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  1. I had no idea I could record my concert poster collection there.
  2. Wow! 7 posts wasted on this oval v round thing. It's OVAL. The angle is only even slightly making an optical illusion. However, if this cart were to have the print shift error, then we'd be talking...
  3. NES chips, specifically the PRG chip was not an EEPROM (electronically erasable). They are burned in. But good point. I may have my cost model wrong. I have been meaning to send a letter to Nintendo America about this for a while. I will try to do that this week.
  4. Lets get some things straight. The size of the print run is a variable based on market research. But the minimum first print run is 100K to see equitable profit from the cost of burning in the chip with the video game software, (Nintendo may have had business rules for a larger amount). This is because the real cost of a chip is in building the masks. Fabrication facilities charge to build these masks (a series of maps in software that tell the fabrication machine where to apply material for each stage, a series of chemical and photolithograph masks, order of operations for masking, etching
  5. It's simple really. Nintendo USA didn't expect to distribute MM6 here due to lower MM5 sales. Capcom said "Fine, we will fund a market test batch", it took a little longer, and then Nintendo like the results.
  6. So I got one of these in this week. Excuse the low res pic taken with my PC. My phone is charging and I'm lazy.
  7. That's why I think its a fake label. More likely they screwed it up putting it on. I beleive yes, the MM6 Capcom version was released in Mexico and some Central American countries with distribution funded directly by Capcom before coming to the US and then being picked up by Nintendo America's distributors. (Its still had a USA serial number because they didn't differentiate in NA releases. I believe all of the South American releases were the Brazilian release being distributed.)
  8. Little Samson also shows signs of tampering with the price, or at least an algorithm issue. I'd say you have a problem.... (Notice that multiple records of the same sales?)
  9. I don't trust either the R.C. Pro-Am or the Capcom Mega Man 6 to be legitimate considering how those labels are pulling off.
  10. The price of Armored Core (PS1) is way out of whack. Currently 9n GVN there are 4 entries of the same exact eBay lot at $113 that also never sold on eBay. I checked. Maybe your algorithm is counting posts with "unavailable" as "sold" for some reason. This seems like a case of someone correcting a mistake eBay listing, but it looks like foul play. Hell, just knowing you can easily manipulate your algorithm is foul play enough. See this photo
  11. So I've been lax lately in getting you new pics of some pickups. (I used spoiler screens to make this easier on the eyes for scrollers, open them up) We will start with the N7 basketball variant Here is Tiger Heli, an uncommon 5 screw but I also have a misprint copy with color print shift error (black) The manual surprisingly also had a seal print shift error for the gold ink. (see pics) Some Uncommon 3 screws, 2 variants of DK3 and an Urban Champion And finally a Nintendo Switch Game! This Black Variant of Darksiders is the only real NSw vari
  12. I don't think it matters what board they had, since they can be swapped out at will, however you know very well that if Konami put a Konami board in there, there would DEFINIETLY be 5 screw cart backs with the printed 24 label on the back since they made their own labels for this.
  13. I've set up a Facebook group to aid in buying and selling of Nintendo variants. Feel free to check it out. https://www.facebook.com/groups/510528043272704/announcements
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