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    Lock please

    I appreciate the heads up, I don’t do wata/graded games, not for me. I’m aware it’s out there but would rather try and get one here versus some beat up junk for $500 on eBay.
  2. The few with higher prices I had nothing to go buy but I know I haven’t seen a copy of them for well over a year. Figured I leave it high to have an offer sent my way and work from there instead of selling myself short. Gvn and those sites are really not that accurate.
  3. Those sold fairly recently, I meant licensed games. I do still have a couple unlicensed that aren’t in some of my pictures. I know I have deathbots and a couple others.
  4. Yeah I’ve been looking for a minty cib to replace it, I don’t have the heart to open it. I don’t know too much about quantity of sealed games but to me it seems to be an uncommon I would think. Ive had those sealed games up here for sale for some time along with my want to buy/trade thread and all the nes inserts I still need to find. Recently missed out on some nes insert lots but still need a few. Always open to offers and insert lots people have stashed. Willing to trade some of these sealed games for inserts and posters.... I may have an snes Dracula X reg card to trade for one
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