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  1. I’m going to have to crack one open cuz I know that Phil Collins is the shit and I believe I’m supposed to be drunk.
  2. You know from my time over there I really learned to appreciate a quality Pilsner just kept in a cool place. I think the warmer temperature brings out the flavors and I’m pretty sure that’s why the American paradigm is ice cold. It helps hide the fact that it tastes like shit.
  3. Man, ethereum is way down. I’m buying some.
  4. Come on in baby. Beck’s on tap and the waters...cold. It’s the German club after all.
  5. I first took 3 years of German in high school because it was an under the radar screw off class. In college I spent a month in ‘04 with eine Gastfamilie. It was a blast. Traveled all around was a fantastic guided experience taking language classes in a small town outside of Dresden. I was studying Bio at the time. Lazy decisions my junior year led me to switch majors to German Translation. Spent a year studying at Uni Leipzig. Probably spent more time taking “field trips” than I should have. So many interesting adventures. I hung out a lot with the Erasmus folks so I made friends from
  6. Do we get to do two? Cuz but he really should have his own thread
  7. Lived there? Loved there? Studied German in school? German native? Just like the food? Do Angela Merkel cosplay?
  8. Ha! That’s so funny you mention that. I remember when that happened. I spent a year studying at the University of Leipzig from ‘06 - ‘07. Everyone was up in arms about it and they were getting no sympathy from me. Oh, the number of jaws that dropped when I told the how much it was costing me a semester.
  9. Damn. At first I was like that display shelf is so cool and then you zoomed out. Sweet game room.
  10. Some cool bits this go round and also some that I just picked up cuz they were cheap. The 3 bottom are just boxes.
  11. No one here is telling anyone to do anything. It’s an oddity to us. No one is in contact with this woman in any way. We’re not even the target market. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of reason for us to give our opinions to each other on this forum without someone unthinkingly screeching about what misogynists everyone is at the slightest provocation. This is the purpose of her act really. Do you think it’s unintentional?
  12. Of course it’s up to parents monitoring. Who do you think all of these parents are who aren’t monitoring their children’s activity? Ad absurdum. Stop portraying women as these defenseless flowers with no understanding of the consequences of their actions or accountability. That’s how we get Anti vaxxers. Thanks a lot.
  13. There are so many I’d like to make a “modern” commentary on that are locked away behind NA.
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