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  1. Yeah we talked about it in one of the other threads too. It's all so transparent, but then again that's why a lot of money grubbers choose collectables to exploit... Zero regulations. You try something like this with ACTUAL stocks and financial markets and stuff and they'd be in front of a judge in no time.
  2. Because we rejected the push into sealed/graded collecting as THE hobby, like a botched kidney transplant. Plus, I called Fuggin JEFF a fart sniffer a WHOLE bunch, so he probably got pissed off and pulled the plug outta spite!
  3. You mean the ones with the proper Super Nintendo style adaptor... AND 2.6 GHz, not Bluetooth... How much would they cost to send one to Jeevan?
  4. Well, this has been fun fellas, congrats to everyone who got one, condolences to those who didn't this time. Hopefully they will return again soon for those who missed out! Big thanks once again to @Jeevan too, for helping handle my package... As usual, ammirite! I guess we'll do this all again for the Mega SG restock maybe, or perhaps some of us for the Pocket and Turbo! Oh, and someone PLEASE let me and @ZeldaFreak know when the 8bitdo SN30's are back in stock!!! Thanks boys!
  5. Mine says 30... But that's ONLY to Jeevan, lol!!! I'm still gonna have to pay to ship it from him to TAIWAN after that, lol!!! FML
  6. No they don't and the controller is STILL out of STOCK!!!! You'll have to make do with your old controllers for now dude, as will I...
  7. How DARE you diminish our accomplishments! We may well be the ONLY four or five people in the world who managed to get it! Sometimes I wonder if ANYONE else in the world exists... Except for Jeevy.
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