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  1. man, yeah this is a bummer. Dude had amazing comedic timing. RIP.
  2. I always really appreciated the backwards compatability on Xbox One. It's funny, I sold my Xbox One a couple years ago when the game room was taken over by the baby. But, lately I've been thinking I sort of miss it and maybe I should see if I can find one to replace the broken BR player in the living room. Which would be an excuse to have another Xbox One. At the moment, I don't see a reason to spring for the new Series X. But I will say that even with the lack of exclusives that PS has, Xbox is really the only non-Nintendo consoles that appeal to me now. Wonder how cheap I can find an Xbox One for now that X/S is out?
  3. oh, Curse Of The Moon 2 just arrived. I had almost forgotten I was waiting on it, haha.
  4. as several folks have said in this thread, though. The Everdrive/etc doesn't appeal to all. I know that we're probably talking in circles at this point. So I hate to repeat things again, but, sure I prefer actual legit games. And I've taken to buying imports of NES/SNES games and patching them into English on my Retron5 personally, which feels "legit" to me (as I'm not really concerned with COLLECTING). On the flip, I recently bought a super cheap bootleg of Magical Chase on GBC. The cart is BRIGHT YELLOW and there's zero chance that if it was in the wild it would fool anyone into thinking "oh, this is real, I better drop $400 on it." To me, that's a win-win. I "own" a Magical Chase GBC cart in some capacity; it makes me happy to have it added to my library of games; and it's very super obviously a bootleg and not a phony trying to trick anyone.
  5. well, dammit. That's a solid price for such a good game.
  6. Yeah, I feel like there were a lot of Bowser memes back when he first got the job.
  7. 9/10 for me. We've talked about this one in another thread, so you already know.
  8. @Estil: I will say that while I loved Grandia 2, I didn't think the original was nearly as good. Maybe it's because I played them in reverse order, though. So your mileage may vary.
  9. I haven't played any of those you mentioned. Though, all my current consoles are Nintendo only. I know that at least Nectaris is on Virtual Console, though. Thanks for the heads up on Kronos. I've eyed it a few times, but never heard much about its quality one way or the other.
  10. turn based strategy stuff hooks me the deepest. Fire Emblem, XCOM, Advance Wars... all that stuff.
  11. lotta Evercade love in here lately, haha. I'll admit, it's a cool looking system. And I like that there's a console and handheld version now. I just can't seem to make myself want it. I just keep thinking that these same game collections could get ported to Switch, and I'd be much happier with them there.
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