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  1. Where’s all this free spendable cash coming from and why isn’t it in the stock market. Warren buffet famously claims it’s idiocy to not take a 30 year mortgage. There’s blood in the water somewhere.
  2. What goes up will come down. I’m just gonna be renting another year, I was supposed to buy a house this summer but I’m just gonna wait for all those people paying 30-50% over asking price on their homes to foreclose on their mortgages. A financial crash is inevitable, we only put a bandaid on it in 2008 and COVID made us trip on a landmine.
  3. Qbert, and Superman are very hard to come by in Oval variants. I’m currently building a list that separates the primary variants and those two I almost missed having a box. Primary variants to me are as follows: 5-Screw / Circle Seal HT 5-Screw / Circle Seal No-HT 3-Screw / Circle Seal No REV-A 3-Screw / Circle Seal REV-A 3-Screw / Oval ™ Seal 3-Screw / Oval ® Seal Theres a TON of boxes with mismatched seals I’m finding out.
  4. I keep missing this one by seconds, hell I even BIN'd one and I got backdoored :| Good luck on this one!
  5. Hey guys, there's one particular game I can't remember right now and it's absolutely killing me. I remember there was an NES game with a different UPC code on the box...it may have even been on the side of the box instead of the back. For the life of me I can't remember what it was though!
  6. Don’t invest a single cent you aren’t willing to lose. The moment you have any emotion attached is the second you already lost control. I’m a novice investor, so I only have a couple grand invested with my free money given to me by my Dogecoin GAMBLE. I got lucky with a digital slot machine and timed it just right ... that isn’t the norm. Right now I’m invested in stuff I perceive as medium risk, high reward. $1000 in ETH, $1500 in BTC. Currently it’s worth only about $2000 so I’m down $500 but I don’t care since I have zero emotion on it...if it went to $0 then I still
  7. I think they sold more units than the Neo Geo, so you’d probably have to take away that as well. Edit: Yep just checked Wikipedia. They’re virtually tied. Super Nintendo Entertainment System 49.1 million[75] Mega Drive/Genesis 35.25 million[cn 2] TurboGrafx-16 10 million[81] Philips CD-i 1 million[82] Neo Geo AES 980,000[83] Neo Geo CD 570,000[84]
  8. Way too early to tell. We’re still in the period where none of the games are exclusive to it between its “predecessor” I say that in quotes because this entire console generation feels like a third console spec refresh of last generation. Last generation we had Base model PS4, and Base modal Xbox One....then in 2016 to 2017 we had a console upgrade with the PS4 Pro, and the Xbox One X.
  9. This being VGS, I know you probably are using one, but If you’re not using a CRT then you’re missing out on what the PS2 should look like. Purely on a graphics perspective, it is the last console generation where CRT is a must. Some games on the next generation up are practically unplayable on a CRT (Final Fantasy 13’s text was unreadable for example)
  10. Maybe, but that’s where we get into to “subjective” nature again. My oldest son thinks NES sucks and would rather play Minecraft and Roblox despite them also being graphically inferior in today’s environment. But we all know that Contra, MTPO, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon, Tetris, Mega Man 2, Zelda, and Castlevania 3 are some of the greatest games of all time....Mario 3 possibly being the #1 tie GOAT between it and Super Mario World, and Mario 1 maybe being the most culturally significant game of all time. (Yeah there can’t be a SMB without Mario Bros., DK Jr., and Donkey Kong before
  11. Chicken Parmesan, Salad with home made greek dressing, and some Mozarella and tomato with balsamic glaze.
  12. Dominance in the early history of video games isn’t an impressive feat though. Generation 1 was the Magnavox Odyssey and approximately 1000 pong clones. Generation 2 was Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision, and about 40 no name consoles that don’t matter culturally causing a massive crash in the US. Generation 3 was NES recovering the market, and the Sega Master System and Atari 7800 just sitting in the background as noise somewhere. Generation 4 is where competition begins to build with SNES, Genesis, TG16, Neo Geo, CD-i. Generation 5 introduces the mass adoption of CD
  13. Scalping is absolutely a disgusting practice...buuuuut This actually raises a different question. At what point is it not “scalping” Anymore? If you’re putting in 40 hours a week, opening a company, paying employees, marketing, locating inventory, doing packing and logistics, and stocking shelves in a warehouse then you’re just running a model business at that point. Clearly there’s a line to be crossed, but where is it, and how fuzzy is it? Is it MSRP? Because if so, then selling below MSRP is unethical since you’re screwing your local competitors over. Is it 25%, 50%
  14. We just used to call that napping when I was a kid In all seriousness, I just googled it. Seems interesting, but my lifestyle wouldn’t support it. My brain is hardwired to wake at 4:55am-5:15am no matter what hour I sleep.
  15. This whole series is subjective to personal taste, but there’s been a clear cut trend that the more systems sold, the better the platform. Also, the sheer numbers are STAGGERING for the system. Across all regions there are roughly 4,400 game titles, at a time when Xbox only had 1,000, Gamecube only 650, and the Dreamcast only 625. This is roughly HALF of all games released within one entire console generation in a mature and stable time in gaming history (meaning, Gen 1 was 1 platform and long clones, 2 was basically atari and it’s crash, 3 was basically the NES recovering the indus
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