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  1. I went to look for it in the attic, but of the two places where it could be, it wasn't at the easily reachable one. The other place is behind stacks of moving boxes, which I need to sort out in 2-3 months anyway, so I'll see if I can uncover it then and take some pics.
  2. Great thread. Seeing some of these cool N64 controllers makes me miss having loose oddball controllers around to use and experience. Ever since I switched to collecting sealed boxed accessories, the accessory collection has turned more into something historical to look at than fun to experience as I've also gotten rid of all the loose doubles for the sake of space. That rumble vest reminds me of a N64 massage chair "rumble pak" from my childhood. I think it was from Nuby or Interact. I should still have it in an old moving box in the attic, will have to check. Did a quick Google search, but
  3. What I find interesting is that 1. seller claims to have made these herself, and 2. "only 5 made." Then why are there nearly two dozen already up on eBay with the same custom PCB? Clearly more than 5 made. All are based in France, too. With this many made, I also take into question the creator's claim that these were made simply to "see if it was possible." Clearly made for profit.
  4. Just to add to this; I have a new old stock copy of the TM cart that came with an R manual and box. Would be interesting to know if there is a TM box and manual as well.
  5. It's been a while since I removed the cello from a game, but IIRC, original Nintendo shrinkwrap slides off (and back on) easily as it does not seem to be as affected by shrinking (which aftermarket/third party shrinkwrap tends to be). In other words, removing the cello and storing it separately (possibly over other, non-displayed game boxes) would allow you to display those SNES games without cello while retaining the option to put the cello back on if you were to sell in the future.
  6. Thanks for the tag @nesmaster14. This item is from Venezuela, released by the Nintendo knock-off "Nintendo de Caracas" company, so it is unlicensed. AFAIK, Nintendo won a lawsuit against the company and their leftover inventory was meant to be disposed of some years ago, but in the process some of it made its way onto markets like eBay. Definitely has collector value, but it is not official Nintendo. They released at least 15-20 different accessories for NES and Famicom. I've attached a photo of the box.
  7. Speedy_NES


    Nice one. For those not in the know, there's only 30 of these green ones. IIRC #1-30 were green, #31-100 were purple. Great deal as a purple one sold for $150 earlier this year. Good luck with the sale.
  8. Thanks -- I'll take that as a compliment I started acquiring these types of items for that very purpose, to archive and catalog for the community, but obviously stopped sharing that info years ago due to the effect it had on prices. Still have plans to share all that info (or collection) at some point in time, in some shape or form, but not sure yet how. FYI, the one I have is sealed, so it might be nice to scan your manual if you decide to sell, just to have it documented. There's actually two versions of the Triton controller, both about equally rare. This one's likely a re-rel
  9. A whole inventory of new old stock of the US release was found ~10? years ago, so they frequently pop up in new condition, which has affected the price. With the condition that yours is in, I'd estimate current market value at ~$25-35 FYI.
  10. Nice Triton Pad -- like you said, that one's incredibly rare (only seen yours, which I missed in 2012 IIRC, and one I got from a Nintendo employee, which supposedly came from Nintendo of America's own archives). Not much of a mark-up for rare accessories without seal of quality, though. Realistically, you'll probably have a hard time finding a buyer above $40 for it.
  11. Thanks! I'd definitely like to scan some of this stuff eventually, but for now, I make sure to preserve it well in a cool and dry place away from light etc. I used to scan everything up until a decade ago, and then time just became too scarce.
  12. Great deal for a rare NES hardshell carrying case: $50 shipped https://www.ebay.com/itm/GREY-CARRY-CASE-FOR-THE-NINTENDO-NES-CONSOLE-ALSO-HOLDS-GAMES/224237476017?hash=item34359858b1:g:P2QAAOSw-11froEz
  13. Yes, for example, but also from other publishers. From what I've been told, various publishers handed out these unused flattened boxes at CES shows as promo material, and some excess stock have been sold on eBay over the years. I've folded some of these as box upgrades, and they look no different from a new sealed copy with shrinkwrap removed. Not looking to be a negative Nancy, but this should be a real concern for NS graded 'new' games.
  14. Add 9: used game with folded new-old-stock box. All you'd need is to match the exact weight of the contents, and there's really no way for them to know for sure that the contents are new or not, unless they open said NS games.
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