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  1. Honestly I would just try to get a cart and call it good. As a diehard Mega Man fan,I have seen maybe a dozen or so of these carts but never a cib copy,only the sealed copy that a member on here has. I would probably chop off my penis to acquire it but it’s definitely not changing hands likely ever. He also has a manual which that one is probably worth a right or left testicle...maybe both. Again,it’s not changing hands much to my dismay. There is a site called Mercado Libre which is like a central/South American/Latin oriented eBay that I used to frequent and I would see those carts pop up from time to time,but once people realized what those carts were and they started fetching good coin on eBay,those carts basically vanished off of that site. Most of the carts had moderate wear on them as well. Anyway,best of luck to you!!
  2. I got these beauties from the one and only Arnpoly. A fantastic guy! Very appreciative of the games! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!
  3. @Bearcat-DougIt’s okay,I have a nice trophy cart anyway, courtesy of @Quest4Nesfor winning the nes prize cart fantasy football league in 2017.
  4. Well they said you had reached your visit quota for the week plus you impregnated most of the girls there so they put you in time out lol.
  5. I actually have 10 of these. It happened to be free SMB matte seal day at Hooter’s when I went in there and I made out like a bandit!
  6. These two aren’t so much grails as they are the rarest things I have. The first is a Toys R Us Mega Man 6 display sign. The second is a Mega Man the Power Battle test market arcade board. I’m not sure how many of each are out there,but there can’t be many,especially for the test location board. Heck I could have the only surviving one for all I know.
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Game_Boy_colors_and_styles Any discrepancies with this list?
  8. I hate when I get blue boards.....oh wait... Blue Marble Madness! Sounds like something you’d get at a high end strip club....
  9. This really does nothing to the arcade market as most of the games at CEC’s nowdays are not very sought after. Plus if I remember right,their company policy was to destroy machines they were getting rid of instead of selling them off or giving them away. Currently, if you want to capture any semblance of that old school arcade feel,barcades are where it’s at.
  10. Dude next time you are in town,we need to go back to the Free Play Arcade in Richardson although I went to the one in Arlington before the covid crap and it was even better! I was throwing down on some Gyruss!
  11. Haha! Nice! Once I get moved in about 3 weeks I’ll have some time to play. Tomorrow I’ll feel like I’m playing Rad Racer for real with all the driving I will be doing.
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