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  1. Oh man, get ready for the flames but I’ve always been a MUCH bigger fan of the first...
  2. I’ve been playing Donkey Kong Country 2 and geez, the difficultly is sure kicked up from the first
  3. My biggest gripes are firstly that the difficulty spikes so suddenly on some levels and the god dang Moby’s. Man oh man those little suckers upset me. I found myself figuring out the solution for quite a few levels but then having a heck of a time actual executing it. 2 is the best, good challenge and it ramps nicely. 3 starts out decent and then slaps you across the face.
  4. My best Nintendoage started deal is when @Quest4Nessold me my 2009 8 Bit X Mas. Still my favorite piece
  5. I took a $148 gamble this morning. Time will tell I suppose. Either way eBay has my back
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