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  1. Good to know! When we were building this lists, the caveat was that the guide had to say the console system it pertained to on the cover or back. Maybe an exception here and there *cough*cough* Immortal Cluebook *cough*cough*
  2. The Battletech guide is fairly uncommon, they come up every once and a while. I believe the Amazon and eBay ones are overpriced given they are flying solo currently. But I don't consider it part of the SNES set as it only covers the Genesis version and there never was a Battletech for Super Nintendo.
  3. @ThePhleo @RH @Splain Whatever happen to the hype machine Phleo!?!? We need answers here.
  4. The AD&D guide for the SNES is probably the hardest to find in the whole set. It is essentially the same as the PC version that you have, but in black and white throughout (probably a photocopy with adjusted cover text). I know of less than five to exist (confirmed and seen). There may be a few more out there, but it certainly is extremely low on the numbers count.
  5. Smooth as butter. Thanks again! He sold the items, I received them in a very timely manner. WIN WIN WIN for all of us. +10 coins for this guy! Thanks mate!
  6. Ah, I see. What you've got there is Tecmo's thank you letter for being a great customer. I believe I have a very similar letter with mailer where they included a free copy of the Worlds of Power Ninja Gaiden book (by Scholastic) like they are mentioning in yours. Looks like they wanted some more business from the receiver and offered them some slick deals to purchase more stock! hah. I'll try and get a pic up here later today for reference.
  7. And to further push this point of trouble, imagine now that your restaurant is back open you need money flowing in ASAP ... but wait, you've got $3000 in gift cards being claimed. Yikes. More problems after the fact. I don't quite agree with this method myself. This whole thing has hit pretty close to home for my wife and I. She is deep in the restaurant game and we are watching so many of our Seattle counterparts suffer from these closures/restrictions. Doing the take out thing is great in idea, but it's not sustainable for most businesses I can guarantee that. And once your state hits the unnecessary travel bans, it will get even worse before it gets better. Crazy times these days.
  8. Here's a photo of the K-Mart All Stars box. And also the Game Kash vouchers for internet glory!
  9. What's up Arkturus! Good to see your name around again! Congrats on raising a young child! You done, doin good!
  10. Two Might and Magic Secret of the Inner Sanctum Cluebooks up for SNES. One at $100, the other at $90 /obo. Don't see them too often and probably can whittle down the OBO one a little more. $100 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/264675187187 $90 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/264384039518 ETA: $90 seller offered $75 by just watching it... that's nice of them.
  11. I'd love to see a picture of the Gaiden tips you found!
  12. I've been wanting to create a website dedicated to all these types of things, but time is hard to find these days for me to take on such a task
  13. My guess would also align to what's being mentioned. It most likely was a few pages of typed material that was sent to any person requesting it like what we've seen previously on adventure island, immortal, etc. Given it was Hudson Soft, I would hope there are a few out there, but likely if there were a few that made it out to people, those few turn into even smaller numbers as people are cleaning house and this falls into the "just printouts" category and gets trashed. If it was a book, there would be a few out there no matter what and I would hard pressed to believe that it is at this point as none have ever surfaced and I (and others) have been closely monitoring eBay for this kind of stuff since early 2000s and if all of our eyes missed this, then shame on us.
  14. Ogopogo Examiner - Premiere Issue - Just dropped $100 to $100 shipped. Great deal for anyone looking: https://www.ebay.com/itm/293492352950
  15. What's up paper peoplez! Thought I'd see what people are actively pursuing these days (if anything!) .... Lately, I've been working on getting through the Versus guide book set. It has been pretty interesting to start constructing the list off any internet resources I've found and see how far off I am versus what's available. Hopefully over the course of this year I will be able to track them all down. Seems like a few are over priced already, but that just makes it more fun to find it at a reasonable price. I've also been working on early Dimension publishing guides. I really have been enjoying the look of the early guides and haven't been trying to get into their later publishings -> ie: anything after PS1. Seems like they certainly were only publishing for PS1 titles in the early stages. Pretty fun subset to work towards and there aren't any lists out there so it's like finding a new treasure when I stumble upon a new listing. Good times! What's everyone diving into or looking for personally?
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