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  1. Pretty sure the plot line was... It is the 90s and there is time for Klax.
  2. My favorite is when people think rare is a synonym for expensive. Like over $20 expensive. “I’ve got a black label copy of Final Fantasy VII. So rare.”
  3. Got some takeout for my boys birthday yesterday. Other than that we’ve been exclusively cooking at home, but we usually do anyways. On an interesting related note, all 3 of the Chinese Restaurants in our town just completely closed up shop. sad since none of them were really sit down places anyways.
  4. The original. Duh. Certainly not that SNES trash.
  5. So I’ve got a buddy that works for the federal gov in DC and apparently they had to force their supplier to release 3000 bottles of hand sanitizer they were holding in their warehouse to increase cost.
  6. There is a consensus. Marker always devalues it. I’m drunk and I still don’t want your scribbled on crap.
  7. Dat dem dar capitalism. Wouldn’t want no socialists screwin up mah chance to strahk it rich. If they give them pwerto rikans the ensoorans then what nixt? Kemtrales? A Joo prasident?
  8. Im so mentally fucked up right now about this. I’ve been on leave the past 6 weeks after the birth of my little girl but I go back tomorrow to forced very close contact with the general public. The worst bit is my employer is so buffoonish that I know their response is inadequate to non existent. Fuck me.
  9. Now we’re talking. 9/10. Legendary. I agree with a lot of the others about how phenomenal that cover of Hurt is. Kind of makes the NIN version seem like crap. Also, I voted for rap duo next. I am so hoping it’s the fresh prince and jazzy Jeff.
  10. Hammerfestus

    WTB Nothing

    Nevermind, I‘m all good at the moment.
  11. I‘m not someone who really ever shops at GameStop. It’s not some sort of hate for the company but I genuinely don’t see the appeal. Everything they offer is more easily and more cheaply obtainable online. How do you fix that no matter who you put in charge? I also don’t understand how Best Buy still exists either.
  12. Been on an X Japan kick last couple days. Need to hunt down that documentary.
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