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  1. SRPG/Strategy In alphabetical order: Advance Wars/Advance Wars II Battle Worlds Kronos Brigandine (PS1) Dark Wizard Master of Monsters (Genesis) Nectaris Shining Force CD Shining Force II Vandal Hearts Wargroove
  2. That wasn't ours - looks like that one is at a car show (and likely restored) - IIRC ours was black and several years old when we had it (cars back then did not last nearly as long as they do these days). But it would be a gas to have one today.
  3. My parents used to have a large fifties Nash that (like even the smaller Nash Ramblers) had fold down backs on the front seat that could be laid down flush with the rear seat to make one contiguous surface. My whole family (5 kids and parents) wound up sleeping in it one night while on an erstwhile camping trip wherein a severe thunderstorm literally blew away (and collapsed) our tent.
  4. And it seemed to be constantly in the shop to get what little performance could be coaxed out of it.
  5. I drove a Fiat 600 with a 26 hp engine that was less problematic than that thing (and the Fiat would not go over 40 mph - unless you were on the downside of a steep hill in which case you might hit 45) for several years.
  6. As long as it was not a 1981! Mrs. Tabonga's mother had one and it was a nightmare. Virtually all of the Cadillacs that year* had a godawful engine that had a miserable variable cylinder system where the engine would operate on either 8, 6 or 4 cylinders in an effort to save fuel**. As a result the thing would constantly change the number of cylinders being used according to some arcane mystic formula the computer (that term is being used generously since it really wasn't up to the task - I think an abacus would have performed better) conjured up. As a result it had absolutely no accelera
  7. This might interest you - back in 1971 Country Joe McDonald released an album of Robert W. Services WWI poetry set to music. Well worth at least one listen.
  8. I don't know how good this run of these replacement cases is - the first run apparently had some problems (which could be largely fixed IIRC if you had the old inserts to put in place of the new ones). If they are well made that is really not that bad a price IMHO since the shipping is included. https://www.amazon.com/Sega-Saturn-replacement-game-cases-SECOND/dp/B07GBMRQJW/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=sega+cd+cases&qid=1611055883&sr=8-1 Here is a review video on them:
  9. Limited Run Games sells them once in awhile - I was going to order a dozen but the shipping was really steep and I already have a few spares lurking about anyway. The Sega CD is perhaps my favorite console - a surprising number of great or near great games for a pretty small US library. And all of those matching* blue spines lined up on a shelf are very handsome indeed. I have about half of the library - never really wanted a complete set since for the most part I tend to only collect games I (in theory anyway) will eventually play. *Damn that pesky Snatcher with those diagona
  10. The buyer didn't test any of the games you sent? That would be the first thing I would do in those circumstances. While he may be somewhat ignorant at least he seems willing to listen to reason.
  11. I have only seen 4 of these - although I have heard of most of the rest.
  12. Saved from the jaws of death! https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/dog-stranded-log-middle-alligator-215553244.html
  13. Gamestop has the switch (or ps4) game 1971 Project Helios for $10 plus $4 shipping. Not a great game by the reviews - but solid enough that that price is very doable.
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