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  1. This is getting way off topic. Can we get back to board member beefs and stop all this nonsense talk about grading games?
  2. We need to cancel retro sports games. I need to sell Baseball Stars on Amazon for $939.
  3. Literally one of my favorite games of all time. The best Mega Man game. So much fun and amazing bosses, music, graphics. 10/10 for sure.
  4. I handle executive escalations for a social media website.
  5. I understand it can seem difficult to let go of these selfish thoughts and tendencies, but you should. Think about the greater good this relief could accomplish. Don't think about whose "ahead" or "behind", think about our society as a whole. We should be happy when our fellow citizens "live the dream", and not feel contempt or jealousy.
  6. 3 week trip in summer of 2000 for high school. Went to Trier, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Munich, and others. It was wonderful! I visited the grave of Bach, ate half chickens from street vendors every day, and had a family stay with a young man who had a marijuana plant growing in his bedroom. Fond memories!
  7. I agree on all points. Not looking to sell, btw, this is for my personal collection. I'm just more curious how the community would calculate the actual current value. Obviously, something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay. I did see a copy sold earlier this week on eBay.
  8. Hey all, I finally grabbed a loose copy of Toxic Crusaders. I'm trying to get a better idea of the actual value of the game. Game Value Now: $433 Price Charting: $275 eBay sold: 3 recent. $275, $275, and $300. So would you put current value around $285 based on the recent eBay sold, or go with the Price Charting low value? and why on earth is the GVN value SO much higher?
  9. Hot take. I'll quote myself below then and wait for an answer.
  10. Please show me where I portrayed a woman as defenseless. Please show me where I said that women don't know the consequences of their actions or don't know about accountability. My only point here is that no one should be telling this woman what to do with her body. She can do whatever she chooses to do, to make any kind of income she wants, and any judgment against that is a bunch of bullshit. I don't see how that equates to what you said here. Please elaborate.
  11. Seems a bit predatory to me. But if it doesn't violate Youtubes policies, it's up to the parents of those children to monitor what their children are watching.
  12. I'd love an example of where this type of content is marketed towards children. Your scenario is problem of the parents, not the content creator. If a parent does not want their teenage son viewing content like this, they should be monitoring what type of content they are viewing. It's the same with any type of media. Violent video games, movies, etc. What's disgusting and cringeworthy is an adult male trying to dictate what a young woman can and can't /should and shouldn't do with her own body. You do not have the right to do so. To think otherwise is to spit in the face of w
  13. Explain to me how this is undeserved? Also explain to me why you are the judge on what is deserved income and what isn't? Why is that your concern? Let them experience their rude awakening and learn from it then. Why? Do you think she is not intelligent because she wears skimpy outfits and has an Only Fans? Disappointed in this take, to be honest. Then stop objectifying females. Her outfit is not the problem. It's the men objectifying them. Do you think that women who are raped "asked for it" too? Why? Honestly curious as to why? Is it because por
  14. If the wings are good, the wings are good.
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