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  1. Man, I was really looking forward to getting this game when I was a kid, was pretty bummed when it never came out. I think it was lost in the market transition from GBC to GBA, just fell through the cracks... Might have to put in an order with JJ games sometime!
  2. N64 blew my awesome fuse as a kid, and I still can't get over it. Grew up with NES and SNES and MegaDrive, but the N64 just completely blew my fucking mind playing Mario 64 and Shadows of the Empire was like entering a different world. To me earlier generations were like looking through a window at what was happening in the game, this was like strolling through the front door! I was 12 when we got our N64, and it was the first system I ever had where I was reading magazines to check what was coming out and thinking carefully about which games I wanted to buy, instead of just picking games at random at the store or whatever. Through the magazines I also learned more about the previous systems in my collection, and the history and scope of gaming in general, so the N64 was like the gateway to my love of gaming and the integration of that hobby into my life in a more organized and integral part of my life than it ever had been when I was just a kid playing games. Every new game that came out excited me more than the last, and my expectations were rarely let down. It was awesome, genuinely new and novel experiences, one after another, really just piling up the greatness of the system over and over for me. By the time the GameCube came along, I was SO hyped up for that, that it never came close to matching my expectations. I was actually very disappointed with many of the games that came out on GameCube, and although my views on the system have softened a little now that the hot sting of disappointment has faded, I still prefer pretty much any of the N64 games to their GCN counterparts apart from Smash Bros and MAYBE double dash. I still find myself enjoying the simplicity of the early 3D games, in a way that modern games often don't replicate. In most N64 games you can kind of figure out where to go and what to do without being told, because there are only so many interactive objects and the levels are generally smaller. You can kinda just look at a situation in a 64 game and just "get" what you have to do based on the constraints presented. Modern games have far fewer constraints, which is good obviously in many ways, but quite often I feel like I'm getting eyestrain trying look at all the little details in modern games that actually don't have any gameplay function at all, and end up distracting me from figuring out what I'm actually meant to do. Then like 5 seconds later there's an arrow or a marker or whatever to show me what to do, so that's progress, I guess, lol!
  3. Wow, plowing through em Jeevy, great stuff! Duke Nukem Zero Hour is a great game IMO, I especially enjoyed the Wild West levels! Let me know how you get on with it!
  4. I have absolutely used that shitty keypad on several international flights into and out of Taiwan! I usually fly with Cathay Pacific, so probably that's where I used these. I have also travelled with EVA and China Airlines on the same routes, can't remember if they have them too. I can confirm, the TERRIBLE selection of generic mobile style games available, with not a Nintendo licenced property in sight, and the DREADFUL lag/dropped inputs from the system... The mere thought of playing an fast paced game like Donkey Kong Country using that device makes me shudder! If this is the best they could do for in flight gaming, all I can say is thank GOD for Gameboys, DS's and Switches!!! EDIT: Oh, and just in case it wasn't clear, I was using this keypad thing within the last couple years. As far as I know, they are still in use on international flights into and out of Taiwan!
  5. Space circus is terrible, sure, but there is some creative writing and character designs and things that at least show they maybe tried, I guess? Batman Beyond is so basic, lame and content light, it feels like a complete insult more than anything!
  6. Awful game. Pound for pound, worst game on the system, along with the two Elmo games, IMO.
  7. I think once your networth runs into the BILLIONS you're probaby done worrying about things like "overpaying". He probably takes a crap each morning on a solid gold toilet! Wipes his ass with hundo bills! Pretty sure he's only bidding on the Nintendo Playstation because he misplaced his boombox and he's got a bunch of 90's hits mix CDs he want so listen to!
  8. People are not buying NWCs to play! As will ALL the games we own, bit rot, disc rot, the ravages of oxidation and entropy are going to render them all non-functional at some unknown point in the future. That doesn't change the fact that these remain genuine artifacts and collectables, which will presumably still be desirable to a large number of people. In the future people will play games on everdrives, FPGA clone systems and regular emulation. The empty carts and discs will be for collecting and display purposes only.
  9. Well done Jeevy, on a real Star Wars kick at the moment, huh?!
  10. You gonna bid on it?! I have no idea what that game is, but it looks super cool!
  11. Well, there you have it folks, a billionaire is now bidding on it. Sky's the limit, I'll put the popcorn on! 3 mill, here we come!
  12. Hell yeah he did! No matter how many or few N64 games Jeeves beats, he'll always be the champion of MY heart!
  13. I mean, you do you, and it's not my intention to stand up for pedos or whatever, but look at the credit scroll next time you beat a game... There's a lot of names in there, what are the chances that some of those guys are pedos too? I have no qualms about owning games or other media/products made by bad people, if you get down to the nitty gritty you'd probably have to live in a cave in the woods on your own to completely avoid second hand guilt for all the terrible things that are done by the people who feed, clothe and entertain you...
  14. I mean, people repeat this claim over and over and over again, but are there any actual known examples of this occuring? This is starting to sound like the whole "razorblades in Halloween candy" urban legend... A LEGIT NWC gold is not a bootleg, whether they were made from leftover greys on not, they're an interesting piece of the NWC story in and of themselves. Afterall, the NWC was first and foremost a marketing ploy, the actual competitive aspect was just spectacle. The Nintendo Power Golds were a component of that marketing event, whether people like to admit it or not. Holding greys aloft as legitimate parts of Nintendo history while castigating golds as little more than bootlegs is disingenuous at best. At worst, it looks like grey owners are just jealous that their little pride and joy might only be second best...
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