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  1. You could do always do like a 70sish classic rock kinda deal. Or just give Toto their own week. Your call
  2. I’m pretty sure that was the point you guys made in one of the digitpress threads to which I’m referring. I was actually talking about the Lightspan discs that aren’t the same handful of sets you see in every lot. Seriously. Been collecting the damn things forever but I swear they simply never pop up. Luckily because of what you were saying, when they do pop up they’ll probably just be priced like all the commons.
  3. Very cool. Thanks guys.
  4. Ha ha! Chicken feet. someone might fly to Taiwan. I have it on good authority that there’s a mighty fine change collection round them parts.
  5. I’ll see your sexy photos and raise you a fat old man titty bounce. 80085.
  6. super intrigued. Probably update tonight after I —- get in the right mindset
  7. I too despise leg day. My leg day mostly just consists of front squats as I don’t have the equipment to do much else. Maybe lunges. Max incline on the treadmill? I group deadlift either on its own day or on back day. Mysterious thing is I get sick or really busy ALOT on leg day.
  8. I do. I love a good pump. I’d have issues if I was just following some workout program too. I much prefer just playing with different splits and rep schemes. If I had unlimited time I’d probably stick to a push/pull kind of deal but I’ve always had issues with those getting impractically long. I do like the frequency you hit the muscle groups though. I’m usually time crunched these days so I try to stick to major compound lifts to make the most of my time. Been trying to lose weight too so...yay cardio Drop sets at the end of an exercise are a favorite of mine. Sometime
  9. Ahh so you’re familiar with my investment strategy. Make sure you rant endlessly about what a gold mine you’re getting in on.
  10. Hypothetical? My man that boat has already sailed. There’s plenty of things I sat on for too long waiting for the Perfect deal. Now they are going for annoyingly high prices. Not unobtainable but it’s annoying that I’m gonna have to sell something to make it happen. I haven’t hunted rares no one knows about in a while so that’s not a problem. All dank here these days. Castlevania, Zelda II, Kung Fu, Valkyrie Profile, case and manual for my Klonoa (saw the damn thing for $50 once.). If only I wasn’t such a coward. friggin Dragon Warrior III. Oh I could kick myself for that one.
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