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  1. AVGN's whole schtick is making a big deal out of things that aren't that big a deal. If it's a 4/10 or 3/10 game, he reacts to it like its a 1/10. It's a character trait to exaggerate. He can't help if people form their actual opinions on the games from his videos without actually playing them. As far as the Friday the 13th issue, everyone is saying it's not that bad. But the expectation is that it should be a very good game. Which is worse, Raid 2020 being shitty or Friday the 13th being shitty? Friday the 13th. Because you REALLY want that to be a good game. It's a BIGGER disappointment because you expect more from a franchise (at that time anyway. We all know most movie games are shit nowadays). Anyway, there's no actual good answer to this question.
  2. I forgot about this. I wonder who's ignored me! @Gloves I demand to know!
  3. I have questions. What is a job a college or teenage aged person should be doing? I wasn't aware certain jobs were geared towards a certain age? Can you elaborate? Also, what do you mean by failing in life? For example, if I am 40 and making pizzas every day brings me joy, am I failing in life? I don't really understand what you mean here.
  4. Just saying that $4 a month or $7 a month for a family plan is straight up NOT TOO EXPENSIVE. I get it's a matter of opinion but that is just not in any sense of the word true. You might think it's not worth the value but that's a different conversation.
  5. New games? PC games from 20+ years ago had in game voice chat.
  6. Watched it when I was a teenager and thought it was ok. Then grew up and heard all the hype constantly, and thought "no way". Then re-watched it and, yep, it's fucking amazing. Definitely one of the best films ever made. 9/10. I love practical effects.
  7. Forgot to try to order those. Both controllers seem expensive to me. But, I'll probably break down and do it. REALLY wish they went with a 6 button though. That's the biggest head scratcher for me with all this.
  8. 50 divided by 12.... $4.16. So the outrage here is that people have full access to Nintendo Switch Online content for.... four bucks a month? I don't get it.
  9. Such a soft spot for this one. My aunt and I bonded over her pc at the time and we sat and played games like Myst, Day of the tentacle, Hugo’s House of Horrors, Commander Keen and more. If it wasn’t for her I’d have had no exposure to early PC gaming. I miss that woman and seeing/ playing Myst reminds me of her every time. the game itself is nothing mind blowing any more but it was very satisfying to figure out a puzzle for us back then.
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