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  1. Serious answer: My grandfather in 2014 Joke Answer: NA in 2019
  2. I recently finished Dragon Quest IX, AI The Somnium Files, and am in the middle of River City Girls and Shakedown Hawaii. Switch gets all my love these days.
  3. Burbs north of Atlanta, GA... Kennesaw/Woodstock specifically
  4. 37 here... Seems to be the average age range. Not surprised tbh.
  5. I'll be taking my daughter trick or treating and then coming home to hand out candy for the few trick or treaters we get. Then I'll probably play video games for the rest of the night.
  6. I mean, it'd be fine to keep until you could find an upgrade. I have a zombie nation and chip and Dale 2 box that were cut to put in a rental case or something, but sitting inside a box protector, they display fine on the shelf for now. It's really all about what you can handle looking at... If it doesn't bug you too much, then whatever, you can still check it off your list and upgrade it down the road when a nicer copy comes along.
  7. Beni! Long time no see dude! Glad you made it over.
  8. What's up krunch! Long time no see! Glad to have you aboard!
  9. Ghost with me! Glad to see ya here!
  10. Tinychat was some of the most fun times we had back in the day. I really miss that group of folks.
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