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  1. YESSSSS! Suck my cock AND balls, Super Mario Sunshine! Just got the 100 coin star on Gelato Beach, that is NOT an easy feat! Decent progress so far, let's keep this FLUDD moving!
  2. Welp, here goes nothing... Um, well actually, here goes a bunch of money!!! The Russian has been paid! Now we play the waiting game!
  3. Oh, yeah, I don't read shit in games. Even on title screens I get halfway through reading "Press Start" and I'm like, fuck this noise!
  4. And, when it comes to coin stars, Dire dire docks has the fewest coins, but it's not that hard or anything. My vote for hardest 100 coin star is Tick Tock Clock. That level is tough as nails, even with the clock stopped, and one mistake and you're into oblivion and have to start again!
  5. Funny you should say that about the first level TEACHING you to run around the posts... I never knew you could do that until like a couple years ago when I started watching speed runs. When I saw that I was all like:
  6. Nope, not a Playstation guy, just don't like em! I got plenty else to keep me busy anyway.
  7. Well, people who know me would know that I would never buy a Playstation anything, so you can write off the PS5 immediately. I literally just bought an Xbox 360 like a month or two ago, and am building up my 360 collection... I guess I'll hit the Xbox ONE in about 2025 or so, so that means I'll hit Xbox Series in about 2030!
  8. Oh man, look at that, what an amazing turnaround! Inverted, the underdog at the beginning, starting to pull away! Keep it going, baby!
  9. Just finished up making Bianco Hills my bitch! So far, so good! No problems with controls or anything, seems to actually work better with Joy cons than 64 does. Game looks absolutely fantastic, bright colourful and fresh, better than ever! Let's a-go!
  10. It's been emotional, but all good things come to an end! I really like this version of the game, I think the speed boost is a refreshing change of pace, and visually it looks really nice. However, I personally prefer the control on the original N64, I think the joycon analogue sticks are too small, and they're too smooth, so you can't always properly gauge exactly which direction you're pointing them by feel alone. I'll probably go back to playing the N64 version for my future replays of the game, although it will be nice to have this as an option moving forward if I want a cha
  11. Now we're talking, 10 out of 10, one of my favourite games ever!!! I still regularly play this game through, at least once a year, which is probably the only game I play that religiously... Apart from maybe the original SMB and Dr. Mario, lol! It's no longer the best 3D Mario game, however, I'd say Galaxy 1/2 are better. But, that by no means diminishes what this game is or has done, it's just incredible how good the game STILL is to play, even to this day. Amazeballs.
  12. Uh oh, party's over guys, @Code Monkey is here and he DISAPPROVES! Shocking. Get a life dude, seriously, go shit somewhere else.
  13. There was another style actually, had a super mushroom on one foot which said "Grow up" and a 1 up mushroom on the other which said "get a life", lol! Man, that would be pretty hilarious, the pair of us stomping round the dusty old game stores in matching Super Mario Bros flip flops!
  14. Just picked out a nice new pair of classy, high-quality footware for my daily roaming about Taiwan: I'm kicking ass all over town in these bad boys!
  15. You are correct to be jealous of me, for that reason and many more! In all seriousness though, it's not something I can make much of a habit of, without dying on my feet at work during the week! I'm going to bed nice and early tonight to be up bright and early for Monday morning! But, felt like a special occasion and I told myself I was gonna beat the game in one sitting, and by God I did it, lol! Obviously the Switch makes that a lot easier, seeing as I could simply play in bed with the Mrs. snoring next to me. But once I hit like 8% battery I was like, shit, gonna have to move thi
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