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  1. If every day is Christmas, then it won’t be special! But I swear, if we skip Leif Erikson day...
  2. I’d love to learn to speak, read, and write Japanese in order to properly document and archive Famicom games. I’ve got a very very low level understanding of European languages like German, Spanish, and Italian for this reason.
  3. Titles are good, but I’d be damned if I wasn’t disappointed in it. Plus everything good to be had on it has been ported over to the switch.
  4. 2. Thing is huge, library is small;m, games are trash, and it’s considered the same generation as its predecessor. Its the original Wii U.
  5. Average console. Fantastic packaging. KC Munchkin is a good Pacman clone IMO
  6. The day the OP found it he messages me on InstaGram and I photoshopped it to prove it was oval. Dude just wanted to see how other people react to it was all.
  7. So much responsibility...how will I cope. I just hope I don't f**k up season 8.
  8. Sounds like a case of "Trolls on Treasure Island" where there are god knows how many different troll doll variants, coupled with the fact that there is also a notched cartridge variant.
  9. I'm looking for DK Math, FFF:AW, Chubby, Bonk's, Zombie Nation, and the big Taito 5 (F2, BB2, PB2, Panic, Samson) as long as they're all complete. Exception for Chubby, FFF:AW, and DK Math if they're half decent boxes with in tact hangtabs. Maybe not all at once though...
  10. Forums in general are outdated and unfashionable. To say we’re the best retro gaming forum is wrong though. A Google search for “retro game forum” doesn’t even yield results for VGS. The place is just too knew, and were such a small community that it’s hard to gauge where we even sit on the spectrum. Clearly were more knowledge archival focused of a community rather than strictly a game discussion forum, but most topics here have been gravitating to a more “Anti New Wave Collector” rhetoric instead of a “Games are cool, let’s nitpick every detail” one. Also, Forums
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