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  1. Different set of games, there’s some here that weren’t there and vice versa. What I care about the most is that Arcade Pac came with Pac Man Championship Edition 2 while this comes with a retro demake of Pac Man Championship Edition. Also Arcade Pac has TATE mode for certain games, while I’m pretty sure this doesn’t.
  2. No mail today so may as well post my latest pickups. No steals here, just buying or swapping at fair value: realMYST, Streets of Rage 4 (with soundtrack, not pictured) and Streets of Red were all ordered together from Limited Run, so I had to wait til they were all ready to ship. I am usually not the kind of person to pay over MSRP for a CE that I skipped out on. When this dropped I had no thoughts about Xenoblade as a series, had never played any of the games, and I was all "CE's take up too much space, would rather have standard retail versions, more bang for my buck." Well as you might know, I started playing this last month on a whim, only because I heard that the Definite Edition of the first game would give you a bonus if you had a save on your console from the second. Suffice it to say I got HOOKED like I haven't been hooked on a game in a long time. I haven't played anything else since. And yeah, I just had to find this, so I paid a decent amount (a little less than $140). These were $9.99 at Walmart! Also I ordered Shovel Knight from GameStop at half-off just to see if it might come with packaging (it didn't), but I got this neat little sketch with it, definitely going to treasure it.
  3. Yeah the only difference is all the cover text will be in French. No biggie to me
  4. Red Art Games right? If it’s a Switch game then the minimum order is 3,000. If their variants have 800 + 500 = 1300 copies then the other 1700 have to go somewhere.
  5. Anyone here played Crystal Crisis or Redout and can share their thoughts? Thinking of picking up both...
  6. I'm assuming you all want to see pictures of Namcot Colllection with the English cover right? It has a custom spine!!!
  7. Are you selling because you need the money to make a downpayment? I saw a complete Wii U collection fetch over $3k in an eBay auction... that's the low end for a full set, other console sets are going to be worth way more. There are definitely people out there buying entire sets. Game stores included of course. I would say it wouldn't hurt to do one lot per system and put some feelers out there to see who's interested in buying.
  8. At least with Wendy there's both Euro and NA releases. Shantae is only NA =/
  9. SNES Online controllers back in stock: https://store.nintendo.com/super-nintendo-entertainment-system-controller.html
  10. This makes me angry for some reason. Putting “gradable” in the title because graded CIBs are a thing now. Also a complete Wii U set just hit over $3k in bids and the reserve wasn’t even met: Reminds me of that not-even-complete nothing special GameCube set above. This one doesn’t have the Twilight Princess bundle, no Skylanders starter sets, no Xenoblade X SE, but the best part is it’s not even a full set anymore because Vblank just announced Retro City Rampage for Wii U.
  11. We have a new all time high for a cart only Shantae
  12. Bit of a different find here... was trying to figure out how to store a stack of Wii games I had accumulated from various hauls and I found that I had enough room to make a third row in my Wii stash! Also I was looking through my CD collection and finally found my copy of the Retro City Rampage soundtrack!
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