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  1. I'm a really big fan of turn based strategy games, so I enjoyed Mario + Rabbids a lot despite knowing nothing about Rabbids. It's a well crafted game for sure, though certainly not as deep as something like Fire Emblem. That said, I'm sure I'll check out the sequel.
  2. SML is awesome. Though, I'm also the weirdo who thinks that SMB2 (USA) is the best of the three NES games, so...
  3. okay, added a bunch of stuff as we're getting ready to do a yard sale soon, so I've had a chance to dig through more stuff. Hoping to get around to adding prices and pics at some point, but for now I'm open to any fair offers or trades. Thanks!
  4. oh dude, I am so so sorry to hear this. My condolences.
  5. I've never actually played the first one, but Splatoon 2 is a 10/10 for me. Completely adore that game.
  6. ugh. I'll prob have to do something like this too. I haven't touched ebay since the change was made. Out of curiosity, which online checking did you go with?
  7. updated with list of Nintendo Force magazine issues.
  8. added a sealed copy of Kentucky Route Zero (Switch), as I've noticed it doesn't seem to be in print any longer, and I'm not likely to play this copy any time soon. I still have more stuff to add, but need to find the time to go through more stuff. Can take pics of any of this stuff upon request.
  9. the thing for me is just, I don't really want ANOTHER system. I think it's a neat idea with these retro collections and all, but honestly, I'd rather all those collections were just released on Switch instead. Shrug.
  10. that IS pretty weird then. I just had recently seen this article: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/05/people_have_been_receiving_weird_fortnite_postcards_in_the_mail_and_theyre_not_sure_why
  11. bump. I haven't been around these parts in a few months as I've been extremely busy. But I do miss you all. So I'm making an effort to check back in. With that, I've done some house cleaning this weekend, and I'm going to start adding more stuff to this list, which I've started to do tonight.
  12. It's some kind of Fortnite thing. Seems Epic randomly sent it out. Not sure what it means.
  13. these look fantastic. I had intentions of doing this myself, but haven't gotten around to it. (1) where's the best place to find printable art for these? (2) where's the best place to get cheap cassette cases?
  14. I've used the Joycons in the Splatoon themed "trigger grip", the Pro Controller, and the PowerA wireless... but the Pro is always my favorite. Something so perfectly comfortable with that thing. Perfect weight. Great battery. So good.
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