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  1. Hey all, I need to clean out some stuff, starting with guides and paperwork. I have pricing listed on most, exact shipping will be added. I'm happy to make deals if you buy more as I really don't want to send out 30 individual guides. Most of the guides are in excellent shape, I have had them all for many years. Let me know if you need additional details on anything in specific. Thanks! Lots of books, magazines and guides Nintendo Force Magazine 1-7 $50 Metroid prime trilogy poster (New) $
  2. Pretty sure that's just photoshopped. Meant to be a joke.
  3. I picked up his Nintendo branded leatherman tool. My kind of random merch.
  4. The bag is held on with a single piece of scotch tape. It's to protect the acrylic when shipping. It's about as hard to remove as taking your groceries out of the grocery bag would be.
  5. That Crystalis NES is pretty dang cool! And the Mario shampoo is my kind of random merch!
  6. Which one do you have? There is the one with the colorful retail packaging, and there is the plainer box that came inside of the Power set.
  7. B.A.

    Joy-Con drift

    I finally decided to submit a repair request to Nintendo after having replaced all of my thumbsticks at least once. They let you do up to 4 online without talking to anyone, so I sent in 4 and just got them back yesterday. They just sent me 4 brand new joy cons. So hopefully these should work for about 5 or 6 months... It was pretty painless though, I sent them in on 12/28 and got them back on 1/13. Most of that time was waiting for slow UPS shipping. No cost to me even though I bought my Switch at launch.
  8. It is a real shame if you didn't get full enjoyment out of Palm Reading Premium!
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