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  1. Another vote for Link to the Past. I rented a snes and the game with a friend one weekend and I was hooked. I must have called the Nintendo help line like 10 times that weekend.
  2. Put me in the camp of really not liking the Wiimote/nunchuck controls. I will have to give it another try on the Switch.
  3. B.A.

    Joy-Con drift

    You bought an entirely new set of joycons, not just a replacement stick? I haven't heard of that happening, I would return those.
  4. Yeah Kofi won, but then got beat easily for the title and hasn't sniffed main event status since. Give it time on Drew, he will get blamed for low ratings (never mind the whole no fans allowed thing) and he will be back to 3 man banding it before you know it. Meanwhile the Roman Reigns train keeps on rolling over everyone.
  5. I could keep my chin up if my bosses just decided I was the next big thing no matter all the evidence to the contrary. I know this is a unique thing to wrestling, hand picking who is the top guy, but his neverending push coincides with my giving up on wrestling. I have completely lost interest over the last 6-7 years, they don't let wrestlers grow into a role and develop anymore, it's just 'this is our guy, take it or leave it'. It seems like even those who do make their own popularity get punished for it, for not knowing their role.
  6. What can you play it on? I've never used steam and I'm not about to play on my phone.
  7. This is what will happen. He will say "see I got it and it was no big deal". He will probably say he got it on purpose to prove a point.
  8. We're number 1! We're number 1!
  9. Must be tough being an A's fan @Reed Rothchild
  10. Quiet you, the A's won a game. You get no sympathy. ETA: and I would submit the Timberwolves application for the worst franchise in pro sports.
  11. In football at least the better team usually wins. Baseball the best teams still only wins a given game like 60% of the time, the odds of losing 18 playoff games in a row are inconceivable.
  12. No team will ever touch an 18 game postseason losing streak. EVER! @Estil It is absolutely NOT better to have made playoffs and lost than not made the playoffs at all. I am so sick of this. It is beyond pathetic.
  13. I'm not doing this nonsense with you Dave, give it a rest right now.
  14. I said "Maybe this concern is legitimate, maybe not." My perspective is that I see the irony in someone who will break the rules in order to suit his needs, but will call out others for potentially doing the same. Hiding behind a fake account is cowardly at best and malicious at worst. If you are concerned enough about their practices then own it. Good to know that Dave encourages breaking site rules.
  15. I was simply alluding to the fact that this thread smells stinky due to the circumstances. You confirmed the funk by admitting you made a fake dupe account.
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