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  1. Which art do you like? Also, should I sign you up?
  2. Yeah in PA. My parents are both older than 65, my brother went with them, he also was able to get on the list maybe because of his asthma and medical issues?
  3. Bootleg games market is currently in the rise, last year one title sold for four figures for a bootleg, yeah. If you bought your games for gaming purposes, it's quite possible / likely you got it from a boot sale or a junk shop for pennies on the dollar. If that's the case, if you flip it to a guy for $4000, and he sells it for $8000, what's the problem? You ultimately made a nice amount of money, especially considering your initial costs, the guy that resold it made exactly the same as you. Is the problem that you could have sold it for $8000 and left money on the table? But then again d
  4. I generally sell obscure items that are truly rare, compared to some big the "rare" stuff I see being sold. Just browse through my sales page and you'll know what I'm getting at, I mean, what should I price an untested bootleg Turbo Graphx Hu Card at? After awhile I just got a "feel" for what I thought fair market value is, generally not based off auctions or price charting sites, rather experience. And most often, I'm right on the dollar, should I compare my items/prices to others' I don't think it's something to over analyse.
  5. Also, everyone is welcome, no matter if we have had disagreements on different things in the past or not
  6. Sign ups: 1. Gloves 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  7. Alright, here we gooooo!!!!! Okay I'm going to amend this a bit, I'm feeling generous this month Aside from the feet chips trio, I'll take the first twenty people to respond here, wanting to participate. Below are the items I'm offering. I'll ship about $5 worth of items, I'll cover that cost. You cover the shipping, which will be around $5-$10. I'll open this up to any country I can ship to at the moment, for Canadians shipping might be slightly more since I can only ship there via EMS. After everyone signs up, I'll message everyone and also ask at that time what items you wa
  8. My immediate family all received their second jabs this past Monday. I'm so thankful for that, and it sets my mind at rest. We still haven't gotten vaccines here in Taiwan, though at this point it's honestly not even necessary. Whenever vaccines do arrive though, an unmarried foreign guy like myself is definitely at the very bottom of the priority list. Regarding health and safety issues, I couldn't care less, as covid 19 really isn't a huge threat here at the moment, and even if I did catch it, I suspect I'd make it through just fine; what does concern me though is if airlines/count
  9. Apple Coca Cola. Oddly enough, this one reminds me in taste to Mt Dew Pitch Black.
  10. Well yeah, that's exactly what it's about. Keep the "rare" items "rare", keeps the value up.
  11. @OptOut and I have off and on discussed the various XBox and XBox 360 regions in Asia. Some games that we've seen seem to be "Taiwan" versions, others look like they could have been meant for distribution in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. Sadly it's really difficult trying to properly classify these. Anyone here collect non-Japanese Asian Xbox games? Let's discuss
  12. I know Changhua has cows, I was subjected to watching a video of Changhua cows grazing with a cd titled "The Sound of Instanbu" playing in the background.
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