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  1. Hey, how about Boo from the Mario series!? Maybe with a Mario power up? Or better get, make him look like something out of ghostbusters!
  2. The ad I found actually doesn’t have the “deathrace and crossbow coming soon” blurb. Interesting. It means it was at least published twice.
  3. Is Cheetahmen II still "so bad it's good" or has its cultural significance passed? It's got slight fame, a review by basically every youtube game reviewer of 2008 - 2013, and it actually sucks!
  4. No, but finding a couple units of a game that's already pretty rare with advertisements that have a way to order gives me a feeling that it *should* be considered.
  5. Myriad, Racermate, and whatever Sachen games made their way to the states pre-1996 alone would make that goal impossible anyway
  6. Another Detail: There's finally a name to attach to this game! Bottom Left area, near the zombie hand coming out of the grave, just above the sharedata logo blurb. "Francis Mao 89" @Bronty are you still alive on this forum? We need your super powers.
  7. WOW, great time of year to post this! Very cool, let's dissect it. Deathrace, and Crossbow are listed as "coming soon" Under "$19.95" it says "Suggested Retail for Chiller only." Bottom white text says "this product is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by ShareData, Inc. It is not designed, manufactured, sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo®. Nintendo Zapper® and Nintendo Entertainment System are trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc." Here's a better scan of the same thing. http://videogamecomicads.blogspot.com/2013/10/chiller-nes-1990.html Basically. Sharedata Chiller *is* retail, and manufactured by Sharedata. Two new unlicensed variants in one season is crazy! We have a new Caltron variant, and now this...now we just need some more info on AGCI Wally Bear.
  8. I welcome and invite a downturn in market prices. While it's true that I gave some extremely high premiums above the already all time high prices for some things I recently purchased, it's also true that I'm a long time collector who sees the value of owning some pristine high end pieces. The thing about analyzing data is that you're supposed to check your bias at the door. Given a large enough dataset, anyone can pull anything they want relative to its subject.
  9. BreakTime interests me the most! If you want to put up a vote on what to do next. Also. Depending on what variant of SMB3 you have it’s probably just a PMG-UM insert as the only special insert. If it’s a Oval TM seal though then that’s where it gets interesting since I’m 99% sure it doesn’t have the Mario 3 exclusive Nintendo power offer (as well as any left Bros variant)
  10. Wait, roundball should be on the list. I think @DoctorEncore sold me a CIB that he opened for this project. I can take photos of the inserts to get it added to the pending list.
  11. I wonder if there's a way to "speedrun" this by seeing if there's anything cheap left on the list. Once we get the rest of the cheap stuff out of the way, we'll probably need to have a group buy effort. I can even petition the high end groups to see if they have some rough "Not even worth CIB price" sealed stuff too. If all we're after is data, then who really cares about the condition of the item itself.
  12. Wish the (M) symbol didn't get turned into an emoji It looks so much nicer without it. Then again, I'm probably the only person to even use that symbol on the entire internet today without the purpose of it being an emoji or circumvention of word filters
  13. It's to save room. The cartridge line for example can get large even with shortened variables. Basically Every Black Box Game: 5-Screw, Flat Screw, No Code, Circle, No MiJ, No NES™, No Title™, No Top ™, No ⒸⓂ (OO) Tecmo Cup Soccer Game should be NES-TP-USA. Battleship should be NES-BH-USA. No stars on any of the manuals. If there were I would do it as presented too. There's a game or two where the star is an asterisk BEFORE the "NES" part of the code (like ✽NES-XX-USA) and then the majority are after the -USA (like NES-XX-USA★
  14. Let me know if you want me to reformat it. My format is very different from the one that the document uses.
  15. Battleship Publisher Mindscape Developer Mindscape (NES) Release Date September 1993 Item Description Box -USA, Oval ®, 30708 Cartridge -USA, Oval ®, NES-USA/CAN-1 (07) Manual -USA, Oval ®, No Ⓣ, ST 30708 Poster None Mail Card None Nintendo Power GP-NES-USA Document NES-USA/CAN-1 Dust Sleeve Black, Textured Plastic Bag Standard, Large Hole Spacer Standard White Styrofoam Seal Cellophane H-Seam Circuit Board TBD PRG TBD CHR TBD CIC TBD HC161 TBD Tecmo Cup Soccer Game Publisher Tecmo Developer Tecmo Release Date September 1992 Item Description Box -USA, Oval ®, 20709 Cartridge -USA, Oval ®, NES-USA/CAN (00) Manual -USA, Oval ®, Ⓣ, No Date Poster TEC-NES-US-3, Oval ® Mail Card None Nintendo Power GP-NES-USA Document NES-DOC-USA Dust Sleeve Black, Textured Plastic Bag Standard, Small Hole Spacer Standard White Seal Cellophane, H-Seam Circuit Board TBD PRG TBD CHR TBD CIC TBD
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