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  1. You might like poking around on this site: https://www.cheezyflicks.com/shop?Genre=All&page=10
  2. This is my favorite guide - full color glossy pages and everything you need to know about the game. ev This is IMHO the best guide for Link to the Past - few pictures but everything is pretty much covered. I love the game but this guide is the pits. I think the author played through once or twice and wrote the guide - no depth to it at all.
  3. Heh - you can run but you can't hide:
  4. I just got a set of these shows off ebay: https://www.amazon.com/Sci-Fi-TV-Collection-Special-Immortal/dp/B07MMV6759/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=sci+fi+collection+immortal&qid=1586005516&s=movies-tv&sr=1-2 I also picked these up: And I have these on order (these seemed really appropiate for today's realities):
  5. I found one of these recently - it was made by Toy Major as part of their Tomb Warrior line. No box but the set is vritually complete - the only thing really missing that I can see is one of the poles under the canopy of one ot the flag. Should be fairly easy to replace. This is also a nice set in that someone has added more soldiers (on both sides) and likely a dragon or two.
  6. Actually there are lots of beaches there - lots of lakes so lots of beaches (often fairly small - even Lake Superior has many beacnes - but the water is always too cold (even on the hottest days of summer) to swim in - but they make a fun place to have a driftwood fire weiner/marshmellow roast at night.) When I lived up there permanent outdoor pools weren't all that common but they did exist. I suspect semi-permanent outdoor pools are now fairly common. The summers up there are hot and humid (in other words just plain miserable) and jumping in a body of water of some sort is a good way to deal with it temporarily.
  7. PUT THE MASK ON NOW!! This is actually an interesting 3D movie that was made in Canada in 1961. (It was the first Canadian horror movie ever made.) The movie is largely forgettable except for the excellent (almost psychedelic) 3d portions are what make the movie. During the movie when the lead actor put on "The Mask" a voice would come on that said "Put the mask on now" - at which point the audience would put on their Magic Mystic Glasses to see the 3d effect. I have a copy on laserdisc complete with 4 pairs of glasses - I think it has been released on DVD and BlueRay also.
  8. Depends on how many people feel a compulsive need to go somewhere just to go somewhere. In terms of "essential" stores the number of those should be relatively stable (in comparison to before) - people may wind up going to the grocery store* slightly more since they are less likely to go out for their food now (or go out while normally they would be eating while working). And maybe the large stores such as Target, Kmart and Walmart might see a slight up tick as some people go to get things (such as clothing) there that they would normally go elsewhere for. But I am willing to bet that overall the number of interactions (however you count them) has dropped drastically in those areas with shelter in place. *Or go more often to scavenge for scarce things,
  9. If you have far far fewer places to go that is going to naturally limit interactions. So they would perforce be diminished even if not everyone plays along and evades things in whatever manner.
  10. I wonder if the rate of domestic violence is going to increase as people are cooped up together for an increasingly lengthy amount of time - especially if they can fuel things with alcohol and dope (no offense to Richardhead since I know he works in a liquor store) that are considered essential. I also haven't been able* to find a source that compares rates of infection (however inherently unreliable those are) and fatality rates between states that have shelter in place edicts and those that don't. I would think that those without shelter in place should be having demonstrably higher rates by now if the idea is efficacious. *I haven't looked very hard yet though,
  11. Assuming they ever reopen, I would go to thrift stores and buy things that I had no idea what they were/did (and I see such things frighteningly often) and use those. Everyone likes a good mystery.
  12. @SpoonMan Abrams X - Those are my faves among all the varities - they are all pretty good with the exception of the jalapeno cheddars - but I have never been fond of jalapenos.
  13. I think it calls for something much more severe- they should be forced to listen to at least 1 hour of Vogon poetry (more depending on the musical group - so maybe 40 hours in the case here.
  14. For whatever reason I just never got into the KOEI stuff - other than Gemfire* (which is about as simple as it gets). Besides I had to leave something for you to talk about. *LET THEM EAT BREAD!
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