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  1. Switch Lite CIB, Vita Games, Wii U/Switch Boxes and more added.
  2. If it's AAA, etc I go for PC. That way I'm not hooking up old consoles to play one or two games. If I will for sure be playing handheld Switch. Other consoles are exclusive only. I've grown tired of changing hookups on my TV often. That has influenced a large part of my choice.
  3. I really like chatting with staff at my local store but am going to have a hard time shopping there in the future. I'm ready for a digital world without gamestop.
  4. Won't matter. The different cables each split color and sync differently. The signal improves as each gets it's own dedicated path. While a cable might be capable of higher resolution it's only going to send what the console outputs. 240p. If you used an upscaler you would get a nice result since the RGB would be the best output possible. Then that would get multiplied to 1080p with an OSSC etc.
  5. I ran into the issue where all of my CRTs supported 480i at best. That really limited the benefit of RGB or component.
  6. I'm pretty sure his reasoning is in reference to the consoles he listed in the OP. Not the capabilities of the cables and signal. Everyone would take 1080p over 480p but if his N64 isnt going to offer it there isn't much value to that debate.
  7. They make great cables. I only use theirs or HDretrovision.
  8. The GameCube is 480p over component. N64 still is the same resolution as the game. The signal is higher quality with component though.
  9. I bought a third party cable and almost immediately ordered a Nintendo OEM cable. Much better than composite. I ended up modding those consoles for component/RGB and the improvement was modest. S-video with the real cable is the sweet spot I would say.
  10. How else would they sell dlc afterwards?
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