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  1. B.A.


    I'll empty the cats litter box into it just for you!
  2. B.A.


    Assassins Creed Unity - Xbox One console box and inserts. Pay shipping. Claimed It's not heavy, but it is kind of big, so not sure if it would be worth it to ship or not. Figured I would check before it gets tossed in the trash.
  3. I'm pretty confident he puts about the same amount of thought and energy into what happens with NA as a dump that he took last month.
  4. Looks like I got lucky. The underlay is wrecked, but the game otherwise looks to be no worse for the wear. I have been kicking around the idea of replacing the glass and underlay anyway as they were showing their age, so I guess this just gives me the motivation.
  5. Something big, and something heavy took a major fall right on top of poor ol' Ms. Pac-Man. I haven't had a chance to assess the damage yet. I am hopeful it is just the glass and the underlay.
  6. They worked. He numbered the initial batch that he made for the joke. Demand was so high that he made another batch without numbers, the ebay listing is one of the 2nd batch. Like arch said, at the time people making repros was pretty new. Most thought the picture was a photoshop initially, not that someone actually made real carts, as that wasn't really a thing yet.
  7. Guy started a thread on April Fools day saying he found a stash of SE carts, showed a pic of a bunch of them lined up. The funny thing is it actually took awhile for people to figure out they weren't legit. Those labels are comically bad! It was a different time in 2008.
  8. I get those are the rules, but practically speaking I don't understand how that can work. I usually don't sell much, but say I sell $950 worth of stuff, a bunch of random items, say 50 in total. Most of this stuff I have had for years if not decades. How on earth am I supposed to know, let alone prove how much I paid for a strategy guide in 2003? If the initial cost can't be proven am I stuck paying tax on that entire $950?
  9. It eventually got released. You can still buy them from dra600n https://www.ebay.com/itm/324478677710?hash=item4b8c6fb2ce:g:3AwAAOSwkyNa2AUq
  10. Chauvin's reactions and demeanor are disturbing. Both while he is killing a guy and while he is being found guilty of murder he just sits there stone-faced like an unfeeling robot.
  11. While I acknowledge it isn't a cinematic classic by any means, I still love it. My mind was blown as a kid when SMB3 showed up. So many great one liners. I was just the right age and right time when it came out, but I completely understand how people wouldn't be interested in it if they didn't have the nostalgia. So it's kind of hard to rate, I love it but I don't go around recommending it to other people.
  12. Those aren't particularly hard to find. If memory serves a big stack of them were saved from a garbage can and about 10 years ago they were sold off. Thor signed a bunch of them. I have one and have had a few of them pass through my hands.
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