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  1. Currently trying to wrap up a Gamecube set. Need about 80 more. Also trying to get the posters for my SNES set that I don’t have and finish up the Million Seller CIB subset.
  2. Hello, trying to finish my SNES cib set and looking to buy lots of posters, reg cards, precautions booklets, and pamphlets. Also trying to make sure I have everything of the Million Seller/Regular set versus just one piecemeal CIB. I am looking for the following pieces: Donkey Kong Country Million Seller Cart Donkey Kong Country Million Seller Manual (usually ends in -1 or -2) Donkey Kong Country regular Box Donkey Kong Country 2 Million seller complete CIB Donkey Kong Country 2 Game Specific Guide Mailer Donkey Kong Country 3 regular cart Donkey Kong Country 3 million seller box and manual F-Zero million seller cart Sim City regular manual Sim City million seller cart and box Star Fox million seller complete CIB Super Mario All Stars million seller complete CIB Super Mario Kart million seller cart Super Mario Kart regular manual Super Mario World regular box Super Mario World million seller cart Super Metroid million seller complete CIB Tetris 2 million seller complete CIB
  3. Figured you guys would get a kick out of this. One of my drinking habits was featured in a popular travel blog. https://thriftytraveler.com/busch-light-travel/
  4. If this one exists, a copy has never surfaced. I would bet they never got enough orders and it never came out.
  5. Governor is closing up any bars/restaurants/non essential places tomorrow for at least a couple weeks here in Minnesota. Businesses and people are going to get hit hard, especially in the service industry. There will be some great case studies that come out of this. A cost/benefit analysis comparing the deaths of mostly elderly people to the loss of many businesses, incomes for young, healthy people. As someone with a very immunocompromised mother and the means to work from home and not be affected as much as others. I’m firmly in the quarantine camp, but I certainly see the other side as well.
  6. They are average/slightly form fitting I would say from my experience with this shirt.
  7. Yes and yes for these colors.
  8. Adding, I have self quarantined myself since Tuesday night. I’m lucky to have a job where working from home is just as effective as in the office.
  9. This is a big part of the problem. I recently got back from the San Francisco area where I had a conference with attendees from around the world. While there was a lot of hand sanitizer and little to no handshaking you never know what you come into contact with. To top it off, we flew out of San Jose airport where 3 TSA agents were confirmed with it on Monday. Tuesday I started feeling shitty, went in on Wednesday morning at open with a sore throat, runny nose, and a dry cough. They turned me away from testing because I didn’t have a fever. Now symptoms have gotten worse the last 24 hours and I’m thinking about heading back in tomorrow and staying until they test me. In the correct scenario, they should at least confirm I don’t have it, especially with having a mother that is extremely at risk of death should she contract it.
  10. RIP, fantastic actor. Absolutely brutally great performance in The Virgin Spring and countless other films.
  11. Expect other options going forward.
  12. They are preshrunk, but expect them to run a hair on the smaller size.
  13. In my days you were either a Duke guy, or a Hawk guy. Never both.
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