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  1. OK so I revived this thread the other day because I had a couple crazy stories of my own to share. But firstly, I've been following online listings, Facebook groups, Reddit, etc. etc. for a year solid now, it's like my hobby, just whenever I'm bored I pop out my phone and I'm looking at this stuff day in day out. So I have some thoughts. One thing I've noticed is that "available supply" has been scarce since COVID lockdowns started. Some items that used to be readily available are near impossible to find now, and not because people are buying them up - I mean you just don't even see listings f
  2. Pretty good price for a near-mint Aero the Acrobat CIB for GBA: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aero-the-Acrobat-Nintendo-Game-Boy-Advance-GBA-2002-Brand-NEW/284095926971 Offers accepted too so maybe you get it for a bit lower? Tempted to pick this up myself but I'm really trying to focus on my wantlist! Gah! The seller has a bunch of other GBC/GBA games listed, either CIB or box only. Some prices aren't so great but most listings accept offers. Good if you were looking for any of those titles.
  3. If you don't want to have to go custom, the Atlantic brand media shelves are great for typical NES / DVD-style / CD-style game boxes. I use these for my DS / 3DS / GameCube / PS2 and even Switch shelving: https://www.amazon.com/Atlantic-DrawBridge-Storage-Organization-Cabinet/dp/B0058O8F7I There's a bigger one, Atlantic Oskar, that would be great for a large space. I use Drawbridge because I have these under windows and didn't want to block the windows.
  4. How are you guys feeling 5 months since this thread was last active? Craziness has not slowed down IMO. Not at all.
  5. Added the Super Mario Pin Set #2, Smash Bros invitations and Splatoon Super Mario keychains
  6. Such a crazy market we are in. No matter how many listings change hands on eBay, Mercari, Facebook groups, etc. people will continue to believe it's rare because that's what someone said about it. I had the same argument with someone about NCAA Football 2014. The rare game everyone has and continues to find in the wild. Makes no sense.
  7. When I was shopping around for a family vehicle I tried both the Pilot and the Odyssey. They are very different. Pilot is pretty spacious for an SUV but nowhere near as spacious as the Odyssey. A minivan being lower to the ground means it's also much easier for kids or a pregnant mom to get in and out of. And space you have in the rear with the seats lowered is much bigger with the minivan. Plus being lower to the ground means much easier to load and unload. Etc. etc. I know SUVs are cooler but for practicality the minivan is much better. p.s. Aside from the Odyssey I drive an Atla
  8. I love my Honda Odyssey. Super comfortable, spacious, well designed.
  9. Finally, after years of hunting, I completed the Mario Party set. All the games released in North America, all in their boxes. Whew this was more work than it should have been. I was close to being done and then Mario Party 9 spiked in price and Mario Party 2 became impossible to find at a price that didn’t make me want to puke. But it feels good to have finally reached this point! And now I will be selling 1+2+3 since I am done with N64 collecting
  10. More pickups! Okami was a game I used to have, then I let it go for some reason, and finally I decided to get it back. Also picked up a sealed Walmart variant FFXIII-2 for cheap. And finally added a complete Kirby's Block Ball. And picked up a Nintendo promotional magazine for Winter 2020 that was a Japan exclusive. Added a few DS games for $10 each and got this carrying case from a lot buy that was really dirty but I cleaned it up and now it looks pretty good. My Ori CE finally arrived and I also picked up Robotics;Notes day 1 edition on sale from GameStop.
  11. $5 local find! I’ve been looking for this exact bag for two years... I mean I could have nabbed it off eBay for $20 whenever but I really wanted to find a better deal
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