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  1. That’s a bunch of bunk. Because I’m not 12.
  2. Wasn’t this one covered by AVGN in a video? I might be confused. Can’t remember name of it.
  3. does two days really make that much difference?
  4. Don’t mind them. Just inventing slap bass over there.
  5. I’ll probably be not playing the same spooky games I didn’t play last year. PS4 Medievil and Luigi’s mansion 3 or 6 or whatever.
  6. I guess that’ll be it for my eBay selling. The thought of having to use Facebook turns my stomach though. I guess it’s going up here.
  7. It mattered and added to the experience when I was 15 but not since then. Back then I remember a handful of titles I got on launch day and how anticipated it was — Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil 2, Metal Gear Solid. Now not so much. I got Dragon Quest 11 at launch. Do you know what happened? They then released a better version with cool new features I’d have to rebuy. Bastards.
  8. What kind of poll is this? It doesn’t even have Say Cheese and Die.
  9. I’ve only ever played the N64 Smash Bros. That was fun.
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