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  1. So here's the thing about capacitors, it's hard to say when they will fail. Things really changed in the late 80s/early 90s as new regulations required manufacturers to change their formulas. This is why devices from this time period have a such a high failure rate, they were just inferior parts. Speaking from experience, capacitors made by Nichicon, Rubycon, United Chemecion, Panasonic, anf Illinois Capacitors tend to be the highest quality ones. Like I said, its hard to say whether or not an old cap will fail. I've never recapped an atari if that helps. That said, I don't really do con
  2. Try adjusting horizontal hold. Should be a knob on the back of the monitor chassis. That said, you only need a slight adjustment.
  3. Personally, I have more experience with recaps in the arcade side of things. For example, it's a good idea recap monitors. The caps are old and have been stressed pretty hard. Typically, whenever I get a new console I check, you never know the life it had. That said, what comes to mind in my experience is most pc engines, the sooner you replace the capacitors as well as clean and neutralize what has already leaked. Sega and NEC handhelds (as previously mentioned) also should be recapped as they can be bad. That said, your typical suspects aren't the only ones. I've seen bad caps even in
  4. I didn't need to do much. I adjusted B+ and position a bit. But it worked pretty good. Unfortunately G07 doesnt have a horizontal position pot, only 3 jumpers
  5. This has been a project I've had for a while. Basically, I had aquired a g07 arcade monitor had it's necked, killing the tube. Being the nature of it, I really wanted to bring this thing back to life. For reference, I've had this project since the end of october, and I just now finally finished it, shows how behind I am... So the first step here, find a donor CRT. Compatible 19" tubes are starting to get harder to find. Fortunately, I had a broken tv set with a tube that had high life in the tube according to my CRT tester. I checked the tube that was in the tv set, it was a 510UEB22
  6. So you never know what's gonna happen when ordering from overseas. I ordered some parts from china and it took almost 8 months to get to me. It came after about 7 and a half months. My theory is that it fell behind a shelf at the post office and was only found after cleaning the place. I can't really blame the seller, they shipped fairly quickly as far as I remember.
  7. ^^^ Arcade stuff that I usually get in, especially monitors, is usually dirty. First thing I generally do is wash off the boards if they are bad. Mainly because if I have it on my bench, odds are it needs to be worked on, and I despise working on dirty boards. The one below was from a monitor this past weekend, reeks like an ashtray. Gotta love it. The worst I've ever had to deal with was a ms pacman cocktail, I dont have a picture that was when I first opened it up, bit there was a rats nest and the whole inside reaked of urine. The picture below was after I ran the shop vac t
  8. This was a quick one that I did. I recently got another DK Jr boardset as part of a trade for a working one. To make the long story short, the game wasn't running. The first step whenever you get a game that isn't booting is to check all the control signals such as reset, clock, NMI, Interupt, ect. If any of these are not functioning properly, then you are going to have issues with the game not booting. So I checked all the control signals, everything checked out perfectly, everything except NMI (Non-Maskable Interrupt), which was stuck high when it should be toggling. NMI is
  9. This is nonsense, grape or blueberry koolaid is what you should be using!
  10. I really dig the oldschool nintendo logo decals.
  11. Nah I was just using it as a cool display peice. The Ms.pacman table top was something I restored between september and november this year. I like using it as... a table.
  12. I got @KokiriChild as my santa this year! He got me the last yoshi I needed to complete the yoshi rainbow! He also got me some neat first gen pokemon cards and a super cool hand-drawn card. Thank you so much, have a very merry christmas everyone!
  13. Phalanx is a personal favorite of mine, I hope you enjoy it!
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