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  1. That would require having someone do the porting rather than just burning a ROM to a CD or cart
  2. I think that means they are licensed reproductions. I think what you mean is that they are not bootlegs, which no one would suggest.
  3. $50 Mercari haul, that’s like $12.50 per game! And I already have Dead Cells (AGOTY edition) so I'll be letting go of this one: Won this Game Boy lot in an eBay auction for ~$160. Yet another case of “I really thought I’d get sniped by a much higher bid.” Mario’s Picross was a big want that has been eluding me for a while and this one is missing the manual but it comes with everything else! That, Kirby’s Dreamland, Yoshi’s Cookie, the Mickey game and SML 2 all have mint boxes like wow. Kirby’s Pinball Land is sadly pretty worn but not terrible. And thankfully ALL THE BOXES HAVE THE RIGHT TRAYS. Oh and the Game Boy has no dead lines and even came with 4 good batteries! Score! This next one was my 3DS grail, I’m very happy to land it at a great price. Was something I thought I wouldn't be able to get ever but selling a bunch of stuff from my hometown haul has paid off. This was about $170 with tax and shipping and I'm happy about it because I was going to trade someone over on Reddit a copy of Cubivore for their sealed copy of this and they were arguing with me about how my copy of Cubivore wasn't mint enough to be worth as much as their sealed copy of this (which they valued at $200). Well I ended up selling that Cubivore for $220 in a big lot deal and managed to find this not much later, complete, with the pre-order bonus keychains on top! And the outer box has almost no blemishes aside from some wear on one side (where the sticker seal was removed) while the other sticker seal is still attached. So in the end I'm glad I was patient and stuck to my guns on this. For the price it's like I got the keychains for free. Finally, I landed the last expensive game on my GameCube wishlist! This one also has a story: I recently saw someone selling a bunch of GameCube games on OfferUp including this one and when I asked about this one they said they wanted $180 which sounded very steep. They then said they got this game a few months ago, played the heck out of it, it's super fun. I thought if this guy is going to open up the conversation then I may as well ask, how much did you pay for it? And he tells me $150, the price has gone up and now he's looking to sell. Well call my crazy but I felt like expecting a 20% hike after just 3 months is a bit much. Sure it can happen but maybe I didn't want to be on the other end of that deal. So what do you know, a week later I see this pop up on Mercari for $135 (with $2.99 shipping) and I didn't even bother trying to haggle. There's a little waviness to the cover but otherwise the manual and disc are MINT. Still stings a bit since I could have scored this for $110 a year ago but I'm not going to cry over that. And yes, these all came in just yesterday and today. No crazy hauls, but pretty good deals!
  4. https://jjgames.com/#!/The-Simpsons-Road-Rage-Factory-Sealed/p/133735899/category=34187206 I'm not saying Piko resealed this but someone did. Firstly this seal is not a y-fold or h-seam. It looks like a sloppy retailer seal. Maybe it was a returned or damaged product that they resealed so they could still try to sell it. The real giveaway for me is that the cover art has slipped down inside the plastic. It's practically sticking out of the bottom. A good seal shouldn't allow that to happen. Crazy Taxi looks bad too. There are others that look like authentic seals, like Phantasy Star Online 3, Burnout or Dragon's Lair 3D. They are snug like they should be and while I can't see it I'm confident they have y-folds. Further, I think it's a shame these are all so dusty. Would have been smart to clean them before taking these pictures.
  5. Off topic but I never knew this release existed and now I want it so bad. I love multipack releases (any kind of release where multiple games from a certain console are repackaged into one release on that same console) and this looks like a good one. On another note, if anyone can help lead me toward a Namco Musuem / Pac Man World 2 for DS, that would be great!
  6. Someone at Best Buy screwed up because they dropped the price of this Switch Lite on eBay to $60 Found the deal via Reddit and had to act quickly!
  7. I'm thinking proto collecting is too niche and the majority of collectors that care about sealed stuff didn't pay much attention to the proto debacle. If someone were to send in a resealed game, get a high grade, then do a tell-all on YouTube or something, that could create a lot of bad press and spook the sealed collectors that are currently forking over thousands / tens of thousands on HA.
  8. When it rains it pours eh? I always get a bunch of stuff in after any mail holiday. OK let me explain: Top left was from this haul not including the silver Game Boy Pocket (loose but goes with the booklets underneath Super Mario Land) which is actually in pristine condition and now I want to try to track down the box for that. The two Wario games are complete and in great condition, that knocks out two of my big wants. Super Mario Land is nearly complete and I think I might have the missing promotional inserts, just need to keep digging around. The top Game Boy box was a swap out with my original Game Boy, it had everything except the styrofoam and the Game Boy it came with has a bad screen (but might be fixable with a soldering iron). The later release Game Boy beneath it is complete and in good condition aside from a few missing lines. I might keep some more of the games from this haul but not sure yet. The 3 Switch games along the top were from a trade. The cards and sticker to the right of those, I found them when swapping out my original Game Boy. They were hiding under the console. Thought I had lost those. Car Battler Joe is missing the manual but comes with a pristine registration card and such. Some wear on box but overall good. Put me back about $115 in an auction. The two memory cards on the bottom left were an OfferUp find, $10 shipped. I didn't have any memory cards for N64, needed these! The loose games to the right of that were a Lukie Games order, managed to find Drone Tactics for $29 which I needed to complete the box with no game my brother gave me. Kirby's Pinball Land was free with Lukie points and the 4 N64 games were cheap. The 4 games to the right of that were a Play-Asia haul, all were on sale including the PS3 game which was $1.99 (though it added a few $ to my shipping cost). I figured why not. Lastly, the Golden Sun Lost Age guide was $9 shipped on Mercari. Now to just find some time to play these things...!
  9. Do you have a list of what you want?
  10. I rarely hear anyone talk about Echoes. And Link Between Worlds, if I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say they didn't like it or thought it was a mediocre sequel to Link to the Past, I'd be like "wow, this is way more nickels than I expected to have."
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