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  1. I'll vouch too. I'd also like to participate! Do I need a recommendation / vouching?
  2. A 10 CIB would likely only happen under very specific circumstances. @RH - your analogy would be spot on. Essentially the box would have to be near perfect, and unopened essentially. It would need to be a 9.8 box, 10 manual, 10 cart to get the 10 CIB. I can only see this situation happening if someone had a torn seal of a near perfect game and just decided to make it a cib .... it is almost impossible to have a 10.0 manual without it being out of a sealed game / first opening .... I believe there are around 3 or 4 10.0 grades from WATA (all sealed is my understanding), and aro
  3. haha, pretty much. I only had about 30 minutes before the rest of my day was too full to make the trip!
  4. @jonebone - looks like it is back up now
  5. You've been banned for life! Sorry mate
  6. @jonebone I've been trying too this morning with no luck ....
  7. Looks like there are a few variants to the lenticular card.... anyone have evidence of more than these two??
  8. THe only one on eBay currently is over $100 as a loose copy, but probably won't sell. You can probably easily get between $20-30 I'd suppose. A lot of these are hard to gauge. As more "common" titles don't get much love besides the big franchises ....
  9. I'm still trying to track that one down for you .... it's the worst one of the bunch to find.
  10. There are a few sets out there surprisingly! So far around 3-4 completes that I've heard / seen .... Good luck @Archon 1981 - I've struck out with one person so far and we will see what the other says for you. That's some nice carpet in the background.
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