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  1. Finally got my wave 2 Super Mario 35th pin set and zipper pouch. The pins are so nice!
  2. Awesome! Pretty cool how there are different buttons. Perhaps even more than two?
  3. Ooh! Congrats on these super cool finds!
  4. Super awesome pickups! Happy birthday!
  5. I personally would find the sign off putting. Like people have said above me, I have a checklist on my phone of my collection. If I was using my phone to check online prices it would be to double check that I am not going to pay way too much. I have a general idea of prices usually, and I don’t mind spending a little bit more in person to get the item right away locally. My point is if this store frowns on people checking prices on their phones, they must be asking way too much.
  6. I’ve been trying so hard to get a pack. I’m in Canada, so they are exclusive to Best Buy and Amazon. I’ve been constantly checking both sites since the day before release because I missed the preorders. According to people on Twitter there were restocks on both sites yesterday. Must’ve been gone in seconds because I never saw them.
  7. I’ve only played the first one on the PlayStation Classic. The control is horrendous, likely due to the lack of analog sticks on the controller. From what I’ve seen of the newer games, they seem quite fun.
  8. 7/10. There are some good games on the Wii U. The only thing I don’t like about it is the game pad and how some games require the use of it. I like using the pro controller.
  9. I give it 6/10. It’s tricky sometimes, but it’s a solid game.
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