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  1. CertifiedLink and Comicconnect both do mixed auctions. HA is the only auction house that is Wata exclusive.
  2. So now that there's a sample of population for select games, what was learned? The numbers don't see high or low to me.
  3. Obviously people are coming into this hobby now strictly for investment purposes, and for the most part are not trying to hide that. This is just the natural progression of hobbies when demand reaches a certain point. We also should not forget that MM traded hands a few times before it hit the HA scene. In the end I have no control over it. It is what it is.
  4. Isn't this a timewalk game? I thought people collect these?
  5. 1) Grading will always be polarizing. 2) People should collect how they want. 3) People hurling random insults without explanation are
  6. I'm interested if it's for sale. PM'd
  7. Prototypes, store displays, strategy guides, and newsletters. Not sure if any of those are that niche any more.
  8. I personally don't think there is a correlation between CIB/loose value to its prototype counterpart. I wouldn't pay more for a Little Samson protoype than an Adventure Island. Their supply/demand should be similar. Historically protoypes value is in software differences but unfortunately Wata, nor HA, label if that's present or not.
  9. If a game comes out on multiple mediums(floppy, cd, etc.) what is the most collectible? I would assume the oldest?
  10. Anyone have a CopyNES board, or NES with it preinstalled? Thanks!
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