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  1. Well I saw a lot of censoring when it came to the news / last elections, then there's all the companies kowtowing to China , the internet certainly doesn't feel as free as it used to be.
  2. @MegaMan52 I think it could have been. The label on this is a little weird for me (I doubt folks back in the day would have referred to it as Tengen Tetris), but the Nintendo PCB is also quite odd. Konami was known for selling out their famicom PCBs to bootleg companies, but Nintendo and 72 pins? That's news to me. @mrjunglesack no matter what this is, I'd definitely be interested in it should you choose to get rid of it. I like odd stuff like this
  3. Grew up on Nintendo, briefly played Sonic 2 at an older cousin's house when I was small, never played the original until I got a Sega machine myself, used, from Funcoland as a teenager around 1997 or 1998. The game gets a solid 6 from me. It's fun for sure, though it's not the best. It's the type of game I'd stick in and give one or two goes, then call it a day if I didn't complete it. Part 2 is so much better, and I even think I enjoyed 3/Knuckles more than the original. I see this one sort of like the original Mega Man, great concept, good game overall, though other later entr
  4. Why's it on a Nintendo PCB though... Bootleg companies don't use official Nintendo PCBs. Tengen would have had plenty of PCBs from when they were making licensed games for Nintendo.
  5. I was lucky I could grab some things for my SS at a local shop about twenty minutes from me; even if I hadn't though, anything I'd order locally would arrive within a day or two. Shipping mine out tomorrow, wanted to send it earlier but I started trying to adjust my sleep schedule, and still being in the transition stage, I've been going home and crashing numerous nights.
  6. Oh I definitely agree, I don't think it's true availability matches up to the asking price on eBay. Tell you what, send me a message of what you think a reasonable price is for one, and who knows, I might bite. Let's get your set wrapped up!
  7. I'm gonna follow that inspiration Saturday morning
  8. Space Raft arrived today! If I read the email correctly, the record that comes with this will be shipped separately and arrive later. This one's sitting at home in the USA with my folks, so I won't be seeing it at least until covid-19 clears up, but it gives me something to look forward to Funny thing, when this game arrived today, the return address said "Dusty Medical Records". I honestly had no idea about that, and of course I wasn't there to be able to look myself, so I just asked my mother to cautiously open the package and see what was inside, to make sure there wasn't anythi
  9. I love this tradition, but definitely staying out of it for at least one more year, haha. It's funny, there's a class I teach twice a week for half an hour each time, and there's a kid in there that makes me think of this thread every time I see them. The kid is about five years old, barely talks, but when they do, I'd say they are leaning more towards girl. But they're hair is less than shoulder length, just long enough that you think it might not be a boy, yet at the same time not so long as to be obviously a girl. They wear generic clothes, a few outfits I'd say lean more tow
  10. Some songs I really like that haven't been listed: Madman across the Water This is the superior version of the song, never was a huge fan during my first affair with Elton, but it's one of my top favourites the second time through. Rotten Peaches Love this one too. Indian Sunset Don't Let the Sun Go down on me Greatest Discovery Someone saved my life tonight Bitch is Back The list is endless for me. Funeral for a friend / love lies bleeding is another one I reall
  11. Easy 10/10 for me, one of the greats. I used to listen to Elton quite a bit back when I was taking piano lessons. Although I had learnt to play the classics, such as Chopin and Beethoven, I also practiced and learnt to play Elton as well as Billy Joel, two of the greats imo for this sort of music. I didn't listen to Elton for about twenty years, but last year my mother sent me his autobiography for Christmas and I read it, loved it, and for about the past two months have been listening to Elton again, non-stop. Although my musical tastes have changed somewhat over the past twen
  12. I wouldn't trust any popular reports coming out of Wata, similarly the new folks coming into the market are investors primarily, not collectors, and there's not a lot of overlap imo. The stuff they care about is not going to entirely be the same games we care about.
  13. I generally eat at this restaurant a few times a week for lunch. It's called "Hibiscus Tea & Dry Noodles" Food is pretty good, cheap, and the shop is clean. Edit: I've taken @OptOut here too.
  14. I have some extra Holy Diver carts, I'd sell you one if you want.
  15. Trust me, the Game Gear micro is larger than your micro penis. Don't overestimate your length pal.
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