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  1. For the cause! So few titles left with questions around them on my list. I’m happy to scratch this one off. I sort of want to make a video like how you do, or even send it to you to open.
  2. I wish it worked that way, but it doesn’t on this little decade long project. The only thing I have sealed left is a sealed Abadox, and a sealed Legend of Kage. Those are already on the list though so I have no need to open them.
  3. I’m biased because I want them alot but I’ll be transparent. I hate to see them go to someone else but $150 each is perfectly fair both to you and him. You can squeeze a little more out of them, but even at $175 a lot of these sit on eBay for months at a time. . . It all depends on whether or not the 5 or so Sachen collectors like me and that dude have that particular game or not. I will tell you that Penguin & Seal, and Auto Upturn are a lot harder to find than the others. But that makes little difference in price for these things. All Sachen original art games are R10 out
  4. GVN and VGPC are a pretty good measure for loose carts, and an okay measure for the “average” CIB in “average” condition. GVN doesn’t count NIV Bible, King James Bible, Spiritual Warfare, Joshua, and Exodus. It also doesn’t count the players choice stuff. You can safely tack on another $500 just for those alone. So $9500 + $500 is a safe $10,000. Add in your variants, depending on how many you have I bet you can add another $1000 so $11,000. The best you’ll get in a bulk lot in a short amount of time is about $7500 I think. Of course the opposite can be true and
  5. I definitely had my doubts in GameStop, I even thought COVID would bring it to its knees even faster
  6. $200 later... I will still open mine when it gets here.
  7. Please sell them to me. I’ve got about a quarter of the set but none of these.
  8. Legit variant, somewhat harder to find. Im not sure which is “first” to be honest. One of the few “accepted“ unlicensed games with that major of a revision. Tengen Pac-Man comes to mind immediately as the only real analog, and yellow box Maxi-15, but that’s a Canadian variant. I guess you can count the sticker “competition” variants of the rarer color dreams games?
  9. Just bought a sealed Battleship with the intent on opening it. I just *feel* there should be a poster for it but I’ve never seen one. It’s one of the few games I have no idea what inserts go to it...ps look for a sealed Jungle Book, Incredible Crash Test Dummies (I know it has a poster), and Godzilla 2. They’re highest priority for me to open one day. Edit: oh and I need a N7 Tecmo Basketball, Jurassic Park, Klashball, Black Bass, Palamedes, Mickey Letterland & Safariland, Flying Dragon white box, Wurm, Mutant Virus, and Power Punch II
  10. Solid 2. Just ... why? Atari, you had it all. You stole the market from Magnavox and made it your own. Messing up with the 5200, fine. But you follow it up with another screwup? .... and then tried to make up for it with the Jaguar, and when that failed just made a CD add on? (At least Jaguar had a good Tempest game though) Nope. Sorry not sorry. I’d give it a 1 but the ActionMax, VirtualBoy, HyperScan, R-Zone, LaserActive, and Amstrad GX4000 exists.....0 is reserved for LJN Videoart and BBC Bridge Companion.
  11. Any bullethell SHMUP for a first timer to the genre.
  12. Easiest way is to download a GoodNES Romset and look for all games with a software revision for the NTSC format. Also, I think there’s a website dedicated to documenting differences in older games. But I think it’s more cross region stuff
  13. There goes half the comic collectors from the hobby then. >_> here's hoping for a flash crash.
  14. Finally I can delete them off my hard drive. ... They don’t take that much room though.... just in case.
  15. Would you call Jesus a middle eastern icon? Sonic is a global icon. Dude has cartoons, comics, a movie, merchandise, the works! Fun Fact: you can type in “[Your first name] the hedgehog“ on google and shitty sonic fan art will pop up. If you’re lucky, you might even get some Rule 34 on your name...
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