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  1. Yikes! Glad you made it out! 12 days, I'm going high at 190k
  2. @8bitsupremacythat's the type of scenario I thought there might still be some of. I figured none of these places are still in the rental business, but it's still cool if they are still kicking in some form or another.
  3. If it's the same grocery store I would say that absolutely counts! Nice
  4. I was putting away some of my NES carts tonight, I've always liked the history of rental store stickers. I got sucked into the Google rabbit hole of looking up if the places were still around. Not surprisingly I didn't find any that were, but there surely must be some survivors in some form out there right?? Or are they all completely gone? I found one that was an electronic shop and now is a computer store, so could be an evolution. Does anyone have any carts where the store still exists? Take a look and post em if you got em!
  5. Those examples @Tanookiare pretty much my typical situation which I still don't have a grasp on how it's supposed to be handled. I sell maybe $1000 a year, sometimes less sometimes more. It's always a matter of cleaning some stuff out that I've had for YEARS though. I don't have a "tax professional", I don't flip anything. How the heck am I supposed to know, let alone prove how much a paid for some strategy guide on 1997? I'm not keen on paying taxes on the full gross sales amount so I guess I just won't bother to sell anything.
  6. He forgot to add "God bless" to his sign, that's the problem.
  7. I don't know if it's me, or more likely how rough my kids were on them but I had 3 Wii U's over the years and they all developed the same issue. It got to the point where I couldn't have the controller more than 1ft away from the console before it would lose connection. Which of course made them unplayable as there is now way to wire them.
  8. It was in 2009 or so. Someone bought 3 or 4 copies. It was before my time as well, but I know what he is talking about. I can't really speak to how it was received at the time.
  9. I will admit that I have watched exactly zero seconds of Adam Cole perform. I kind of sort of read about what's going on in rasslin' these days ,but none of it catches my interest. Seriously though, when I would see NXT photos, Rhea Ripley is more ripped than Adam Cole, and a slogan of "BAY BAY", f'n barf! I guess it's just not for me any more.
  10. You guys see that stuff with Daffney? I always thought she was awesome had had unique look and character. What a shame, the bits that I saw of that Instagram video she did were hard to watch.
  11. Cool! Attach it to VGS and make it the way everyone else wants!
  12. Love that sign! I've wanted one of those for a LONG time.
  13. Ouch, the feels! Best of luck to you. Hopefully in the future you can look back and see how far your new game room as come.
  14. Clicking on that link and I noticed this. https://web.archive.org/web/20180822081551/http://nintendoage.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Blog.View&Blog_Id=1&Id=1798 How well did that age? At the very least it seems Deniz wasn't speaking out of turn when he said Dain was part on the board in a March 2018 email.
  15. 1976 Pontiac Ventura. I actually still have it. It's rotting away in a barn at my dad's cabin.
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