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  1. Almost a perfect game. A little harder and a few more collectibles would have been perfect... Something between X and X2. The street fighter crossover blew my mind back in the day. Still a 10 as it's one of my favourite games - amazing music, amazing controls, great replayability, and an absolute classic. Probably top 10 SNES games.
  2. Still going solid and more exciting with lots of good games coming into the picture. No real shockers yet which I am a bit surprised by. Starting to see a deviation in our preference in genre, or games we're bias to from growing up with, but generally the list is well explained and puts that into context. I'd have Pitfall a little higher, and although Aladdin is generic and easy, I'd push it slightly higher as well. Simple but a classic. Most of the games I'd knock down just play too slow for me like super double Dragon and a few of the strategy games (again likely more about pref
  3. I'm surprised they didnt update it so that all Wii Us brick upon start up so that everyone has to buy a Switch.
  4. I'm more or less new to all this as well and am trying to think of a few companies that will likely survive the pandemic then boom again once things begin to swing back to 'normal'. I like Cineplex and have also been looking at stocks related to hardware/lumber as I think this summer will see another uptick with people spending cash on renovations instead of vacations.
  5. I really liked that movie when it came out and still think it has funny moments but there are a lot of cringe worthy lines/jokes and acting. It's kinda like super troopers where all the funny shit happens in the first part of the movie and then they realize they need to stretch it into a 1.5 hr movie.
  6. Some of those stoner movies from the early 2000s. Try watching White Castle or Grandma's Boy. There are a few laughs but those movies are so beyond juvenile to me now that they're hard to watch. Also, there is usually a few funny parts near the beginning but as soon as the plot rolls out they become even more unbearable.
  7. Game of Thrones. Even in its prime I found the majority of episodes to be pointless that lead to one 'shock factor' episode per season and they just ruined the show completely in the last two seasons. Probably the worst series finally I've seen..
  8. Worth the money? $40 bones up here. If the bad reviews are a result of the difficulty it makes me want to get it even more.
  9. Got a no death run on Castlevania: Dracula x tonight. This has become one of my favourite SNES titles over recent years.
  10. DKC CIB for $40.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NINTENDO-Donkey-Kong-Country-for-Super-NES-SNES-In-Box-w-Instruction-Booklet/143958206513?hash=item218493e831:g:l~kAAOSwCh1gNVTf
  11. Honestly before 2000 almost all used games were the same price unless it was still the current gen. There may have been exceptions but even when a local game store closed here in the early 2000s, all the NES, SNES, and 64 games were a flat rate regardless of condition etc.
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