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  1. Played through it years ago. It was enjoyable. 7/10. I don’t think it deserves either the praise or the hate it receives.
  2. I assumed everyone stopped going there years ago. Those shipping charges always demolished anything remotely resembling a deal you might find
  3. Yeah. Jurassic Park just isn’t the same if they’re being chased by giant chickens.
  4. MGS2 GTA Vice City Socom edit: wait. It may have been San Andreas? I don’t know it was only fun for a couple hours
  5. I totally forgot that that was a thing. Jacob Grimm is a big hero of mine. Dude was a beast. „Das hat dir der Teufel gesagt, das hat dir der Teufel gesagt," schrie das Männlein und stieß mit dem rechten Fuß vor Zorn so tief in die Erde, daß es bis an den Leib hineinfuhr, dann packte es in seiner Wut den linken Fuß mit beiden Händen und riß sich selbst mitten entzwei.
  6. Whoa guys. It’s all fun and games until one day little Billy comes to you and asks for $30,000 a year so he can go to Aut school because you just had to get him vaccinated. That doesn’t even include the easel or the brushes.
  7. All that pseudo science spiritual woo crap should be banned and anyone found practicing it publicly guillotined. I’ve got your essential oils right here buddy.
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