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  1. Some guy had a case of these on local Kijiji selling them for 60 or 80 bucks a pop a few years back (4 or 5 years). They sat forever... Maybe he finally sold them.
  2. Picked the songs I disliked the least. Edit: can't stop is an alright song
  3. Speed golf would be fun for a laugh but I see it growing old fast. I'd much rather have a larger selection of courses.
  4. Hoping the core game still plays like a sim or at least as much as TT. The previews definitely have me concerned that the mechanics are gonna be watered down across the board like a Tiger Woods game or something.
  5. I agree with both of these points. Metroid breakdown definitely has me hesitant that it'll be a beat and never play again type of game. Mario golf somehow doesn't look as nice as Toadstool to me even though it's a 20 year old game. I like the idea of speed golf but again it definitely looks gimmicky. This is their way of spicing up golf though. I would have preferred a clone to Toadstool that simply looked better and had more courses. Still happy for a new golf game though.
  6. Taylor Swift for sure. We'll never go back to where we were though with guitar.
  7. Awesome device and way better than the Mario one but I ain't buyin' it because I own all the games. Take that, Nintendo!
  8. Fully agree. I would not be surprised if the 'Switch Pro' is more or less ready to go and they're just waiting to tie it to a big release, which I would think is Botw 2 at this point.
  9. This is a good point. Lots of products getting hung up with production so could definitely be a reason for a delayed announcement.
  10. Really surprised at no news on Switch Pro. Metroid looks great. My only hesitation is a didn't enjoy Samus Returns 3ds as much as I thought I would and this has a very similar vibe. Looks like it might be based more around avoiding those specific machines rather than all out exploring. Having said all that, it looks great and was very welcoming and unexpected news. I'm guessing Prime 4 is still well behind in development with all the bumps they've had. Botw 2 footage looked amazing to me. I'm not sure what people were expecting but I think it was always going to be the case it was
  11. Good for dance grooves and better than a lot of the ultra pop stuff out there. 5.
  12. I'm not sure about point totals but the biker enemies at the very start of level 4 give you like 2 or 3 lives if you kill them all. Must be worth a lot.
  13. Yeah, always a little hesitant to give tips or hints to people online as I know some really don't like it or think of it as being a spoiler. I'm not sure why they never mention or tell you about the faster spin though as it's pretty imperative on Hard mode as the level hazards move faster (i.e. you can't spin as fast as the sand pits/boss without the double tap). I don't think it's in the manual but it really should be. A 'no-death' run for Contra III on Hard is definitely one of my finer gaming achievements. Even when you know everything about the game there always seemed to be a random
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