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  1. Most n64 games look like hot trash these days
  2. You’re the birthday, you’re the birthday, you’re the birthday boy or girl
  3. Looking to trade for nes carts only at this time, condition varies but is generally pretty good. First come, first serve! last ninja and yo Noid are box only Sesame Street 123 abc box is sold little mermaid is pending
  4. I had dinner with @The Countlast night, we had some most excellent tacos
  5. I can’t seem to tag Joseph Leo but he’s the guy who knows it all
  6. Forests are always great. Another one that’s always stood out to me is Kremkroc Industries from Donkey Kong Country, I love the toxic factory setting. Seemed like an odd choice but I like it a lot
  7. That snow bro’s is a beaut, good luck!
  8. This is pretty on the nose. I use marketplace to sell cheap stuff but I give myself a time limit. I give it a few days on there and if it doesn’t move, just gets donated
  9. I do enjoy Hamms and there is a bit of breweriana out that way
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