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  1. I'm paying $50 a pop for 1985 R.O.B. posters, and if I had to put a bounty on that Mega Man watch insert I'd do about the same. Though the comic guys might pay more if you marketed them right.
  2. A button or function on any humanoid doll should never be in the genital area unless the purpose of that doll was supposed to teach about reproduction. The furthest I’d personally allow are the baby dolls that “actually poop” since that’s teaching childcare. I’ll be a little more liberal with that and even allow it to be fully anatomically correct. This applies to toys for boys and girls. Action figures are just a masculine way to say doll. An action figure should never have penis buttons, or literal crotch rockets like the example above. Kids aren’t as stupid as people think. They know that the genital area is their private parts and it’s naughty
  3. I’m at the point in my CIB NES set that I have all the commons, almost all the rares, most of the uncommons...but those “almost rares” I’m missing are about 250+ titles. In all I’m missing about 350 titles for a complete US set. Getting them all 100% CIB would be a monumental task of buying them one at a time because they don’t ever show up in bulk lots and I just don’t want to do it.
  4. There’s a clear tendency for many years that all things early Nintendo were must haves for any sealed collectors. That also clearly has shifted into a new hobby of key title collecting where collectors want first prints of AAA titles that they can market as rare. Im sure there are thousands of sealed Halo’s out there, but people are bananas for NFR editions of it right now...I’m sure there are hundreds (if not a thousand+) of sealed SMB3 right now but even the right Bros is a hot commodity.
  5. No joke I’m furious with myself. I’ve been legit waiting three years for a Sachen full set to be posted and here we are only a few weeks after my largest gaming pickup. I’d much rather own this Sachen set than a shitty world class track meet first print...I just can’t justify selling it now that it’s in my hands. Also, incoming angry @Gloves for bumping threads >_> don’t ban me gloves until I get my sachens...I promise I’ll stop making fun of Canada and it’s various types of currency.
  6. There’s a guy with a loose cart too, showed up literally just as soon as I got him into collecting these things right after I told him it existed and wished him good luck on finding it ever...like really 1 in a million odds. Also, I wouldn’t want you to split up the lot. It’s too precious as it is to have all 67 games right there.
  7. Hey you made it here! This is the guy who emailed you about your collection a couple days back. Good luck with the sale. I really want this lot but I just don’t have the funds right now :( I can’t even begin to ask if you would consider splitting it up, because I need basically everything you listed here except for a couple generic variants I already own, and five of the non-genetics.
  8. ThePhleo

    NWC #103

    I hope it served you well! If you have any additional photos I have a bounty on them.
  9. I know you said '80s-'90s but you've gotta include some of the real classics like Looney Tunes, Jonny Quest, Scooby-Doo, Flintstones, Jetsons, Pink Panther, Tom & Jerry. Here's the best stuff from the era that I can remember. A Pup Named Scooby-Doo Aaah Real Monsters Alvin and the Chipmunks Angry Beavers Animaniacs Arthur Batman Beetlejuice Bobby's World Captain N Captain Planet Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Darkwing Duck Dennis the Menace Dexters Laboratory Doug Duck Tales Flintstones Kids Freakazoid G.I. Joe He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Hey Arnold Insepctor Gadget Invader Zim Johnny Bravo KaBlam Magic Schoolbus Masters of the Universe Megas XLR Mucha Lucha Muppet Babies New Adventures of Jonny Quest Pinky and the Brain Pokemon Powerpuff Girls Recess Rockos Modern Life Rugrats Silverhawks Simpsons Smurfs Super Mario Super Show Swat Kats Talespin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Real Ghostbusters The Super Friends Thundercats Tiny Toons Adventures Transformers Wild Thornberries Some late '90s probably thrown in there too, like Invader Zim. Also, you'd be doing a disservice not to include anime. Akira Big O Cowboy Bebop Cyborg 009 Dragon Ball Evangelion Fist of the North Star Ghost in the Shell Gundam Wing Inuyasha Lupin III Macross Outlaw Star Princess Mononoke Rurouni Kenshin Sailor Moon Saint Seiya Speed Racer Tenchi Muyo Trigun Voltron Yu Yu Hakusho
  10. I trade all the time. Trading has probably been involved in at least half of my major transactions. In 2015 I think it was, I traded Star Fox Weekend memorabilia for a loose Stadium Events cartridge. I traded my sealed Original Mario Bros. 9.4 / B graded for cash + DK Competition Cartridge and Star Fox Weekend cartridge. From 2012-2015 I traded high end NES games like Little Samson, Dino Peak to get bulk CIBs. I traded a sealed ungraded FFF: Athletic World (which later graded 90+ I think) for a CIB FFF: Athletic World and a 90+ Felix the Cat. Those are just the first ones I can think of too.
  11. COVID is less than a year old. It’s gonna take make years to find out what works against it. Drugs take ages to be proven effective against disease and other ailments. There is no one on this planet who studies drugs for a living can say, with authority, that it works for COVID.
  12. I've got some decent pictures now. I never explicitly asked permission to post them publicly though...but let's just say this cartridge is less than stellar. I'm going to hide pictures of this particular cart, there's waaaay too much of a fishy smell where there shouldn't be.
  13. I’m known as the crazy NES List guy...I don’t get special attention besides random people sending me pictures of cool stuff like NWC carts, or odd variants once in a while. I don’t think there’s such a thing as “too much” attention in the hobby. We’ve got guys like Frank Cifaldi, Norm Caruso, Chris Koehler, Pat Contri, and John Hancock who are known by their full names and they all seem like guys who are still easily accessible to have a chat once in a while with. You then have TONS of mega collectors who’d probably end up reading this very post.... When we get celebrities publicly sharing their collections, I think THEN we’ll be at a point that it’s “too far gone”
  14. The three are 100% confirmed via NintendoAge FS threads. Pictures disappeared from the web before I started my archive but the numbers were discussed....they’re absolutely confirmed to exist from high profile NA members at a time when these things were still priced in the mid to high four figure range. ...the only one Im skeptical about is #0345 which a friend of mine claims to have seen and held in person. This one has no known photos and no one has claimed to own it or even posted it...as far as I know I’m the only one who publicly claims it exists...but this guy has a mega collection and two copies of NWC grey himself so I see no reason for him to lie. I still mark it as suspect though on my list
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