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Done with NA?


Are you completely done?  

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  1. 1. Are you completely done?

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    • No
    • May stop by to see the new site

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  Not entirely-  I feel like they’ll be users on the sites for the foreseeable future. 

As with every NA  related post it’s important to tread lightly and remain positive. That we’re all here right now is a clear indication  of our feelings towards the other site and there’s no need  to kick a man when he’s down.

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Seems like the vast majority of knowledge and activity came over here.  I’ve always felt that one of the biggest attractions of this community is the sheer depth of knowledge.  Except for a few very niche areas if you have a game/collecting related question and can’t find an answer here, you’re not going to find one.   I just don’t know what’s going to be left to see over there outside of fs threads and shitposts.  That being said, I’ll probably still pop in regularly for a while just out of curiosity.  

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15 minutes ago, arch_8ngel said:

I agree with Jonas that the decision will likely be made for us sooner rather than later. 😛

I agree with you and Jone, Arch. I’m curious to see if any changes are actually made or if the forum just kind of dies the rest of the way. Sad to see it go but I’m glad we have such dedicated members where someone took the initiative to spark a new place. 

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GoCollect_Jim had a chance to be given the benefit of the doubt with his announcement, but man....He drops it then disappears. Jeez. Those guys just keep blowing it. More of the same from team GoCollect, which is miserable communication. I've had my fill, sad as it is.

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I won't be posting any more on the old site, but I'll keep my account active and do PM's for as long as there's a site to do it on.  It's still a resource for now, and I don't mind working through there to add to my collection.  I just can't see myself splitting my time posting in threads, though.  I'd rather help build a new community here than try and prop the old one up.

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I'll be straddling both horses until the old one gives out and falls over, presumably sometime within the next few weeks to couple of months.  I figure it can't hurt to type in the URL, see what's up, then move on if nothing's happening.  I know a lot of folks feel a lot more strongly, but as I'm generally more of a lurker and a relative latecomer to the old site, I'm not quite as riled up, although I do understand, support, and love the move to ensure the community can stay together.

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I'll probably take a few looks over the next week or so, but the majority of my posting activity will be here.

I was "done" with that place when Jeff bought it.   It does feel good to be back supporting the community again (just refused to be a corporate whore for free).

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I don't like burning bridges. I probably won't be active on the other site personally, but there will be people who stay there who post relevant stuff or have relevant stuff for sale. Nintendoage has been good to me, so I am not completely leaving like some. Maybe just not any new posts from me there. 

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