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  1. It's been some time but I have an update. The Last of Us Part II I resumed play and finished it. I did this prior to the show coming out and was very much engrossed in it. It was all I did for about 2 weeks. My wife really enjoyed watching me play it similarly to the first one. The story had me on edge and all the quality of life improvements were really great. After finishing it, I couldn't believe all the setting options that were available to change. Just the color palettes alone were incredible. And there were so many challenging ways you could play new game+. The only issue I had was the last part of the game felt very rushed. The California part was pretty short and I really wish they had not cancelled the DLC. But none the less I had a great time and enjoyed the emotional heartache it caused. I really didn't think I would feel so much for Abby, I really hated her during the first half of the game. But as the second half played out I really found myself torn between her and Ellie. Great story telling and another impressive game from Naughty Dog of course! I look forward to season two of the HBO series Breath of Fire This is something I have wanted to play for a very long time because this is one of my Brother's favorite series ever, specifically BoF4. So I figured with it being on Nintendo Online I would give it a shot. While I enjoyed about half the game, I got to a point where I couldn't see myself grinding so much just to say I finished it. It really drug on and I have other games I want to play and decided my time wasn't worth it. I'm sure I will visit the franchise in the future but for now I have better things to spend my time with. Hopefully
  2. Just put in my pre-order. Pretty stoked to check this out. Can't wait! Congrats dude!
  3. I have quite a bit of Diablo related stuff here is most of it. I also have Diablo III collectors edition stuff as well. Let me know if you like any of this stuff.
  4. Another year another disappointment. Last year I was way too ambitious and fell flat on my face. Many of you did really well! I am super impressed and proud of your dedication to slaying your backlog boss. This year I will cut my list down to a count I think I can handle. Especially not having so many RPG's. I also started Elden Ring last year finally, but won't be adding it to the list as I dont know how much attention I will be able to focus on it. It is really good so far though! Now on to the list. NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles SNES Breath of Fire - Given up, too grindy Spawn NGC Metroid Prime Switch Mega Man 11 DS Chrono Trigger PS2 Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII PS4 The Last of Us Part 2 - done 3/13
  5. Been a ghost lately, family stuff blah blah blah. Haven't done much gaming and finally had some time here in October and November to work on my backlog list completing 2 games. Assassin's Creed Unity - 11/11 This game got a lot of flack upon release because it was very buggy and a struggle to play through. Well after such a long time away from it I finally managed to plow through it. A large number of the bugs have been fixed and it was really pleasant to play. I enjoyed the story quite a bit and to my surprise was still able to find people doing the online multiplayer missions. It was sad to see Arno's love interest die at the end, completely ignoring his warning to wait for him for assistance. The stealth still felt pretty good on some of the harder missions and I was able to just bull my way through the more open area missions. Overall I give it a pretty good rating. I have given about 2 hours to the next game Syndicate and like the aesthetic of steam punk England, but don't know how I feel about the combat (feels like the Batman games) knowing I'm still in the early stages. Super Mario Odyssey - 11/16 I've always been a huge Mario fan since I first ventured in the early 90s. I havent really given a mainline Mario game a solid shake since probably Super Mario 64; aside from the Mario Karts, Smash and typical offshoots. It was fantastic! I played about halfway through myself and then started a new game with my nephew and made it damn near all the way through. He got his own Switch so we never finished his game on my console. I picked up where I left off on my save and finally finished it. I had such a blast going through all the zones trying to find the hidden moons. There is plenty more for me to find and am looking forward to collecting more outfits. It's high rating was well deserved and my wife and I will revisit on 2 player mode in the future. Now to tackle a couple other games off the list that seem possible. I definitely was a little too ambitious this year with the amount of games and the number of longer games I added. I will absolutely make a more manageable list for myself next year. ON TO THE NEXT!
  6. I might be coming into a fairly large Sega/Master System collection later this month. I'll post back here when I know more.
  7. Wow @Paul! Congrats on this amazing journey and keep up the good work! Sounds like you are coming along great! Cheers my friend!
  8. A little more from the estate today
  9. Been off for a while. A coworker is helping selling off a deceased relatives estate and I just so happened to ask if there were games. She was just going to give them to me but I hassled her long enough to take some money. A couple nice ones in here. Pirates of Darkwater and Castlevania Bloodlines was surprising. Almost all of them have the manuals, inserts and reg cards and have the hangtabs in great shape. Just a little dusty. Also not pictured Genesis model 2 console and 32X topper, a SNES and some controllers for each.
  10. Pump pump the Jam! Pump it up, pump it up!
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