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  1. It’s true that it’s been going up steeply for a lot of stuff in a hurry lately, but we’ve heard this same stuff for over a decade now. Buy now, or buy for more later is the only trend that’s actually happened.
  2. Example denied: That game was 20 pounds not that long ago.
  3. I 4th this as I also have the book but have never read it.
  4. So sorry for your loss
  5. I went with 5, followed by SA, 3 and then Vice City of the 4 I’ve played. Liked them all so far, but had a ton of fun on 5 and even played it through twice.
  6. Started to read Gravity’s Rainbow, got intimidated and burned through Cat’s Cradle for the first time over the last 2 days. Very interesting read, still holds up today in this crazy world.
  7. That last one is brutal to pick. Iconic song from one of the most iconic films of the 80’s versus a classic 80’s style jam that instantly makes me think of GTA Vice City.
  8. A lot to digest here, getting to some legitimately great games. I would flip the whole list around of these, the first half are better than the second half. Other thoughts, Spike McFang could’ve been better but the spin jump??? Made it too easy. You are so right that the genny Aladdin is superior. Cool spot and micro machines are vastly underrated. The Firemen is one of the best games on any system. Really easy initially, but the last 2 levels are brutal if you don’t memorize them.
  9. Odyssey is easily 1 for me. Galaxy is 2, Galaxy 2 is 3 and 64 is last of the 5 I’ve played.
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