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  1. Very cool. I wonder how far you can push the limits of “technically a game” Maybe have a pixel that needs to be switched and random intervals indicated by a metronome that increases in speed after every X points? You can even call it “A Game”
  2. Either Final Fantasy 8 (my first RPG) or Chrono Trigger (my favorite RPG)
  3. I’ve always been told that Hunting bears in NJ is a good thing. They are an apex predator so if their populations grow too large then they would eat through the Deer population. I think there’s something like a 50% increase in population over the past couple years which is nuts for an animal population. Also, NJ is the most densely populated state in the US with very few remaining bastions of nature for them to do bear stuff. so having too many bears is a bad thing to begin with in a state like NJ....this isn’t exactly a state known for wide open spaces. Disclaimer: Hunting
  4. I'm not funny enough to make it work :(
  5. ... Does VGS have a "Members taken out of context" thread yet? ... Also, is Gloves a member, or something else :V
  6. It's hit or miss on my screen. It randomly disappears between pages. Here's what I'm getting.... Also, I'm on Windows 10 using Firefox 81.0.2 (64-bit) [[Template core/front/global/favico is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  7. Oh God, that thing would take one look at me and just break at the mere sight of my fat ass... Haven't seen one of those in a long time, and that means there is no "price" on it.
  8. It's not Tecmo NBA Basketball -N7 rare...but it's rare enough that the market can be cornered.
  9. Please don't hype this game yet. There's already whispers of the investor types talking about it....
  10. Whoa! Not sure if you drew some inspiration from the Marlboro’s in the series, but it fits the theme!
  11. Bosco Chocolate Syrup is better than Nesquik! Add in some Carnation malted milk powder in a blender with milk and then add 1/3 seltzer and you’ve got a classic New York malted chocolate eggcream ... No wonder I’m fat
  12. I like to think of threads as something that can be interwoven (don’t ban me sempai)
  13. For the record, I think that wasn’t fair to sofasurfer. He didn’t say anything out of the way. Is he a dirty reseller? Sure...but so are about 99% of us here on VGS. He thought he struck gold and wanted some opinions from the sages. I think we should bury the NintendoAge “douchebag” reputation.
  14. Can you take a higher resolution image? Maybe even scan the thing?
  15. ...well, that and the talent gradient is just a touch skewed to just two people. I mean, sure @CasualCart is good and all, but even at his level he's only second best to @OptOut
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