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  1. So sorry to hear about this. A terrible thing to go through. Wishing the best going forward man.
  2. I didn't forget it though, I just want to change it. Should be a setting when logged in. Anyway, thanks!
  3. I'm sure I am missing something dumb but how do I change my password on my GameValueNow account? Settings just takes me to collection settings. @Magus ?
  4. So I just won a little Samson for $2049 on eBay. Some of you know I was moving and I had a large proceeds from the house so it's a perfect time. I won the auction and am trying to pay and eBay keeps telling me: "This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been already purchased, or the listing has expired." So I go to message the seller telling them I am having technical issues trying to pay, when I get a message from eBay showing the order was canceled, and then immediately got a message from him: "Hello. I'm sure you've noticed by now that I cancelled this auct
  5. Just say their. Problem solved. I should have bought this with the proceeds of the sale of my last house. lol
  6. I'm moving Monday. I will NEVER move a game room again. If this isn't our "forever home" I'll just sell the collection, lol.
  7. Like he does in every Mario game before that except SMB2? lol
  8. Rotella Vienna bread Sargento Muenster Cheese Oscar Meyer Deli Sliced Turkey a layer of Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles
  9. Nacho cheese or salsa present? Tortilla. No? Potato. Are Funyuns a chip?
  10. Both at 10/10 for me and both are in top 10 games of all time for me. That said, SMB3, I think I could get more replay value out of it.
  11. Just another reason why the sale to GoCollect was vile as hell. So much amazing NintendoAge data and information is now gone.
  12. Same and it'll stay that way. I'd much rather collect other things with those funds.
  13. Another Little Samson on eBay over $2k with 8 days to go. Guess this is the new norm...
  14. LOL, was just thinking I got my CIB one from a local shop for $29.99 in like 2007.... my oh my.
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