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  1. thanks for hijacking one of my favorite movies ever. 10/10 This one sits with Ghostbusters, Home Alone, Jurassic Park That defined my childhood.
  2. Rate based on your own personal preferences, NOT historical significance Are people ever going to read the first line.
  3. i had to do all of paypal by hand this year. I have 2 stores currently. one on managed payments and another started last april on paypal still. They never invited me to managed payments on there so I didnt bother. The managed payments took over most of my sales from september-december last year. But I still had 50k on paypal with 3600 transactions. Went to get my 1099 on their site which Ive done every year for years. No tax data for 2020. They dont have a 1099 for me. I have to claim it its a business. But now I have no number to compare mine to. Had to sift through multiple
  4. Well i gave ebay over 10 grand last year. Thatll buy them a nice campus golf cart.
  5. Dont yiu think ive been all over that man. I have an anchor store. Ive done this and my taxes for years. I now what i need. I can look at invoices by m nth. Too bad sales tax isnt on there. Im off nearly 2k from what was reported on the 1099 and i manually accounted for sales. The more detsiled reports are 90 days. The normal invoices you are talking about are the ssme ones they always have. This past year paypal and managed payments are mixed and this causes the problems. If you dont sell bulk like i do and fill out your own complicated tax forms for it then you wouldnt understand.
  6. Sellers hub data only goes 90 days. Having it mixed this year is a nightmare. This invoice is a god damn clusterfuck to go through. Ebay has no clue what a seller needs.
  7. As a seller managed payments is so much worse. Its very confusing as far as what is reported. Sales tax etc. Paypals gross mount had sales tax separate on the reports. With msnaged payments you just h ve to take ebays word on them hsndling everything correctly and controlling your money. Its awful. Its all so confusing especially as a bulk seller. Putting all your trust in this shitty tech company raises your blood pressure
  8. We have had 3 splatoon entries since the last mario kart. How is that possible. If we arent counting home circuit of course. Man they have milked mk8
  9. Do you know you have to have surgery? They might be not cancerous and can live with if not causing discomfort
  10. well that was cool. thanks for posting. Loved seeing the legos and ninja turtles.
  11. aesop. isnt that just when teachers need to put in an off day and for substitutes? It was called that here. Its a different name now.
  12. has their been any news on shantae, doom, mighty gunvolt burst? like time frame news?
  13. have you not been in america? we seem pretty good with profanity What does this have to do with violence. This comparison doesnt really relate here. Did someone get stabbed here? Did I miss the good part of the story? Your perception of america is pretty 90s gloves.
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