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  1. Nope, not at all, dead serious here. I always keep such things close to my chest, until I obtain them myself.
  2. That's because I don't have a machine yet, but when I get one, I don't want to be priced out over the games that were recommended to me
  3. That sounds very, very familiar, only replace cd-i with SNES. I was having a conversation back in January with a good friend and the cd-i came up. His thoughts behind it are so much different than what I've been seeing here, and personally I trust his thoughts more on the matter. The idea that the "whole library is garbage" and statements like that raise red flags, when not related to SNES.
  4. I totally agree, which relates to the 700+ famicom exclusives, as well as the rest of the titles I never played as a child. But to take this a different direction, why did the cd-i score so low? How many here gave it and the software genuinely a fair shake before rating...
  5. Different games for different folks. There's tons of people that have no interest in playing that game, has nothing to do with whether they hold valid gamer opinions or not. You have never played Lin Banned the Opium, which is an amazing game, so yeah, we probably are done with this discussion. As said earlier, SNEZ sucks.
  6. Never played Troddlers, never played A Link to the Past. I actually bought A Link to the Past for the GBA (the remake was on GBA, right?) but after popping it in once or twice, had little interest and sold the game. I did happily play through both the NES Zelda games, as well as the original b/w (and later the GBC remake) of Link's Awakening. It's the music and the graphics dude, they're just not my cup of tea at all.
  7. @KhromakDifferent note, what exactly does Pat say in his review that makes the Solitaire and Blackjack games so bad? I think I had played the Blackjack one years ago and enjoyed it, but it goes back to something I mentioned earlier, namely that I'm not sure we even should be rating card games, board games, etc . I mean, if the game plays as it should, I'm not sure how it would receive a low vote, especially being the only (that I'm aware) Blackjack and Solitaire offerings on the machine. The Solitaire game that came bundled with Windows for so long, well it's "just solitaire", but it was the d
  8. @Khromak I just want to point out something that I think is worth mentioning: Of the list you gave me, only these were released on Famicom, not even half: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance Ghostbusters Super Pitfall Advanced Dungeon & Dragons: Hillsfar Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde Hydlide Hydlide Rambo RoboCop 2 Bonus: 6-in-1 Baby Boomer Challenge of the Dragon F-15 City War Hot Slots Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade Master Chu & the Drunkard Hu Menace Beach Mission Cobra Puzzle Quattro Sports Silent Assault Stu
  9. Nope, we'll use the wording I used when stating my initial findings for the list . Two columns, first is top tier, second is fairly good/enjoyable. Some of the games you listed actually are on that list already.
  10. Dave's just my nickname, my real name's Mike
  11. Well we all know from where the true PS hatred stems, poor, acne-faced skinny ass N64 getting wooped at high school day in and out, lol.
  12. I've explained why SNES isn't my cup of tea, it's ridiculous how butthurt everyone is getting that I gave it a 1. Let's look at the ratings for a moment: How do you rate SNES? 10/10 GOAT. Greatest console of all time. Can't vote this, I definitely don't consider it to be my top gaming machine. 9/10 Bad@$$. One of the best. Again, I wouldn't consider it one of the best. 8/10 Exceptional. Everyone should play it. Honestly, my console isn't even hooked up. When I do play it, it's only for Castlevania IV
  13. At least it's just N64 but still... Actually wait, no, I want a beautiful CIB Japanese N64 set too, this is really bad news.
  14. Yeah, I'd reckon you are doing that. I got the whole set give some recommendations of bad games, I'll pop them in after work and see.
  15. How much have you actually sat down and played, though? I'm not talking about just throwing it in, giving it a quick go, saying "This sucks" and moving on? I'm constantly finding games on the machine that I want to give a proper go, which seem fun. Your comment on the unlicensed games just shows your ignorance on the matter too, no offence. That seal of quality literally meant nothing, as can be seen from Time Diver, a fun game, ultimately being released as unlicensed only, and Videomation, receiving a license in the states yet being unlicensed in Japan.
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