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  1. Mr Rothchild has let me touch his box. Will sort through this steamy pile and get it moving tomorrow likely ....
  2. As I started in on this task of building a list and collecting these guides .... I can to realize there really isn't any one solid source for a list with variants on this set. It is an incredible guide set that was top notch during creation. Many useful guides covering all sorts of platforms. I am nearing completion myself and figured I'd get this list out into the public space for any other crazy people that are trying to go for a full set or maybe want to check out a guide from a different publisher than the known Bradygames / Prima empires that were popular during this time span.
  3. I will pass as well. Mr Rothchild was spot on
  4. Welcome aboard NGD! Glad to see you come check it all out!
  5. bumping it up! fresh inventory update... now with some WATA
  6. Hey Frisbee .... certainly say it has been a while hasn't it ... ! I also will refrain from any mention of where the new black box market sits. Congrats on getting a cabin! That sounds like a great getaway in general. Tell the lady, WELCOME TO THE NEW NORMAL.
  7. If we go off of the GVN evaluation of a complete loose set, it is showing $9,550 or so. I'd probably say to insure for around $10,000, give or take for your variants as well.... If you were to sell, I would imagine the offers will come in around $7000-8000. And likely closer to $7,000 as a bulk sale for the whole set.
  8. I'd estimate an auction of this to go around $300-500 likely. It's been years since I've seen one go up for sale.
  9. @mideast - right exactly. They essentially changed up their covers usually by color, but at times added stuff like this to the top where it is a later iteration. They got pretty crazy on their variants, especially with coloring, UPCs, spiral vs no spiral, and "By the Editors of Consumer Guides" .... all same content though I am fairly certain.
  10. Here's the premiere of the Sports for Kids issue. Don't think it made it past it though .... And then here is an example of the CES issues. They did around 3 or 4 ... waiting for confirmation from a friend who has the known set. They made guides to CES in fashion to their magazines .... And I will have to verify with another guy about how many Game Player's tapes there are. I had thought there were 16, but he can confirm and hopefully give me a pic for reference as I seem to not have it on hand.
  11. Yeah, I'm with you there. Game Player's certainly tried to cover all the grounds ..... Game Player's: Leading Magazine of Video and Computer Entertainment (generic magazine for Nintendo / PC / Sega / NEC / Amiga / Atari / other systems later too) This is the sequence I believe for Nintendo, effectively changing their title four times: a. Game Player's Guide to Nintendo (premier issue only) b. Game Player's Nintendo Strategy Guide (vol 1 no 2 and vol 1 no 3 same as Strategy guide to Nintendo Games) c. Game Player's Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games d. Game Pl
  12. There are multiple examples on stuff like this that I did not cover in the list. Many of the consumer report books have a variety of different UPCs / print iterations but I didn't want to get too far down the rabbit hole and just give the basic information of a book cover for people who wanted to search it out and maybe work on a set. You will find that there are a lot of minor variants out there, but we made the list just covering major variants here.... so be careful and don't follow the white rabbit!
  13. Thanks for catching that one. I went ahead and updated it and now added links to my googe drive folder for the NES and Multi Game books for full size scans of what I have available for everyone that is interested. @daillest
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