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  1. There's various models here, not exclusive to black/grey. Hartzell only has an unlicensed version, which I believe predates the Dynasound branding. Dynasound branding exists in both unlicensed and licensed form and other variants. Off the top of my head, the licensed aspect affects whether the bottom of the holder has a Nintendo sticker or a Video Game Organizer sticker. Then there are also opaque vs. "new improved" solid black top design changes, but the update only involved an added sticker to the box. There's also an updated version with SNES compatibility, which is a bit harder to find. Hope that helps a bit. The unlicensed ones (like yours) are harder to find than the licensed ones from my experience.
  2. Rarity. The only reason so many sealed copies of one of the 6in1 variants are floating around now is because a batch of sealed new old stock was found around 10 years ago. Before that, any 6in1 variant was tough to find.
  3. Nice one -- do you have a picture of the cart? Does it contain original software or just a bootleg multicart?
  4. Maybe someone can tag or pull Frank Cifaldi into this discussion, as I imagine he has some insights on Caltron, too.
  5. Thanks for the tag @DefaultGen Yeah, I would like to post more here, but been struck for time due to a big move. It's important to not take sellers' assumptions of obscure items at face value. The copy you show is the one I bought. The seller had it listed as "PAL", yet this is what he had to say about it when I asked for more details: "As the other copies of Caltron on Ebay that have this same box all say PAL that's what I assumed was up with this. It's the same exact one that several other sellers have." Yet there were no others on eBay and I track this kind of stuff extensively. As to where the seller got it from: "We are a physical store. Someone brought it in and sold it to us." The seller did say that he thinks whoever brought it in maybe ordered it mail-order from Europe, but that's an assumption he makes. The whole PAL vs. NTSC ordeal with Caltron is an interesting discussion, as there are many more variants than most collectors probably know about. There are at least 3 "US" Caltron variants excluding Myriad and this one. Of those, one of the box variants has been found outside the US, too, with 60-pin cart inside rather than 72-pin. That signals that a box that would be presumed to be specific to US distribution made its way outside the US, too. Then there are at least 3 different 72-pin Caltron cart variants found outside the US, too, in addition to the variants found in the US. In other words, Caltron is a bit like Sachen, except for their documented presence in Los Angeles. But I don't think that there is any true PAL vs. NTSC distinction to be made (certainly not in terms of format -- all Caltrons are in NTSC format AFAIK, I have yet to find one in PAL format), but more different batches of products making their way from Taiwan to different regions on demand. Any differences are likely to be indicative of print revision changes rather than regional design changes. A few other fun facts / observations re: Caltron: *The Caltron logo on this box matches the design of the US promo materials found to date. I imagine that puts the flyers from around the same time period as this version as opposed to the more common Caltron 6in1 versions with different logo. *There has been at least one other original Caltron game with full label found in the US, which was neither a multicart nor a game released (or at least found) anywhere else in 72-pin format. *The 9in1 found to date was presumed to be a prototype, I believe because of the Eproms inside; the 6in1 above has Eproms, too, so it's even possible, given the rarity of Caltron titles, that the 9in1 is not a prototype and was simply missing the labels due to wear. *The PCB from the new 6in1 found is N725013, whereas the Bootgod database shows the Caltron PCB with switch to be N725012. The back-label change may simply be due to Caltron bypassing the need for a switch, but someone with more technical knowledge would have to confirm this. There are also two different cart variants with switch; would be interesting to see chip dates and PCB version comparison between those. *The PCBs I've checked from the "regular" US release cart have early 1992 (1st/2nd week) chips, whereas the one found here has week 12-15 chips, and a PCB I've seen of the cart with the same artwork as the box here has week 33-38 chips. @operationivy that's awesome that you have one of these, too -- I'd love to see your copy, if you can find it. The box is identical to this one? Where did you acquire yours? Does it come with a manual? Did you ever scan the box and upload it? I found the box uploaded online (seems to be a different copy, given lack of damage that mine has), where it's listed as "North American" version, so it's possible the person who scanned it found theirs in North America, too: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/1600
  6. Updated old FS post. Looking to trim the trade pile. Links to FS/T list and eBay listings are above. All listings are OBO, and happy to take offers. Adding lots more to the list in the coming weeks.
  7. That's certainly true, but I do believe that we'd see items being relisted if "sold" to manipulate the trackers, and it seems that at least VGPC corrects for this. Some of the listings I was checking included missing values from prior eBay sales of my own at 1.5x prior sales btw. I haven't checked VGPC and GVN much, but when I do for specific titles, I still find them missing data leading to inaccurate, and in the current market undervalued, pricing. Curious to see what kind of product GoCollect will be putting out. I'm not a dealer, so in the end it's more vanity metrics than anything for me, but would be interesting to see how the market is truly developing. Curious to hear what other sources people are using.
  8. Very cool stuff, thanks for sharing! So, those GB knockoffs play regular GB games? Not hugely knowledgable about that kind of stuff, but I've seen some of those that play actual GB games go for insane amounts on eBay in the past. I like the blisterpack Famicom multicart, too. I found some Micro Genius Famicom bootlegs packaged like that years ago, seems that the "renewed" MG brand from Turkey sold games packaged like that. That Famiclone box with Cosmos Cop on the cover is awesome as well. Do you have a pic of the insides of that Micro Genius gun? Just curious, as you mention it being NOS. Looking to track down all of the variants; some of these came with games inside, nice to track which variants exist. I might also be interested in one if you end up meeting up/making another deal with this seller. Attached is a pic of the insides of the 15-pin one I own. Haven't seen any others with this paper insert. Is yours 7-, 9- or 15-pin?
  9. Nice collection! I might be able to help with the SmartCom game as I have one with the packaging. Seems to be from Big Ben / Datel (at least the French release).
  10. I figure this thread is as good as any to ask a question I have: does WATA apply IMP for any mismatches between carts and boxes for oval/round seal and/or non-rev 5-screw/rev-a 3-screw? I'm curious because I saw the following, and was wondering whether this is policy or a fail not to consider 3-screw for non-rev box a mismatch? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Top-Gun-For-Nintendo-NES-Rare-First-Print-Wata-9-2-Not-Factory-Sealed-No-Hangtab/254479868299?epid=8317&hash=item3b402ea18b:g:FHgAAOSw3DteG9nn I realize that the consensus is that even from the factory, not all box/cart/manual combos match up perfectly as intended, but where does WATA draw the line then? Is it when mismatched parts deviate at more than one revision (for instance 3-screw oval cart with 2-code round seal box)? Anybody know?
  11. I've been looking at both sites lately to gather data points on pricing from pre-eBay sold listing sales, and noticed that 1. both sites do poor screening of bootleg copies from China (for all titles I checked, there were many in there; think $30 sales for $100+ games; and the recent ones with link to sold listing confirm that they're bootleg copies), and 2. quite a few recent sales, especially on the higher end, were not recorded. I can't extrapolate to the entire NES library, but for the games I checked, the values on both sites were undervalued compared to current eBay sale prices. As for VGPC vs GVN price differences; I noticed that for sales where the items were relisted, the data was missing in VGPC, but included in GVN. Not sure if these were flukes, or whether VGPC corrects for relisted items and GVN does not... just an observation.
  12. Yes, mine and every CIB that I've seen has had the unmarked controller. The note above about the location of the cable is interesting and something I hadn't noticed before on the Tengen box. I'll get to why in a second. This particular controller must have been a white label product at the time, as it was sold under various different brands, mostly unmarked, but at least one with branding on it (Recoton). The controller evolved from left-side cable to top-side cable placement, likely because the cable on the left would get in the way when handling the controller (I imagine most people wrap their palm across the sides). See Doc's variants that I've attached here. The image on the packaging would indicate that the left-side version came first. It is possible that there are multiple Tengen variants, but I haven't seen them.
  13. Hi all, Can anyone help with pricing on this CIB Super Chase HQ for Game Boy? The cart is the Natsume -1 version, the box/manual/inserts are all from the Taito first release. I couldn't find any sales data on the Taito box/manual parts, hence this post. Any help in pricing is appreciated
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