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  1. We have had 3 splatoon entries since the last mario kart. How is that possible. If we arent counting home circuit of course. Man they have milked mk8
  2. Do you know you have to have surgery? They might be not cancerous and can live with if not causing discomfort
  3. well that was cool. thanks for posting. Loved seeing the legos and ninja turtles.
  4. aesop. isnt that just when teachers need to put in an off day and for substitutes? It was called that here. Its a different name now.
  5. has their been any news on shantae, doom, mighty gunvolt burst? like time frame news?
  6. have you not been in america? we seem pretty good with profanity What does this have to do with violence. This comparison doesnt really relate here. Did someone get stabbed here? Did I miss the good part of the story? Your perception of america is pretty 90s gloves.
  7. what can they do with your tracking number? Are they hacking the usps as well? I mean it doesnt have much info other than destination city? departure city? sort facility location? I think there is more danger someone taking it off your porch.
  8. Well I would have just let my kid play with the kid because Im not concerned with kid transmission. Much more dangerous things to kids than covid. I think more damage is done to the kid with the behavior displayed over the course of this pandemic and virtual school etc. than covid ever would. To be honest Id rather my kid be around germs. Im a school teacher. I rarely get sick because I'm around nasty kids everyday.
  9. While I disagree with the kid needing to be masked and masking in general, this right here otherwise is a very rational viewpoint and 100 percent correct. If someone wants to take precaution that makes them feel better, absolutely fine, but if its a public space I feel james is being selfish dictating to others to do things to make him feel better. My thing with the masks here in this instance is kind of absurd. Those kids are touching everything. They arent not touching there face. They are kids. The cross contamination is literally on all those public surfaces. That mask isnt going to
  10. No offense, but this display is pretty embarrassing. You keep calling her karen, but it really seems like you were the embodiment of a karen in that situation. Shes reacting to your karenness Let the kids play man. If you are this concerned and this is so scary then why did you even take them?
  11. Glad you liked it. Out of all the plushes ive seen I just like that Bokoblin. I didnt know if you had that ocarina master quest port/rom rack on a n64 cart. Seems like you didnt. Awesome. There is some issue with the end game cut scene on the rom hack from my reading about it but looks like its all good besides that. Zelda uno cards look way cooler than regular uno cards. Im sad to tell you I had another part for your gift. I had a custom bead art of the owl from links awakening. I messed up when ironing. Took me several hours. I was super bummed. Here is a picture of it 95 perce
  12. has nothing to do with cost of the milk. I dont think so actually. bags are plastic. i think its more along the lines of being cheap shipping bulk milk.
  13. wtf theres bag milk? what low budget shit is that? oh my god we had borden cartons
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