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  1. Pssshhh supporting the slugiarchy I see. Lesser gray slug power!
  2. Is there a low group on the totem pole that gets to tell jokes about everyone?
  3. Oh thank god “everyone’s a racist” is pulling for you. It’s what you guys do, pretend you didn’t hear salient points to try to turn the conversation something you can rebutt. No one cares where you actually went to school or who paid for it, or what your parents think of you. Jesus H. Christ. The point was that the original point sailed over your head because you want to tell me that you never quoted Rachel maddow
  4. Oh my bad. You win. I bet your parents are proud the spent all that money sending you to the university of Phoenix.
  5. Vox is not the point. That was a pointless and obviously agenda driven source though it would’ve done you some good to at least skim for the sake of the conversation at hand. This “debate” has devolved from the thoughtful, interesting conversation when arch and m308 were the ones debating to a bunch of friggin parrots just repeating lines they heard on the googles. There’s no nuance. There’s no attempts at coming to a better understanding of the reality of the situation through intellectually honest discourse. It’s just who can quote Rachel Maddow or Gretchen Carlson the most times apparently wins. Good job.
  6. Don’t think I agree with you buckaroo. I’ve seen your responses. I’m as contrarian as all get out but you’re a willfully ignorant POS. Don’t even think of coopting my responses to hold up your leaky ship.
  7. Why? That’s not what it means and everyone including you knows that’s not what it means.
  8. I don’t know that for most of them I ever intentionally acquired them it was more that pretty much every lot I ever picked up had a couple in there. Things are pretty hectic around here with a new baby in the house but when I get a chance I will dig out the bin that has them all and I’ll give you a heads up.
  9. Definite contender for the worst in a genre that is a stain on music for all eternity. Also, didn’t jesus guy from creed kick Fred Durst‘s ass? Sad.
  10. Fester’s Quest for the whole damn thing. I guess you don’t necessarily “need” it but you’d better be taking thumb roids
  11. Cool beans. i wonder what thread could’ve prompted Gloves to burn the midnight oil to get this feature up and running ASAP.
  12. Is Lord Karnage still a thing? I feel like it should be but it never shows up in my recommended feed.
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