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  1. It was a really fun movie, I've seen it twice now.
  2. The MMC5 is a later chip used in NES games, only a handful of games used it and they tend to be a bit more uncommon. But here's a good resource for identifying which games used the MMC5 chip. http://bootgod.dyndns.org:7777/search.php?keywords=mmc5&kwtype=chip
  3. It's not worth doing a tube swap for a tube with a little burn in my opinion, especially for a collector's piece like this in which it will probably never be used for real work again. I also feel it's a disservice to remove part of its history. #BurntTubesDeserveToRunAgain
  4. Depends what you shorted. I honestly don't know what you shorted, but it's not a very good thing in your case probably. What you can do is check for shorts on the board you worked on (you should be doing this anyway after you work on it, even the best of us make mistakes). You can also test the power adapter not plugged into the console with a multimeter to verify whether or not it will be safe. If you are very paranoid, just replace the power adapter. Personally I use a current limited variable bench power supply, so if I do make a mistake, it will only go do far.
  5. Good luck with your quest to clean up that mess. Be sure to post back if you get it goin!
  6. Ah jeez someone went to town on that MMC5 chip. So the best way to clean this up is to lightly remove those blobs using flux and solder wick. The important thing is to be super gentle with those pins since they are easy to bend. Once the excess is removed, you can do some drag soldering in order to get it back in order. I'd recommend watching some videos on how to solder SMD parts, it will give you a better idea. I have two guesses as to why someone did it: 1, someone was trying to remove the chip, and it is easier to desolder when you apply a lot of fresh solder like this; 2, the game wa
  7. I was thinking about getting one of the kesger irons for my tool box. I am tired of constantly having to remove my hakko from my bench. Maybe I should finally buy one...
  8. Not without doing a mod to your system. The reset button is basically a second power switch, except that the system will automatically turn on.
  9. I got a couple of those fancy bootlegs. They are pretty neat.
  10. So you hit on two things here. You are banking on 1: being transparent and 2: being someone else. 1. Thats nice. Transparency is a very important part to this whole process. But the fact of the matter is, that you are a human being making decisions on value. If you plan on having employees as well, no well defined scale will save you from variations. No amount of transparency can help with that because it is still people with that will vary slightly. 2. Adding competition doesn't inherently give incentive for the common folk like myself to go get something graded with your company.
  11. Alright so I have a legit question that didn't get answered. What makes you different? Turnaround times aren't a very good gauge because that fluctuates with increased folk sending you stuff. I don't care about what you have done before or your projected turnaround times. Just the one question of what makes you stand out.
  12. I like that word, rustoration. Reason I said refresh is for the same reason you brought up your word. Although, I suppose yours is probably better as I feel if it was a real refresh, I would have had more to work with to start. I feel I could have completely redid the cabinet, but that takes away part of the authenticiy for me. On top of that, it was already in really good shape for being 40 years old, so I feel the work involved would be more than it's worth. Ultimately what I did was I sourced the missing parts and fixed up the monitor and boardset.
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