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  1. I've been using cast iron more and more. At first I washed it too much and didn't season after use. Now I cook, scrape and rinse without detergent. Then I set on a low heat burner to dry and rub with oil. It's getting a nice finish again. I may remove the factory seasoning and do my own. I have a really small cast iron pan that has a smooth finish on the bottom but maintains a nice slick layer. It's really nice to cook on. It's really only used for a quick fried egg on a taco.
  2. Preparedness is something I have been thinking about more these last few months. Between Covid and the riots there is plenty going on. I had to take a different route home because the city was under curfew and many routes downtown had police blocks. With that said I wouldn't be selling anything unless the funds were needed for the safety and security of my household. Still far from that being needed.
  3. I think I would have been in the age range for a game like this. I don't recall myself or friends being into TMNT at that point. Maybe interests for their target market were elsewhere. We did start getting Rugrats and other stuff around then.
  4. You don't haul your midtower into the car and power it off the cigarette lighter? How do you game on the go?
  5. zeppelin03


    Oh yeah it will be AAA for a bit. I'm sure they will continue to work on more stuff. At this point our console purchases should continue to work on future systems like PC does. Buy Celeste on PS4 have it on PS5. Thankfully some of the big games this year will have a free upgrade path to next gen versions but now is the time to transition to systems that support long term libraries.
  6. zeppelin03


    They have confirmed backwards compatibility. From what I have read and seen its the same format as Xbox One. Tune up the emulator so it works well with each game versus open it all up with mixed results. I'm fine with that since they mentioned working on the top 100 games already.
  7. SMB3 gets my vote and I prefer the SNES. You can't argue with the best.
  8. If you end up getting that 3rd party wavebird let us know how you like it. I really want a second one but don't want to spend $60+.
  9. I am not an NES fan but I am a fan of SMB3. It's just a really well done game. The levels are great and progress nicely. SMW adds a lot of stuff I don't really care about. I almost never use the spin jump or fly across stages. It's more a means to slow fall for me. I never seek out all the secrets. It feels like the early 90s equivalent of all achievements. I just don't care to do it all. 3 has it all without the fluff. Graphics, music, level design, and nice difficult curve.
  10. I am not positive if it was PC only but the updated shadowrun games were good. I really enjoyed the first one when I played it. The game seemed built for PC so even if it got a console release I would go for PC.
  11. Did the state have guidelines for restaurant patrons? I'm aware of staff requirement but that's it. We wore a mask until we were seated then took them off to eat and drink.
  12. My grandparents have an 03 Grand Marquis I hope to inherit. Last I recall it only has 40k miles and runs smooth. Roll right over bumps.
  13. I tested out a restaurant visit over the weekend. The couple of tables on the patio were spaced out nicely and the staff all had masks. We were given alcohol wipes to clean up with at the table. May just bring sanitizer myself. I won't be going out often but it is nice to have a few places I'm comfortable visiting. May start twice a week grocery shopping again. Miss fresh produce.
  14. How about continuing to scroll further and further to reach your birth year on a web form?
  15. Haha. I did that car bit the other day. I think I was referencing a game and said it was 15 years old commenting on how long ago that was. Then immediately realized it was about 20 years old and went ah shit. It all started when we got interns at my last job. I would reference stuff to them and they would say things like "I have not idea what you are talking about" or "that was before I was born." I'm only 10 years older than them but the change has happened. I'm old and choose to spend my time reminiscing with the 40yo+ coworkers.
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