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  1. Anyone able to get me the link for the Nintendo power list with inserts from NA?
  2. Thanks for the input I greatly appreciate it. With how prices are right now I would probably put it at double that at the very least. Got to love the yard sale finds, wasn’t even going to buy it that day either but glad I did. Hopefully I can turn it into a trade for something nes related that I need.
  3. Not a problem,I’ve had a couple inquiries for it already but a trade is going to be the only way that thing goes I think.
  4. Very odd how the color is so far off front to back. Almost as if it’s a large sticker or decal, back is shiny like the back side of a sticker sheet would be. Although it says that you need to return it with receipt so that would rule out it being a sticker or decal.
  5. Code could still be on the other side. Is there a picture of the other side of the insert?
  6. Hello all, I’m looking to trade for or buy one of the following NES posters: Cowboy Kid Wacky Races I have these to trade in return: Nes: -Section Z map -TMNT Tournament Fighters registration card SNES: -Castlevania Dracula X registration card -Super Metroid insert I’m willing to throw cash in as well to make the trade happen if necessary.
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