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  1. Minus ''i'' refer to the dot on it that refer to a Pixel. Just like in PiXEL-RETRO.. Actually a concept you don't like, it's fine
  2. Hi Sages! Exciting news! You can now browse the store in French or English. I kindly invite you to take another look in english! I also take this opportunity to let you know that, until January 1st, 2024, there is a 16% discount on absolutely everything in the store. It's Christmas ahead of time! https://pixel-retro.com/en
  3. Yep for now it’s in french. selling NTSC games from Canada
  4. Hello VGS ! I invite you to discover what https://pixel-retro.com/en has to offer: • A secure and user-friendly website. • An incredible quantity of video games, DVDs, and Blu-Rays. • Over 4000 retro and recent games for all consoles. • An inventory that is regularly updated with new additions. • Games that are tested, cleaned, and guaranteed. • Fast shipping by mail, anywhere • Discount and rewards through a points program. Thank you in advance for your trust and support for my online store project. Looking forward to having you as Retroopers!
  5. great stuff, love the fact you remember details about every item you presented! BTW, I've that copy of Mario 3 is it related to the Mario 3 bootleg you mentionned?
  6. well, at the end, might be a masterpiece!
  7. very interesting, thank you everybody for your feedbacks!
  8. Hello everyone! Ever see this? What games it can be used with? Is it a mouse?! lol
  9. Hi! Did you ever see that? There is no « 93 » on rop label..
  10. Hello VGS! Any body knows how to spot a first print black label version? What are the difference between the cases, disc, game itself? Thanks!
  11. bought it used, weeks ago. Just noticed that pink CD isn't inclued with CIB copies on Ebay. So I wounder if it fit with that game or not.
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