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  1. Here's another Super Nintendo Kiosk (M19IZ). Will add more pictures later.
  2. I know it's been a while, but I just picked up an M19IZ SNES Kiosk. I can get more pictures later for you. I posted it in some Facebook groups as well
  3. I've got this Nintendo 64 hard plastic sign, with no markings. The back is white. I think it's like 2 feet wide. Only thing I could think of that it came from was maybe it was in a video rental store and it was on top of the shelving for the game section. Anyway, I know it's not nearly as big or cool as some of the other signs, but I would be up for trading it for some kind of small sign that's from the NES or SNES era, or maybe trading for something that would fit in with my World of Nintendo 60 inch display cabinet.
  4. Haha it's funny I didn't even mention Jamie by name, but you knew who it was. Everyone says he is the go to guy on these.
  5. So earlier in the year, I found two 60 inch wide World of Nintendo retail display cabinet tops at a local yardsale. Sadly, they didn't have the bases. I got in touch with someone that had an extra base, and we ended up trading one of my tops for his extra base. After it was all said and done, I might have around $300 total invested in my cabinet. I'm still trying to figure out where to find some kind of shelving or hangers for the pegboard back. Here is a pic of it: Also, I recently found some NES games for $3 each. I saw the UBI Soft Indy, and knew I had to have it!
  6. Just me reading my favorite magazine, while riding Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World!
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