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  1. For those who want this thread to stay open, which I suspect is a small minority of the forum at this point, feel fortunate that @gloves got here first. This single thread has received more moderator reports for behavior than every other thread on the site combined. Stop it!! Everyone is sick of it.
  2. And the more people who strictly adhere to only worrying about covid infection the more people will suffer mental health or economic distress. I sincerely hope that risk doesn't have any consequences for you.
  3. And I can relate to the unintended side effects of medical advice only concerned with covid. To me I'd simply rather take the risk.
  4. That's the thing, I watched Minneapolis burn down, very closely. The vast majority weren't wearing masks while outside and on top of each other. Some were, but not most. And locally we simply haven't seen covid repercussions for that (plenty of other repercussions). So...no. I don't want to wear a mask when I'm outdoors celebrating a birthday party or having a picnic. I will when going shopping. And I find it completely insincere when the government will enforce social distancing rules when outdoors for recreational activities but allow protests. The virus doesn't care, so the rules regarding the event shouldn't either.
  5. Fine. Then let me stop social distancing outside. It's ok if I'm protesting, but it's not ok if I want to have my kids 7th birthday in my backyard with actual friends.
  6. I was in high school when it came out and saw it in the theater, didn't get it at all and thought it was totally stupid. Then I graduated college and got my first office job...the movie is amazing. So spot on.
  7. I don't generally like to put my personal business out on the internet, and chances are I will think better of this later and delete it...but what the hey. I live in MN and I hate winter. I live for the 3 or 4 months of nice weather we get. I plan and cram an entire year of living into that time. Now I could move, that's partly on me, but I have aging parents here so I haven't. Covid has been an enormous strain on my mental health. I am a social person who needs interaction with other humans, I don't do well being locked indoors, especially during the precious summer months. As a result my drinking has gone WAY up, which is something I really don't need. I come from a family full of alcoholics. My marriage has been suffering, my wife has been working very long hours which leaves me to deal with our 2 young kids, who had all of their summer activities canceled, pretty much on my own. I still work fulltime, and my job expectations haven't lessened. It's good that we both still have jobs, but homeschooling and now all day childcare requirements have caused what I expect to be an unfixable crack between my wife and I. Things won't be the same there again. I don't want to fucking social distance, I can't take it anymore. But hey, I don't have Covid (that I know of), and we all know that's all that really matters.
  8. Of course there are, but they will want to buy it at a substantial discount.
  9. I came here for the biggest fart episode, was not disappointed.
  10. Reading the article the only reason for the WiiU release is because Nintendo of America wouldn't allow a Wii release. Interesting.
  11. They have a slightly better warranty than Honda or Toyota, though Kia has the best warranty.
  12. Welcome back! You have a username that ages like a fine wine.
  13. Chrysler Pacifica is awesome, as painful for me to say as that is. Go drive a Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna first, that is what we did. Pacifica is way nicer and more bang for your buck. Sliding doors with little kids is a life changer.
  14. Quest 64 Finally an RPG comes out on the N64 after so many awesome RPGs on the SNES...and that's what we get.
  15. There are pluses and minuses. Doing a quick look at spreadshop, the shirts are about double the price for similar quality, you pay for that simplicity and convenience. We would either need to raise the prices a lot or make nothing off of them. Perhaps it could be an option for something we wouldn't expect to sell a lot of, and people might be willing to pay a little more. Something to look into as I didn't know that type of thing was even an option. We just researched the traditional method of placing a large upfront order.
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