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  1. No need to bring Scooby Doo into this. He did nothing wrong.
  2. The book is cool. I have a copy that we loaned to a friend who likes the game. I don't think I'm getting it back. Might be a good time to buy the updated version. We also have the coloring book and cross stitch patterns.
  3. I love this game. I have the eShop version and a PC copy for mods. I'm tempted to get a switch collectors edition for be box and display.
  4. Prices since March have made no sense. I have found it best to not question it and just enjoy the sales.
  5. I have been thinking about starting up again. Anything to get out of the house is worth it lately.
  6. zeppelin03


    As someone who does have a PC occupying an HDMI port on their computer I can confidently say it is often annoying. Sure I can play games at specs well about consoles but that also comes with the time spent dialing in settings. I was recently going to start Final Fantasy XV. It ran well but after a few minutes my FPS tanked. Then came the 45 minutes of dialing in settings. Yes I could have just gone to a lower preset but after dropping as much as I have onthe system I'm going to lower a setting at a time to ensure the best experience possible. If I just played it on my One X it would have worked right away. Also, the pins are perfect for a media setup. I tried PS4s TV app for all of a minute. Once I saw I had apps stuck to my bar as ads I moved on.
  7. zeppelin03


    I don't hold the PlayStation exclusives in as high regard as many people. They typically go for a cinematic experience that starts to seem the same after a while. Never got how Xbox gets bashed for too many FPS game when PlayStation clearly has a formula to their titles. Preferences I suppose make that difference. Xbox has some interesting exclusives coming up. I'm looking forward to Stalker 2 as well as whatever that new Rare game ends up being. Fable got announced and that's a series I've been wanting to try. PlayStation is showing more up front and I hope Xbox continues to bring more new stuff to be on par. I will always prefer achievement points over trophies. Never understood the point of b/s/g. Just give me an achievement for the game and tell me the rarity of it. Steam is similar in there handling of achievements.
  8. I have to agree. The last package I sent didn't update from the local post office scan until it was about to go out for delivery on New York. I thought it was lost. I'm just glad I didn't have to test USPS insurance claims.
  9. zeppelin03


    I agree PlayStation has the better exclusives. It does seem like Xbox will be much stronger with their studios next gen though. I too will probably lean Xbox simply because of gamepass. Until Horizon Zero Dawn 2 comes out I have no reason to leave the PS4.
  10. https://www.retrorgb.com/carby-component-cables.html RetroRGB seems to like those cables. I would bet firmware has been updated to improve the experience since that article too. Seems like a good option all around. These GC cables could be a cool collectors item for the right person. Good luck with the sale.
  11. Xbox has a game subscription service similar to Netflix. On console it is $4.99 a month and $14.99 for Xbox, PC, and Xbox live. All their first party games launch on it plus tons of other stuff is on there. It's cheap enough to make buying a lot of games feel pointless when they may only get played once.
  12. My wife brought this up. The art style is great and it has cats. We have since backed it. I've had good luck with Kickstarter and how it continues.
  13. I'm looking forward to this release. Even these games look a lot better on other consoles. Switch is a first party console to me so ports to other systems are appreciated. For Xbox owners, I saw this was coming to gamepass. $15 is a great price for one playthrough of this. Gamepass really is a great value. It's how I will likely play it.
  14. I have a feeling the modding of 3ds won't keep people from collecting. The casual gamer may very well opt to pirate over buying carts though. Most of the consoles I modded have resulted in reduced or no new purchases. It also hasn't caused me to sell games. My Wii U stuff is still on the shelf. I wouldn't be surprised if these higher prices stay. 3ds may be a missed handheld for a lot of people playing catch-up. Switch has brought a lot of people back to gaming.
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