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  1. 2/10 - I hugely dislike Bono’s voice, and find little redeeming about the music, unlike a band like Rush, where even though I don’t like Geddy’s voice, I respect the music. Edge’s guitar playing is awful, all the wah wah pedal stuff is garbage. Just watch the guitar documentary with him, Jimmy Page and Jack White to see a fish out of water.
  2. Congrats on the achievement, sounds like it was a beast!
  3. Finish up the N64 CIB set. Need about 40 boxes and 6 manuals. Find the last SNES box I need. Finish the SNES million seller set. Only need 1 more CIB and need to trade out a couple manuals for the proper manual code. Track down the last 25 Gamepro issues I need.
  4. Sad stuff. I’ve ran into him a few times over the years as he’s part of the local crew in Minneapolis.
  5. 6/10 a few songs I like, with Zombie being an all time great with great memories attached to it while traveling with friends. Dolores had such a tragic life, spent time in Dingle while driving around Ireland and was nice to hear stories about her from the locals.
  6. Couple things. Make sure you stay off of your back, especially when you sleep. I would also have your dad do breathing exercises, as that pain could be pneumonia starting to set in. Just Google deep breathing exercises.
  7. @acidjaguar I know he has them up to N64, not sure if he went into GC.
  8. I’ve only seen Birds of Prey which was good, Onward which was very good, and Soul which was great. Heard nothing but horror stories about Wonder Woman 84, but comic book movies suck in general so not surprised.
  9. We rented this growing up, loved the look and the music, but we got stuck about an hour in and gave up.
  10. Ha, the guy that’s been giving the perfect gift to Mario since 1985....money.
  11. Awesome job, made me think about Sega and how it would be cool to dress up Vectorman or Toejam and Earl!
  12. The top right side looks like it was peeled up from something before, and reapplied.
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