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  1. And the award for worst auctioneer goes to....
  2. Grail item for sure. Wish I could have tracked one down back in the day. Good luck with the sale! Potential buyers, NES Freak is a great dude so buy with confidence!
  3. Thought so. I have had many cib copies of this come through my hands over the years and this is the first time I noticed the no code (black-out) flaps. Pretty neat!
  4. I have a MTPO box with tabs that are blank (no game code). First I am noticing this so just wanted to see if this is another variant.
  5. From what I am hearing, it sounds like there are groups of people pooling their money to buy these. Not sure how widespread, but just something that I have seen referenced on social media several times. It honestly would not surprise me that this is happening with how much prices keep jumping.
  6. It's a momentary switch so it will take a little bit to make it power the kiosk off and on.... Not just a quick rewire. There should be plenty of tutorials online though. PM me if you have any specific questions and I'll try to help as much as I can.
  7. Your console and the gamepad connection are different than the standard kiosk units. Where did you get them? Did you get a kiosk with these units or were they purchased separately? Any background you have on them would be great to know.
  8. Can you send pictures of the front of the unit?
  9. I completely agree. This has been my stance on non-sealed or broken sticker seals for a long time. Creasing along the fold edge can be used as an indicator, but not reliable way to verify. I have several like new copies of NES games that would also fall into this category if it catches any traction, but I have always referred to them as CIB.
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