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  1. You got some shit on your mug buddy, looks a little dirty
  2. That’s pretty neat, I love the box art!
  3. I used the vintage site so often times when I type in “V” to start pulling this site up I’ll type vintage
  4. I’ve added a few nes games, I’m almost at 400.. which I’m thinking will lead to me making a thread to chronicle the back half of the library!
  5. I believe that fulfills the requirements, good work!
  6. @Reed Rothchildim going to binge marble madness now
  7. oh shoot! I’ve had like three George foreman’s now with a broken tab too..
  8. Oh nice dude! That’s a good one
  9. Be sure to watch for 5 screws of Super Pitfall, Alpha Mission too.. they’re pretty tough. Kid Niki is killing me lol
  10. Please let me know if it becomes available I am definitely interested
  11. Wayne’s World is notorious for having a trashed end label all the time too. Took me forever to find some of my better LJN/Acclaim titles as well
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