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  1. yea i see alot of ahsoka stuff being set up for her own series based on what we just learned and the end of rebels. I think people are right. The scene of rebels at the very end are probably after this episode. i wonder which
  2. ? Ive read 4 people out of 53 million cases. Sounds pretty much like not the case at all
  3. I already mentioned this was happening in the game value now thread awhile back
  4. I was forced into managed payments in august. It doesnt increase any protection. I sold a fitbit for like 100 bucks . It was new and sealed. A person bought it in august. 3 and a half months after purchase they have an issue. They opened a chargeback in november stating it had a poor battery. They already elapsed their ebay window for a case so I now get a chargeback through managed payments. I lose no matter what. If I fight it, I lose, they keep the item and I lose 20 dollar fee for ebay " fighting" the chargeback. They arent, they just pretend like paypal. So yeah. Zero protectio
  5. Its not a temporary price hike. Thats a lie. Its a transition price hike so they dont have to deal with customer sticker price shock when the real increas comes early next year. This past year or so theyve shifted to the zone system with first class mail. So the further it goes the more it cost. So much variance in cost now so its not easy to forecast expenses for business. It really hurts free shipping cheaper listings. new rate hikes for 2021 coming . Huge increases for all types. Its getting really expensive. Meanwhile china still can ship for pennies halfway across the world wi
  6. You can also look for good deals and spend 25 to get your person something better. Deals are rarer these days though.
  7. Fox news , news division, isnt really conservative. They are pretty mixed . Everyone that leaves the news division ends up at CNN or NBC getting a show or as a contributer. What you are thinking of is their night opinion shows(heavy right) . I dont care for most, but ill watch tucker. Hes pretty much the only show Ill catch on there. Well also Gutfelds weekend show. Its pretty funny. Did you miss the wife of murdoch(owner of fox news) cheering the biden win on twitter? Conservatives are leaving in droves. They are either going to newsmax which I dont really care for and OAN which is also a lit
  8. Newest episode was good. Love that we got to see a deeper star wars recurring character(bo katan). One off / ocassional recurring characters are needed but i like seeing this connected. Feels like this episode is setting up this season nicely.
  9. There have been studies of the range of russia facebook impact. It was pretty much nothing.
  10. yes and with more mail in votes proportionally you should see atleast relatively similar acceptance rate. Not 30 times the rate. It will definitely be a higher rate with more sample but 30 seems like quite alot.
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