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  1. Can someone decipher which of these is the earliest print please. They’re all minty five screws that I have just want to make sure I keep the earliest print. Thank you.
  2. Bounty just went up, looking to pick up a box.
  3. That’s a steal, definitely not something you can pass up for that price if it had the poster.
  4. Well let’s get back to cowboy kid for a second, I would love to buy that poster off you then lol
  5. I went through some extra inserts I have, I do have a couple extras. One of the larger and two of the smaller. The larger has a more yellow backer. I didn’t get a chance to go through my complete Tecmo games. I don’t think I have but one or two since their inserts are all over the place and never had a way to decipher to make my games 100%.
  6. Just checked my copy, unfortunately when I bought it, it had no inserts so I’ve had to guess but I think I have a near first print just by chance:
  7. Awesome update! Thanks for confirming this, I am going to check my date codes to see where I stand.
  8. I would love to know, hopefully circle seal (fingers crossed)!
  9. Bump, got some updated pictures on my google drive with the new first print manual, let’s get this thing sold. Would consider a trade for some hangtabs I need or hard to find five screw carts, ultra/Konami variants along with cash.
  10. I don’t have too many of these but I don’t believe I’ve seen the larger one before. I’ll have to check.
  11. Just added kid Icarus, Popeye, soccer hangtabs, super c box and manual. Super castlevania iv box and manual, mario tennis n64 box.
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