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  1. I really like this movie. It's not a masterpiece by any means, but it's entertaining. It also has the distinction of being appealing to non fans of video games. I remember most of my family digging this movie back when it came out because of how ridiculous it was. I think it helps that you can tell that everyone involved in making it seemed to be having a great time. That infectious sense of fun and joy bleeds out of the screen and makes up for the distinct lack of regular bleeding that you'd expect from a Mortal Kombat movie. I really do hope that the new movie doesnt take the sourc
  2. I primarily use the lighter six switch model. It's RF output is terrible, but I don't expect quality from it to begin with. I also have a Coleco Gemini. It's a more modern design and has better switches on it. Great RF output too. That being said, good luck finding one that doesn't need some kind of repair. It's nothing difficult if you know how to solder, though.
  3. The judgemental tone was unintentional. It was a sloppy way of saying "people aspire for different things".
  4. Micro Mages is great. If you buy it on Steam, they provide a ROM for you to put on an Everdrive. There's also a very, very good port of Berserk out there, the guy only wants a couple bucks for the ROM. I can't seem to find a link. Battle Kid is very good, but extremely hard. My number one piece of advice is to get yourself an Everdrive if you want to play Homebrew though. There are several instances where you can buy the ROM from the devs who made the game.
  5. Give it time. I've been priced out of this hobby like 6 times already and things always change that whether it's my earning capacity or a drop / change in interest. I think it will all stabilize. Don't give in to FOMO.
  6. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's for the same reason they don't care about stuff like Stadium Events and Little Samson. They don't care about video games in the same way some other collectors do. Eventually they'll catch on, but who knows if they'll actually bite.
  7. Can we really call a bunch of highly priced games being passed around among a absurdly small group of people a "market"? If someone were to look into what kind of connections these buyers have, how many of these people know each other personally? If myself and 50 friends pool a bunch of money together and start a bunch of high profile auctions for something inane, and we begins selling them to each other for $100,000 a pop, does that create a market? That's what this WATA/Heritage thing appears to be. Just a bunch of guys with a load of cash, throwing it at each other. That money never reall
  8. You could bunch every single one on Earth together in an single large room, I'd think.
  9. Anecdotal, but I was told by a Japanese friend that retro gaming enthusiasts over there don't particularly like that we're importing their games to begin with. I have no idea how true that is is isn't, but it wouldn't surprise me. If a bunch of westerners started buying up all their supply because WATA created a rush, I imagine there would be resistance of some kind.
  10. If I can buy locally, I will. Even if the prices are a bit higher. My NES collection specifically was built almost entirely locally. I waited over a decade to get my hands on stuff like Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 because I wanted to see them in person before buying/trading for them. With consoles I'm less interested in, I tend to just buy online. Since my NES collection is the vast majority of my game collection, you could say it's over 50% local.
  11. This is what I was hoping to hear. Thanks for the info.
  12. What I wanna know is where all those slabbed copies of Spider-Man for 2600 will end up once the fad dies and the people that bought them decide to move on. They'll at least be in good shape, which leads to another question... How hard is it to free these games once they've been sentenced to living on a shelf forever? Like, can the slab be easily pried off or do you need to risk the game inside just to remove it? I imagine they're sealed pretty tight, because if they weren't, there's the potential to build up condensation or whatever. I don't know. I don't have any problems with people
  13. it's their store, they can do what they want. I use a flip phone, so I wont be doing any price checking in the store anyway. OptOut is right though. When I see signs like this in shops it gives me a bad impression. When I did own a smartphone, I never checked prices in the store or in front of anyone I was buying from. I think it's extremely rude when people do it to me, and I'm not about to do it to someone else. Basically, it should be one of those unspoken rules that people follow anyway regardless of what is going on. Leave your phone in your pocket where it belong
  14. I voted a 4. The Wii U is unquestionably my least favorite Nintendo console. I remember the drip feed of games. I remember Mario Kart 8 being basically unfinished when it came out. I remember clinging to and buying basically every first party game that came out for it. Thing is, I don't like Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, or Hyrule Warriors. They're fine games, just not my cup of tea. That was basically 2014's entire Wii U line up too, sans Smash Bros. So like, every game that came out for this thing that year was either a horrible port of some Xbox game, or something that I don't really
  15. I used an x-tronic 3010 for about a year. It was decent, and I was able to effortlessly recap several Game Gears with it. I ended up replacing it with the KSGER in the video posted above, which is much better.
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