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  1. @austin532 If you ever decide to let that one go, I'm very interested in it.
  2. This is even more niche, but I've often toyed with the idea of a database preserving all the obscure bootleg stuff I've got
  3. I have a few for some bootleg Famiclones :D
  4. Please let me explain, this is something @OptOut knows and experiences all too well, anytime he stops by mine. I've got hundreds of game hardware machines lying around my place. Some are part of my collection, some are strictly up for sale, and others are non-working, from which I strip parts when restoring something else (only looking for a 1:1 match, of course!) I've recently been getting some boxed machines, and the more of them I get, the less I want to collect loose consoles, so I've been selling some loose machines as I find them in boxed version. The problem I've run into though is that I've noticed some machines have a lot if small revisions over their lifetime. So it's left me feeling confused. Should I keep both machine variants? The one in nicer condition? The older one? The later model, before the machine went out of print? Keep both machines? Do any of you guys get some obsessed with hardware revisions? What do you do?
  5. I have no idea, he just mentioned it in passing. I think a lot of folks over there aren't taking things seriously, at least that's the impression I'm under.
  6. I don't personally, but a good gamer / collector buddy of mine from Holland has some friends who have it.
  7. Yeah, it's right here: https://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/homemade-artisan-bread-easiest-bread-recipe-ever.html I'm making some more today, I'll have it for lunch probably after I'm done cycling. Because I only have a small toaster oven to work with, it didn't get as browned as id have liked, the last time I made it, but it was still delicious and quite easy to make
  8. @RH : I didnt think about that, but you're absolutely right! That would definitely be another one on my list
  9. Also, I wish more people would recognise that rare does not necessarily equal value. This tends to get lost so often.
  10. For me, there are three varieties of rare that I use, which are as follows: 1. Rarity compared to its peers. For example, I collect unlicensed Famicom games. Truth be told, *original* prints of most of these are going to fit either as uncommon or rare, period. Compared to licensed carts, there just weren't as many produced. Something like Lee Dragon, boxed, is going to be much more common in this set than some other carts. I think this sort of definition of rarity is good to use when the whole set is rare, as it still helps rank the items when doing trades, making purchases, etc. 2. Rarity amongst all items. This isn't nearly as useful imo. Sculptors Cut, Little Samson, and many Gamate games are all rare. But I know which if these I would have the easiest / hardest time purchasing, if money wasn't an issue. Therefore I see comparing rarities across platforms to be pointless generally. 3. Fake rarity. These items are rare, yes, but it's the type of thing such as all the limited edition NES homebrews and repros back on Nintendo Age a few years back. Or the extremely limited runs of some modern games, trying to cater towards collectors. While rare, collectors will snap them all up so they'll all "survive" in excellent condition, and in terms of the non commercial stuff, most will just write it off and not bother collecting it. So it's rare, but it's a whole different ballgame from the other rarities.
  11. I have a local friend who swears by the instapot, maybe I should get one
  12. @arch_8ngel : onion powder I'm fine with, I used to think my hatred was due to a texture issue, rather than a taste issue; however a few years ago, I stopped by a local winery and tried a free sample of onion wine, and it was the most horrible thing I ever drank
  13. @drxandy : I hate onions, always did as a child. Your food pics look good, aside from that fact Always liked garlic though, how's the taste on the ramps?
  14. @KHAN Games : I will send you a message later tonight as promised, I'm just chatting with my family online at the current moment. Honestly, you need and some of the others need to remove yourselves a bit from the situation and try to look at it from another viewpoint. I get that you're passionate, but I felt the same way years back about Taiwan-developed original games (basically considered the "first" homebrews , or "cottage games" over here), and it just pissed off the whole homebrew first gen group when I stated on NA that I felt those Taiwanese Devs deserved the same respect as the homebrew Dev scene at that time. Self reflection time, I did a lot of that myself and finally decided to just let it go, the things I disagreed with. You can ask some repro makers here about this if you want, I eventually just realised that perhaps I care too much, and that it's someone else's battle. We are all in this together, let's stop crapping in the same pool. I'll try to send you out a pm before the nights through, my time, please answer it honestly from your point of view...the thing is, if people aren't honest with how they're feeling, nothing ever will get resolved. Game on dude, hope everything is find for you and your family right now during these dark times.
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