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  1. That's about 100 times better than the first one, yeah! It would still look better with like, boobs on it, or whatever, but yeah it's a MASSIVE improvement!
  2. Votes are cast in PRIVATE. Don't make me call the electoral commission in here...
  3. Here we are then! You can still submit write-ins below if you like, but there should be more than enough up there to be getting on with!
  4. They are both obviously top tier games, but I have to say I prefer Metroid Prime, if I'm honest. I prefer exploration in a 3D environment than 2D, I love just simply how beautiful the game is and the fantastic, atmospheric soundtrack. The shooting is great, I love the scanning and lock-on system, and all the lore you can find in the game. Both are great games, don't get me wrong, but I mean let me put it like this: Metroid Prime is my favourite GameCube game, Super Metroid is NOT my favourite SNES game.
  5. I love Metroid Prime, best GameCube game IMO, and I love Super Metroid as well. Why does it always have to be one or another? Also, Metroid Prime pinball is a great adventure style pinball game too, I won't hear anyone badmouthing that game! So anyways, are people already hating on Metroid Dread without even playing it? I'm going to buy it, even though I'm honestly way more excited about Metroid Prime 4 than that... It looks good!
  6. Another satisfied customer!!! And there's more where that came from, we got something for everyone down at OptOut's wicked deals and discount firearms emporium! Link in the signature, hop on over y'all!
  7. I'm definitely picking up Advance Wars remake, I love the first game and never played the second, and honestly the art looks fantastic. I'm on board for Metroid Dread as well, and BOTW2 whenever that appears. However, my number 1 anticipated Switch game remains Metroid Prime 4, so I guess I will continue to wait for more on that one!
  8. I have no problem with people buying these for collecting, playing or whatever you may want! It looks like a nice product, in fact, and Super Mario Bros is one of my favourite games of all time! However, personally, there isn't really a hook for me... Obviously I can play SMB or Zelda on pretty much anything, there's no incentive from a gaming perspective. Certainly the design doesn't look that fun to play that kind of game on. From the collecting perspective, I mean they're everywhere, there's no concern of me not being able to get one if I change my mind somewhere down the line... In fa
  9. I have never once claimed to be above taking cheap shots!
  10. That was actually one of my inspirations for doing this whole thing, lol, so it could EASILY happen dude! I definitely want awards for: - Thread of the Year - Best artistic contribution - Gamer of the Year - Pick-up/haul of the year - VGSer of the Year Those are staples, but I also really want some more humorous/light hearted categories too, like Dumbest post of the year, Meme champ, etc.
  11. Right, okay, I'm happy to set up a vote with a shortlist of names for the thing, I will start with RH's suggestions but if anyone wants to suggest other names, please do so and I will make a poll. I'll probably do that tomorrow so I can get more name suggestions first, so PLEASE if you have a name get em in QUICK!!! PLEASE SUBMIT NAMES FOR THE AWARDS IN THIS THREAD! I will make a poll tomorrow! As for the format of the awards itself I was thinking about it. The best way for this to work I think is as follows: - Each of the 4 weeks of January there will be one round of TH
  12. Actually I thought the Golden Gloves was pretty much spot on, lol! Got it in one @RH! Or how about... The Opty's!
  13. Oh and before anyone suggests it, no I will NOT be eligible for recieving awards as the host! I'm not going to just be up there like: "OH WAT A SUPRIZE, OPTOUTS WINNAR AGAN!"
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