. I only have $25 invested, but who knows whats going on?
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