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  1. For the specific cart variant that goes with Family Fun Fitness AW it does not. It was so early. I even have the Bandai internal paperwork with black & white original photos etc on them marketing this game. See my IG… https://www.instagram.com/p/CMQ04degenU/ Funny enough though watch out for the PAL version as they did get a round soq with the green series 1 label with 3 screw cart.
  2. I mean, not just NTSC… a couple of my recent Instagram posts… https://www.instagram.com/p/CSPfqZEJCb7/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CSa2sJDLouL/
  3. I’ve always thought it’s Jennifer (whatever her real name is) the younger sister on Family Ties.
  4. 2 very nice overnight bounces for me I only share as one was video game history related. Bought PONGF (Atari) yesterday. 10,000 at .50, sold today for .64 = $1,400 gain overnight not bad. I also had a limit buy of 4,000 at 7.99 on OCGN in as it’s been falling since they announced their COVID drug results. It filled yesterday and I sold out today at 10.45 got to 10.65 before it fell back to 9.60 by the close, but for me $9,840 gain overnight. Fun when the market gives you gifts like these.
  5. I F**king hate this, period. Yeah you can tell looking at the flaps this is not correct, but average Joe gets fooled all day long with these.
  6. Wow stop being so bitter there Arch, again very disappointed in you. Never my intention to say see I told you so. I legit only ever posted in here to warn would be chasers that this was all just a flash in the pan and someone would be left broke at the end of the day. Not singling out anybody. Sad dude...
  7. Hope none of you are “holding the bag”...
  8. Of course! My favorite event of the year.
  9. Ugh... I’ve always said I hated REPROs, after reading this I hate them even more. This won’t end well...
  10. Hadn’t considered the kid side Jone. I don’t have any kids, I’ll give you that one. I also think theatres, restaurants, etc will all see huge spikes once things open yes, it’s only natural. People don’t like being held at home and told what they can and can’t do. Heck my g/f has only been out of our house 7 or 8 times since last March as she has a lung issue.
  11. Yep I’ve said that multiple times in this thread. Movie theaters are going to go the way of the drive-in theatre soon enough. Which is sad as I loved drive-ins too.
  12. Exactly, personally I have blinds and then I have blackout curtains over those so I get no light issues.
  13. Highly doubt it, AMC’s demise has been hastened by COVID. With super cheap flat screens and people having stimulus money to buy them and now with all the new streaming services and movies being available at home same time as at theatres, this thing is dead. It pains me to say it man, I used to go to a movie at least once a week, I love the experience. But now I’m like why go and pay to have someone kick my seat from behind and sit in front of me and recline. Pay $10 for popcorn and $6 for a pop? I’ve got an 86 inch flatscreen, surround sound, a pop fridge, snack drawer, and my own movie theatre popcorn maker with 3 kinds of butter in my man cave. Obviously not everyone has the setup like I do, but you get my point. Only time I’ll be going to movies is if there is a major event like an actually good Star Wars movie done by Lucas and Favreau comes out.
  14. It’s over Arch. News just reported one of the largest GME shareholders just sold out their entire stake. There are always people late to the party who will buy and there are always people who have been at a party who don’t want it to end... but in the end, it will.
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