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  1. Oh phew, I had almost forgot to order the Amiibo!
  2. I just ordered one too! Looks like it went live just a little while ago. I heard from someone that they saw 30 copies at their local Best Buy yesterday just waiting for release day.
  3. Thank you for the heads up! Just turbo’d through some FE Heroes missions and redeemed.
  4. I launched my NFT contract. Anyone can mint here: http://garden.homerow.club/
  5. Here's my collection: https://twitter.com/EmojiGardenNFT I hope to launch the public mint either Sunday night or Monday night.
  6. Well I had to check because I used to buy a lot of Switch games. I have it. Never played it. Not sealed but still cool I guess.
  7. Oh great, that one got expensive too? Sheesh
  8. Axiom Verge 1 + 2 is getting a Prima Guide through LRG: https://primagames.com/official-strategy/prima-x-limited-run-axiom-verge-1-2-official-guide-preorders-start-october-
  9. Nope. Make another account with another device. That’s the only way.
  10. Rewards have been restocked. No new rewards yet.
  11. @DoctorEncore your pictures aren’t loading for me… don’t know why
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