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  1. Bunch of items added, any help is appreciated in helping me acquire a hard to find 5 screw I’ve wanted for a few years Prices are always negotiable
  2. I sold my dupe dw iv maps a year or two ago. These rpg maps are always shredded.
  3. I hear what you’re saying but you’re referencing prices from a couple years ago. I appreciate the offer but that’s less than it’s worth even in usd.
  4. That’s the map that came out of the strategy guide which I don’t have the map or guide.
  5. I don’t think I have a dupe for either of the dragon warrior iv maps/charts. I may have a pair of the final fantasy maps in good shape. I have a ripped dragon warrior iii and ultima warriors of destiny map.
  6. That’s why I have the obo on there. This is a dupe for me and I’m looking to unload some of the bigger inserts I have for cash if the price is right. Need to try scoring some of the bigger carts I still need. Better to start high and come down than short change myself. That aside this reg is near impossible to find, let’s be honest and when it’s one of the last big inserts someone needs some of these go for quite a bit. Cib zombie with reg in good shape is going to go for $1000-1500 depending on how many people are wanting it. The days of buying a cib for inserts to flip are dwindling and definitely not higher end games too much anymore. If someone has a wacky races or cowboy kid poster out there I’d trade this straight up for it. I know someone’s got to be holding one I just haven’t found that person yet. This would be as hard to find as cowboy kid and harder to find than wacky races but I’m down to the end of what nes inserts I have left so a trade would be fine with me. Send over your offers, worst case I say no.
  7. Nice work guys, I feel like there has to be more videos like this we could use.
  8. Couple more: Princess tomato -box: 01218 -manual: 01220 Bill Elliotts nascar challenge -box: 11216 -manual: 11217
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