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  1. I'd prefer that you add it. So if that's all the Japanese PEZ, are NA and Europe sets our next goal?
  2. @KokiriChild Awesome! Will you add it to the doc or would you like me to do it?
  3. Sure thing! As long as I'm allowed to emulate, I can knock off SE tomorrow.
  4. Generally, I'd say more people prefer SML, but I have to agree with you on the part about controls. SML1's controls feel way more tight and responsive to me, and SML2's controls are extremely floaty. It's like SMB1 vs SMB3 imo. More people like SMB3 because it's bigger and looks nicer, but it also has floatier controls than the first game. SML2 is bigger, has more stages (32 vs 12), looks nicer, has more powerups, more secrets, more enemies, ect. It just comes down to personal preference and whether you prefer the simplicity of SML1.
  5. Heh. I like to fly over them and bait them into chasing me. Maybe it's just me.
  6. One factor that I think really brought World down was slowdown. Super Mario Bros 3 was pushing the hardware, looked amazing, and had little to no slow down. World on the other hand, is on more powerful hardware and it has constant slowdown. When you get a starman, when there are too many projectiles on screen, and, worst of all, when there are more than like 3 Chargin' Chucks. There's one level in particular where there's like 6 or 7 Chargin Chucks and the frame rate drops below 20.
  7. If you have a select few favorite, you could do something like this: Or if you have an absolute ton you want to display you could do something like this: Or this:
  8. And, to win you over, you get a "Big Window Micro" if you purchase all four.
  9. I appreciate that you excluded amiibo. They're their own separate beast.
  10. Got it and responded. Thanks for the bump mate
  11. Exactly what I was gonna say. Care to do the honors?
  12. Common Gamecube Games CiB: All inserts, manuals, cases, disks Super Smash Bros. Melee Wind Waker DM if interested in buying/trading. If you'd like pics I can send 'em as well. Buyer pays shipping if outside of US, all games are NTSC GCN titles. I'm interested in trading for: Paper Mario (N64) Majora's Mask (N64) Expansion Pak Super Mario 64
  13. Wow, that sounds almost as bad as being a Sonic fan What are your thoughts on the Skylanders competitors? I bought a few Disney Infinity figures, and I bought a few Lego Dimension figures, but never bought the games. Both had high-quality figures, and Lego Chell, Lego Homer Simpson, and Lego Marty McFly are just awesome. And then there's amiibo...
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