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  1. Growing lips? edit: and noses. Oh your god the noses.
  2. I’d be down for a Saturn mini. No new console though. That would be silly. In actuality I’d like a multi generational thing out of them so I could play the 32x, Sega CD, Saturn, and Dreamcast stuff I never touched
  3. It’s just so dull. The cutesy wootsy graphics really kill the edge and tension of the NES iterations for me. It also felt really dragged out. Whereas the length of the first could mostly be attributed to exploration and discovering your next moves (it’s actually relatively short once you know what you’re doing), the second just dragged on and on and I was tired of it by the time I even got to the dark world.
  4. I prefer SMB 3. Id agree the cape thing was definitely inferior to the leaf. Also I just feel like pound for pound it was better. It might be that having less crap going on and fewer levels made it more focused. Also, Zelda 1 IS superior to Link to the Past. That’s a game that is way over hyped.
  5. Jaysus. One of these threads made me check prices on PS1 games and I was floored by what I saw. Blasting through the roof. All kinds of $50 - 70ish stuff that hadn’t seen any significant movement in forever has just blown up. Friggin Brigandine sat at about 110 forever and it’s basically doubled overnight.
  6. I spent 2006 - 2007 studying in Leipzig, Germany. I can’t believe that was nearly 15 years ago. It gets me whenever I get one of those Facebook notifications about how long you’ve been friends with people and I see someone from back then. also
  7. I’ll admit that back in the day I bought my own prison based purely on having heard somewhere or other that it was supposed to be good. It was aight. That’s about it for me with them though. 4
  8. Take up smoking. Or don’t worry about it. Unless they’re standing outside your window blowing it in it’s not going to hurt anything.
  9. I’ve got the complete set of Quantum Leap comic books. If anyone wants to give me $3k I’ll have them put them in a plastic box.
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