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  1. I’m most excited about a new paper mario
  2. Big update! Got a lot more stuff to trade, and looking for some new stuff like Mario Maker 2DS console and/or NGPC stuff
  3. Did anyone here buy The Messenger cover art & manuals pack from the Sarge's Stockpile sale a weekend ago? I need just one cover art and maybe a manual to replace the ones I have that are a little beat up (I have the standard purple-ish cover) and was wondering if someone here would be willing to sell or trade me those.
  4. No one knows yet. I’m not optimistic. I’ll buy the JP release if I have to.
  5. YES YES YES Shiren 5 is coming to Switch!
  6. I’ve slowed down my buying lately and Donut County took a long time to get here
  7. Ok now I need to pick up this Minna No Tetris
  8. Good topic since this recently became relevant to me since this site has pressured me into wanting to get a full set. The one console I'm tempted to do this for is Neo Geo Pocket Color. Most sets don't interest me since there's always at least one game in a set I don't like and don't want to own. NGPC might be the exception. A complete Virtual Boy set would be cool too but I think that would be more expensive.
  9. I don't have a PS4 or X-anything. So it's always Switch for me. There's a chance I might choose PC since I have a good gaming PC and some of these games I prefer on PC instead of console, but that's rare. I haven't bought a PC game in a long while.
  10. You could say this about any shmup. The flipside is high replayability.
  11. I disagree with this. Something could be "hard to find" because sometimes you literally can't find it anywhere, but that could just mean that the collectors who have it in their possession just aren't making it available. A limited print Switch game that just shipped may only have 3,000 copies in existence, and yet because it's mostly in the hands of resellers, you'll find 30 listings for it on eBay. But keep in mind there are only 3,000 copies of the game. Meanwhile there are plenty of retro games that people consider rare that now only show up with a few copies on eBay or less than that. But we have some idea of how many copies actually exist. Like NBA 2k3 for GameCube or Shepherd's Crossing 2 for DS. There are at least thousands of copies of each one. I would argue that both the Switch game that just shipped and these older games that are now hard-to-find are equally rare regardless of how many copies are listed on eBay. Once that Switch game ends up in the hands of collectors who have no intention of letting them go, then it's considered rare? Because in a few years it's not being listed on eBay anymore? I don't get it.
  12. Maybe another customer is into flipping...
  13. Great great great. I want all of these games except maybe Fuser. Even Worldwide Games looks good!
  14. I posted this on Reddit and someone told me in the replies that every island has this hidden beach. Apparently nothing spawns there. Must be tied to some event or special feature in the future!
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