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  1. I’ve already read Dresden and Neverwhere, but still voted Dresden. Been about 15 years since I read it and think everyone should read the series!
  2. Meh, if anything was proved this year, it’s that there are multiple ways to look at investing. I have multiple accounts, and invest them in different ways. 1 is a “safer” play account, based on DD of company financials. My fun account is based off of technical analysis of charts, and swings plays based on WSB and I’ve never made more money off of stocks in my life.
  3. The consensus has never been that we have been in a bubble. That was just a loud minority.
  4. Same talk has been going on for over a decade, just different people/factors being blamed now.
  5. Might as well have given them a 5, same rating.
  6. Easily SMB3. I think Ufouria is one of the best games, but falls very short on recognition/lasting influence.
  7. 8/10-really good in the early days. Then a dud in the mid-80’s, followed by some more good stuff. Went poppy with the mid-90’s MTV stuff, but still had some good songs. No idea what they’ve put out since the Armageddon song.
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