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  1. Yes that was me! I’m glad you were able to get it too. With PS3 collecting gaining hype in the US, I expect these obscure titles are going to get even harder to find. Coincidentally, if you ever see the SE Asia release of Aquanauts, grab it. That one is way out the range of what I would pay on eBay at this point
  2. House full. As long as I can keep finding places to hide the evidence. I'm not planning to pay storage fees to have more stuff outside my house.
  3. More mail calls! 1. Was wanting to pick up the Guitar Hero Live bundle with the guitar, complete or new, at a good price if I could find it. Finally this weird bundle popped up on Mercari, a complete Guitar Hero Live with the contents like new, plus 5 nunchucks and two Wii Classic Controllers, for $44.25 all in. Go figure. Also I might be selling 3 nunchucks. 2. This was just listed as a "Little Kirby coloring book" but it's actually a hard to find promo item for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Was $9.33 altogether. 3. My quest for unusual DS bundles resumes with t
  4. If the two in one case doesn't work out, you could buy this: https://store.nintendo.com/game-card-cases-set-of-5.html Also wow, I bought the Euro collector's edition of this... so I guess I'm not getting the updated cart for free lol
  5. Same. I never finished it on DS. Was fun but I too was getting carried away with it. I do plan to revisit it eventually...
  6. The World Ends With You finally got a sequel announced, and the first game is out of print, so of course people are buying it up and the price is climbing
  7. I owe everyone some updates: 1. Here's the Trinitron I got for $80 set up on my desk, running Outrun in MAME off my Raspberry Pi 3: (Not visible is my custom built spinner controller for a semi-arcade style experience) 2. Here's a write-up on the Ninja Town "Button Bundle" variant which I think was an unknown variant: More hunts coming in soon!
  8. Even tangential Pokemon spin-offs are expensive now. Pokemon Art Academy is pushing $100. And collectors are starting to drive up the price of Japanese DS Pokemon games now too.
  9. Finally got this for a little less than $40 and I think it’s the first print: It’s in good shape too!
  10. Yes, there was a $1200 stimulus that went out a year ago, and then another one (was it $1400?) that went out a month ago. Plus, with people being stuck at home during lockdown, not spending their money on vacations and going out, and the federal government propping up every industry possible via the Paycheck Protection Program, a lot of people were able to move their money into buying collectibles just as the video game collecting hype was building considerably. So suddenly you had a steady stream of people posting "look at everything I picked up in the past month" and it's like, piles of stuf
  11. Or like some of the Matchbox / Hot Wheels games that came with random cars and apparently the cars could have been just about anything they had on hand!
  12. There's a whole bunch. You can see the buttons here: https://www.shawnimals.com/collections/merchandise/products/ninjatown-1-inch-button-single (You can see the poop button in that first picture, and a chart presentation one that is different from the one I have) The clings that are packed inside the case are 1 of 12, but the buttons are 1 of like... 50, so unless there's a bunch of these still out there, it's possible that there are very few or no duplicates existing. So far I've had one prolific DS collector reach out and say that he has this game in his storage and that he's
  13. Oh, I just figured this out. See here: http://www.nesworld.com/gbx-smartcom.php Rocket Games was a subsidiary of Datel. So SmartCom and the RocketGames games both come from the same company, Datel. I think some of the "Games To-Go" that were distributed with the Datel GameStudio for PS2 are the same games from these unlicensed physical releases, but someone should correct me if I am wrong.
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