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  1. Why do some g.d. fooked sellers have to lie? I did a buy it now on a 5' x 6' Legend of Zelda rug last night. This morning I had an email saying my money was refunded and the transaction cancelled by the seller. The reason given was that I had requested the cancellation. Hello - earth to McFly - I did no such thing. How about you tell the truth and say you are out of stock ("I know I had this 5'x6' rug here somewhere - I guess it ran off with the cow who jumped over the moon.") or whatever, I guess I will have to take solace in how nice a juicy negative will look next to the 6 positives the seller has.
  2. There is a switch game called Distrust coming out next month that is largely based on the movie.
  3. It could be a component for an interocitor:
  4. I watched it in bits and pieces one Saturday afternoon - from what I saw it didn't really add anything to the conversation.
  5. One sign of an alien is a lack of general cultural knowledge. Just saying...... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A solid 9 from me. This film is everything that the 1951 "The Thing"* wasn't and/or couldn't be for various reasons. This version was a redo that was much more faithful to the source - which was a 1938 novella (Who Goes There?) by science fiction author John W. Campbell. Anyone who likes this movie should take the time and read this - it is pretty amazing how it still stands up today. *That film is a classic and is good in its own right - but comparing the two is really a case of comparing apples and oranges.
  6. If you haven't seen it this is a great companion piece for Night of the Creeps:
  7. The best of the others are The Leopard Man, Bedlam, The Seventh Victim (with an appearance by Hugh Beaumont who became the dad in Leave it to Beaver) and I Walked With A Zombie (this one and The Cat People are probably his two best)
  8. If you haven't seen them I hope the 9 Val Lewton horror films are on your list - they are pretty amazing for really low budget affairs,
  9. Somewhat off topic - have you seen these 2? They are actually pretty good and both have John Carradine in good roles - when given a chance he was a great actor.
  10. The original was a lot of fun to see in the theatre as a kid - putting on the illusiono glasses was a hoot. Willaim Castle had neat gimmicks- even if they were always hyped up things.
  11. Sequels aren't always bad - and sometimes equally as good as the originals. And they don't have to even feature the same characters - the host of Star Wars (which I concede are largely mediocre) plowed along well enough without the original crew having central roles. I assumed that it would be taken as a given that sequels to movies one liked would be a worthy effort (I think there is a Barnum adage skulking about somewhere. And some sequels are top notch - Aliens, the second two of the original Star Wars trilogy, the two sequels to Raiders of the Lost Ark (I am gonna pretend the last effort doesn't exist) and Terminator 2 are but a few examples. And the sequels don't have to exactly mimic the original - I would certainly like to see the back story of some movies (I would certainly like to see Jesse Hooker's* (Near Dark) - especially vis a vis the Civil War). A sequel to Trick "r" Treat would just have to reproduce the tautness/inticacies of a storyline that is extremely clever when it comes to the umbrella story (I can't think of an anthology comes close to this one in that regard). If any sequel was set in the same city (doesn't have to be) a lot of the characters from the first could be worked in (who wouldn't want to see more of the werewolves - or the furries partying). *Good old Lance is too old obviously - but I am sure they could find a suitable younger actor to fill the role.
  12. What are five horror movies that need a sequel (or maybe a prequel). In no particular order, here are 5 of mine. Near Dark (1987) Scarecrows (1988) Dolls (1986) Trick 'r' Treat (2007) Beetlejuice (1988)
  13. There was this rather odd occurrence: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congressional_baseball_shooting
  14. But that one gave us a really really annoying stick in your head tune:
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