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  1. Here we go again, 2021's first sealed DC haul! Got four games for your amusement today: I was fortunate to find Marvel Vs. Capcom... Not the best condition, unfortunately, but it wasn't too pricey so can't complain. Best pick-up was definitely the NIB Samba De Amigo set tho! Gotta love that sombrero monkey dude! Here's to a bumper 2021 everybody!
  2. Sachen BOX you say? Pah! This is the REAL Sachen hardware all the cool kids are talking about... Introducing the Sachen Q BOY!!!
  3. OptOut

    Joy-Con drift

    I haven't experienced JoyCon drift, to my knowledge, so lucky there. However, I play a lot of multiplayer with the joycons in that "sideways" configuration, and recently one of my right JoyCons I got with the system back in 2017 had the SR button on the edge crap out. It was working only intermittently, so I took the fucker apart to see what was what, and upon taking it apart both the SR AND SL buttons as well as the lights on the side stopped working. Apparently this happens because the tiny ribbon cable connecting these buttons gets bent or something, but whatever. Fortunately, tha
  4. Dude, this is the internet! EVERYTHING must be interpreted as literally as possible, at all times!
  5. I think it's funny! I got two young boys who find this sort of thing hilarious, I'd happily let them watch this show! Anyone with boys would probably tell you that willies are an endless source of amusement, and heck I still love a good dick joke as a grown adult! I honestly can't see what harm it would do, as long as it doesn't actually contain sexual content. A dick is a dick, at the end of the day, 50% of the population has them. If anything being ashamed of certain body parts is more damaging to kids long term, rather than being open and honest about things.
  6. Your plans dumb and your dumb. Nut UP and buy 2000 PS2 games, ya scrub!
  7. Oh, my apologies, I just figured you were throwing another hissy fit because someone recommended you play BOTW again!
  8. Fuck: Reed Marry: Jeeves Kill: Gloves Man, that was EASY! Okay, who's next?!
  9. For me, it's everything PlayStation. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, P, you name it, I ain't interested! Gonna ride the N64 fanboy train to the bitter end, lol! I'm also not a stickler for condition/completeness, so that's also very useful too. Also: FIRE SALE at CMR's house!!! W00T!!!
  10. Yeah it's easy! Just point your smartphone at the screen while you play the tape on your TV and press record! Of course, you gotta be sure to yell at the kids to shut up before you start tho, and hold the phone upright in portrait mode, as it's easier to keep steady in one hand!
  11. Them vegetables got EYES bro, no one's complaining about that shit not being realistic! Anyway, yeah it's probably some kind of gourd, it's much more robust than a bell pepper, you chuck a damn GOURD at a shyguy they ain't getting back up!
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