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  1. so now i need just dance 2019 and shakedown hawaii to complete the set
  2. Quest4Nes


    I mean I do have some experience here. I worked at a game store for awhile in my life. I got a sense of the mother kid video game workings.
  3. Quest4Nes


    It will affect the parents buying for their kids.
  4. Quest4Nes


    the one thing with that is generally those people trade it in for another game. Cant do that anymore. No more facebook trades etc.
  5. Quest4Nes


    yes they all want complete power and control over the game market. You give them that with digital. With timed licenses etc, I just dont like the digital future. They own you buy the balls with it for the sake of a smidge of convenience? No thank you. People spending the same full amount on a digital title I just smh at. The fact you have a few people on here want to go digital. ughhh. just gross. And Lmao to phleo thinking it means lower potential prices. LUL
  6. cutting out all competition with digital only. Having one source for all game purchases. Its not going to go well. Theyll control all pricing etc with no reason to lower them. Right now they have to compete with retail, and second hand so thats why you occasionally see sales because they have to. Im not going to be in the all digital game world. Ill get a machine one-two generations behind when its hacked and has all the games. All digital is going to be a huge boom to the piracy community.
  7. you were comparing a grown ass woman to a teenage girl though. Mariah carey was almost 30 by that point. I cant really vote on this one. She is very talented, but Im not going to listen to any of it.
  8. Oh its no big deal. Its quite impressive you remembered i was involved in something almost a decade ago hahaha I remember jay in their video live stream saying he wanted to fight me. Box me, I think he said. He was that mad. He looked me up on facebook. Got the wrong person and I think he private message harrassed that guy. I probably egged them on a little bit, but still Damn. No offense to anyone that enjoys them, I just never saw the appeal of their fart joke boring ass videos. I guess people never went out looking and wanted to watch someone else do it. If its true they find nothing now, Im probably a bad person for even thinking it, but I find joy in them finding nothing now XD . I probably find more stuff than they do and I dont even try. I think theyve given up on dedicated searching and are more entertainment focused now with that movie etc. Billy is a talented video editor Ill give him that. There I was nice. Man Nintendoage Memories. Damn shame
  9. lmao all i said was a game store I went to said the game chasers came through and cleaned them out of everything decent value or cool they had. I just repeated what i was told. They took great offense to insinuate they sold anything ever. That was years ago. Billy was just trolling in his pms. They had some random video ranting about me. It was quite childish. Someone else in that thread claimed they planted stuff. I dont think they did and remember pretty clearly saying I dont think they went that far as I found good stuff like they found early on in the same region as they did for great deals. I had no problem even if they sold stuff. I sell stuff. I think it was foolish that they claimed they didnt. Why would you have a youtube show that apparently makes you bleed money in gas and time because you dont want to look like you resell stuff? Stupidity.
  10. Its been a glitchfest useless site for months since its been sold to gocollect. Wouldnt rely on it anymore. They dont even add games anymore.
  11. 5/10 As an 8th grader I liked Human Clay album a lot I believe I bought their follow up weathered as well back then. Dont know if they did anything after that. Looking back, I could listen to those albums still so they get a right down the middle vote for me.
  12. the topic at hand is n64 era controllers. So Im not letting it slide
  13. I seem to have forgotten a yellow turtle? Sorry couldnt let this commrnt stand unchecked. You're banned
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