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  1. Luckily my wife and i use stuff like almond milk and eat quite a bit of tofu and fish products so we tend to be able to find all our go to items haha. After the election I heard our Costco was a nightmare with people shoving like it was Black Friday. Fights were breaking out in the store; it was pretty silly.
  2. RH, I could have sworn you used to live in Washington but maybe not. We have Stellar jays here and they are the worst jerk offs ever. They do look cool with their mo-hawks but dang they are the meanest birds ever.
  3. Damn this looks amazing! Nice work on all the shelving and organizing One jealous dude here!
  4. Love my new VGS shirt! HUZAAH!!!!!
  5. I never saw these on NA but they look dope. I'm excited to read them all! Great work dude!
  6. Some nice titles in here, way out of my price range. GLWS!!
  7. I just bought a new red shell for mine and have never replaced one before let alone tried to lift a sticker. I might hit you up for some questions, when I get around to it.
  8. I'm not drinking anything right now but damn I could use some Manny's!!!!
  9. Matchbook


    I agree that there will still be some that have physical disk drives until we make the leap from disc based medium to fully digital, like VHS to DVD. Countless amounts of people like myself still use their playstation as their dvd/bluray player. I have to throw in there are tons of people who don't even have basic internet access, let alone to means to purchase new games, relying on used physical copies. But, the big players in the gaming industry might just push out that crowd anyways as they try to force all digital versions on the consumers.
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