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  1. That's pretty much the only thing NA was purchased for (it certainly wasn't to maintain the forum!). So...that wasn't an option.
  2. Ahhhhhhhh, shit...indeed. My apologies, it should read either.
  3. It sounds like Saturday is preferred. So can we make a Saturday night game work?
  4. I'm not sure how you arrived at 5pm (4 central) as our best option. I can't be at a computer on the weekend until the night. If the start time is that early I cannot participate.
  5. I could do EITHER night after 8 central time. ETA: letters matter
  6. When you go to the other islands with nook miles, do they ever have fruit other than what is on your island (and coconuts)? I've only had the same fruit.
  7. Is that all islands? Or do you have to get lucky with that as well? Not all have cliffs obviously.
  8. I have to catch a damn stringfish tonight!
  9. I paid $1.49 my last fill. Full tank was less than $20. It has been years since that happened last!
  10. Yep! It is one island per Switch console, profiles don't matter. I knew that going in, so playing on the same island was expected. The fact that the 1st person to create a character is the ONLY one who can ever actually fully play the game is inexcusable.
  11. I could deal with the 1 island per switch, I don't like it, but could deal. It's the fact that you can't ever change the "island representative", that kills it. It simply is not a multi player experience, 2nd player is 2nd class.
  12. You can buy medicine for 400 bells from timmy/tommy that fixes your eye.
  13. At least I had the decency to be defeated by someone other than fox!
  14. Well this game has officially pissed me off. I decided to buy it and let my 6 year old start the account. Now the only progress that can be made is on his account. He just wants to run around and build garbage furniture like barbells. Very annoying that I can't use my character who was created 2nd to actually do anything, just put stuff in my house and collect materials. Dumb...
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